Flower of the Day – July 21, 2017 – Geraldton Wax, Reprise.

A little while ago i posted a pic of my Geraldton Wax bush – a West Aussie native – in bud and promised to post more when it was in flower.

As well as the flower pic (and the flowers are little miracles of Nature’s enormous variety, some of which look like mini explosions in a pool of molten wax in close-up!) I took an early morning shot of the bush covered in raindrops (again). (Apologies for the quality as i took it through a window – i was too chicken to brave the cold).

(click once on pic to enlarge, click again to see full size.)DSCF2247


Link to earlier shot of the plant:

Link to Cee’s Flower for today:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – July 21, 2017 – Bearded Iris




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