I Must Be Missing Something Here?


(Sub-titled: When is your avowed  enemy no longer your enemy?)

Not that many who read blogs will all that clearly remember, but about 50 or so years ago, and for the better part of the 50’s and 60’s, America had an almost Paranoic Fear of Communist Russia – an ally of theirs throughout World War Two!

(OK, ‘Ally’ might be pushing it a little but both were fighting against fascist Germany and Adolf  Hitler’s War Machine – although for decidedly differing reasons of their own).

Back then America’s leading lights were desperate to warn the populace of the threat of ‘Reds under our Beds’ which lead to the infamous McCarthy Communist witchhunt trials and the Nuclear Arms Race that threatened world-wide mutual annihilation of the planet and gave us the famous ‘Minutes to Midnight’ Atomic War Countdown Clock.

Communism was the greatest threat, not only to the American Way of Life, but also of the freedom of the whole world and  the Commies were showing their desire for world domination through events like a 10 year war against insurgent forces (the Mujahadeen) in Afghanistan who were opposed to the installation of a pro-communist puppet government that was helping keep the Afghanis under their rule.  ( Why does that sound so familiar???) 😉

After the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the 90’s it seems the US no longer has quite the same fear of the communist agenda – that there is no longer the threat of World Domination (at least not one that America fears but eagerly participates in); Even though Russia, and the Ukraine still have largely the same amount of Nuclear Missiles and warheads as they used to, albeit a small reduction due to SALT agreements from the ridiculous levels they had once reached.

Since the successful attack on ‘Home soil’ by a bunch of Saudi’s with a grudge (and yes – Osama IS also a Saudi – but clearly they are not the source of the ‘Problem’ nor pose the US any threat at all??) America has found a new threat that must be crushed at all costs – That of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism and it would seem that not only is Communism no longer a threat – it is their Greatest Ally!!!

Huh? What is he talking about? Has love gone crazy? The US is not ally to Russia?

True – however it appears to have escaped the attetnion of the US leadership that China is actually a Marxist Communist-ruled country.

The fate of the US – through it’s number one consideration, it’s Economy – is now largely, if not dependently, reliant upon China for it’s continued existance.

The amount of wealth Chinese citizens have invested in the US Dollar and economy is frightening – at least it would be frightening to me if  i was American.

There are those who suggest that this is not actually a ‘bad’ thing for America  – that any country that holds large investments in the currency and capital of another country will have less desire to go to war against the second country.

That this would damage their investment.

Coming from a country that has got where it is today largely through the power of the corporate take-over, where one company buys out another’s capital and then makes them an offer to good to refuse, and considering the Chinese Empire has a 5000 year tradition of ruling it’s people and anyone else they go to war with with a ruthless efficiency to one purpose – the Glory of China (and it’s Ruling Class) i can’t help but think this needs further (and quite urgent) thought.

Help a Brother Out?

I don’t often ask for help here at my blog – but i’d really appreciate some on this:

I’m thinking it would be a good idea for me to make a list of Priorities in/for my life, with the intent of having it handy for reference and being able to modify and update as my circumstances change. Ideally it will help me become more ‘focussed’ and directed on what i want to achieve with my time here on Earth.

i have never been really the kind of person who does things like this with any great success, but i hope this can be the ‘beginning’… but i’m a little stuck with where and how to start my Priorities list.


Care to tell me your ‘top 3 priorities’ for your life?

Or, if that is too ‘threatening’ how about the top 3 for ‘life’ in general?

Or, if you prefer, what you think the top 3 should be for mine? 🙂

All suggestions gratefully appreciated.

The End is in Sight

A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet. “My dog’s cross eyed. Is there anything you can do for him?”

“Well,” says the vet, “let’s have a look at him” So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth.

Finally, he says “I’m going to have to put him down.”

“What? Because he’s cross-eyed?”

“No, because he’s really heavy” 😀

Well… it made me chuckle a bit 🙂

Sins of the Fathers? (and Some Mothers!)

We tend to think there is a decline in the ‘sanctity’ of marriage in the modern world and put the blame on high divorce rates on the shoulders of our youth who don’t seem to have much respect for ‘old’ institutions and who seem to expect instant gratification and drop something the instant they get ‘bored’ with it.

Maybe some of our older members of society who we are led to believe had better and stronger values than today might also be suffering from some selective memory loss?

What value did the older generation teach the younger ones when their ‘heroes’ said things like this:?”

Always get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day.” Mickey Rooney

Modern divorce rates might be high – getting close to 50% –  but that pales into insignificance compared to Elizabeth Taylor – one of the 30’s and 40’s and 50’s greatest and most admired actresses – and a close friend of Mickey – who divorced SEVEN times herself. (She was saved having to divorce Hubby #3, Mr Todd, when he died in a plane crash!)

Home is Where the Heart Is.

Comfortable Heart

Comfortable Heart

A blogger i admire has put up a post and it got me ‘thinking’ – and as any who know me well – that can often be a ‘dangerous’ thing – for all. 😉

What i got to thinking about was this:

Are you comfortable with your Church?

Does it feel like a safe place for you? Do you feel like you ‘belong’ there? Like a Home away from Home?

Is that where your Heart Is?

I’m sure most of you would welcome any ‘new faces’ to your Church with Open Arms; growing the congregation is something i think all churches aspire to do, rejecting no-one…. intentionally!

Yet not everyone who visits your church home feels like ‘your home’ is for them. Some may not like the decor, some the music, some the sermon or style of worship. Some may simply not like the whole concept of a church full of believers getting together to pray to God in a ‘uniform’ way.

Your Church makes them feel ‘uncomfortable’ in some way and they choose not to go back. We Humans don’t LIKE feeling uncomfortable – we like to fit ‘in’ and dislike it (avoid it) when we don’t.

So here’s the point… A Church – a Christian Church is NOT a place where we are to ever FEEL comfortable!

At least we are not to be comfortable in the way we most often do; in the ‘normal’ sense – the Human, Earthly, physical sense. (That is, we are never to feel, to be, MORE comfortable in our humanness – our human OVER our God-like ‘natures’ in our church and in our ‘choice’ of church).

It’s about what we ‘accept’ and what we ‘reject’ in our life down here.

Do we accept and feel comfortable in our flesh? In our Sin? In all the many ways we are so NOT like Christ? Do we like to share that comfortableness with people who are just like us?
Are there certain ‘types’ of people who just would never ‘fit in’ to your church? Do they avoid you like the plague so you never come to know anything about them and you begin to believe you are just like everyone else (that you know)?

Our Happiness and contentment is often based upon our human physical and mental ‘comfort’ – with the things we personally are MOST familiar – that are most like us. But the Spirit is NOT of ‘us’ – it is of God and from Christ, as it lives within all and especially all who claim to be truly Christian.

It is PERSONAL to us – closer to us than our skin – but it is NOT of us, of our flesh and thought, nor is it all that familiar to many of us. It is not where we feel the most comfortable… and in a lot of cases i feel a church reflects more about human comfort and the feeling of being accepted in our imperfection than in our Spirit, which is where we should all be learning, through following Christ as well as we are able, to truly Live.

Where our Spiritual Heart is and not our human one.

Where we can live in the Love of God.

Not a man made building/organisation giving lip-service to Him while making us feel ‘comfortable’.

Are you prepared to feel UN-comfortable in Church?

Are you willing to die to this earth and the things it puts above God’s Will?

How Christian are we being and showing to the World while in church and as we share it with others ‘outside’?

And just how human are we/should we be showing to others in a church?
A Church of Christ and His Father Above?

Please feel free to leave comment agreeing or disagreeing with these thoughts – i hope i am not, and you are not, afraid of feeling uncomfortable in this.

Let your Spirit and not your flesh so lead you.

Love – will bring ALL things together…

( and i mean ALL things…)

Most will fully know and understand that God IS LOVE (those who don’t are most assuredly NOT of or in Him).

27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

1 Cor 1:27-29

God has chosen ALL those things which are here and are of the Earth (His Creation);

For His Own reasons;

To bring them ‘together’;

So that He, and not we, are to be Glorified in any ‘thing’ that is of the flesh – of mortal, human, fallible man – that we, in our ‘wisdom’, might be confounded.

We are a necessary, but inglorious, part of it all.

All will (ultimately) be brought together in His Glory.

So do we try to remove any part of what He is responsible for creating on this planet?

Do we, in our pride and hubris, believe that mankind has created ANYTHING here that is against His Mighty Will? That He does not allow and use for His Purposes?

Is our God not Omnipotent? not Omniscient? Not ever-present?  – but a weak god who cannot prevent what is against His Will from ever taking place?

Or do we trust in Him and do nothing but which works on our own spirit so that it passes through the fire with as little blemish and disruption as we are able to ensure?

i know what i think.

i wonder how many can see it the way i do?

So – what do YOU think??

i have never been, am not now, nor will i ever become – pregnant!

So i don’t have the right to say that IMHO the decisions any person who becomes pregnant make are ‘wrong’, or are ‘right’ for that matter, as i can never ‘be there’ myself.

That does not stop me from having thoughts and opinions, however.

Just for once i think i’ll leave it to you the reader to make up your own mind’s on this one: