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Mar 11 2019 – Future posts and Brain Manual content will from now on be published in my new blog: The Brain – A Users Guide 🙂

user guide

I’d like to announce that from today, Jan 21 2019, i will be attempting to produce a Manual For The Human Brain (a User’s Guide), all contributions welcomed but i reserve the exclusive right to include or challenge suggestions.

I have not as yet worked out which format will be best for display and receiving ideas for input to the project, but hopefully that will develop fairly soon, in the meantime you can follow any progress by clicking: ‘The Brain (and how to better use it)’ on the menu bar immediately below my blog header photo and you are welcome to add thoughts ideas and comments at the bottom of this page.

On with the motley! 😉



  1. It’s a huge topic. Possible chapters in your brain manual: Basic biology, neuro anatomy, understanding types of consciousness, psychology, meditation, why we dream, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, how to study effectively, addictions, emotions, nutrition for brain health, logical fallacies, mental health, aging well, creativity …

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    • Yes it is! I’m starting to get some idea of why no-one has written ‘the manual’ yet!

      Those are all excellent ideas for chapter titles/contents and i hope to cover all the ones you mention above… and likely a few others as well. Sensory input/perception, Memory, mathematical vs language abilities, brain evolution and so on 🙂

      Thanks very much for your input so far and feel free to add more comments/thoughts later if you wish.

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    • Sure! – I thought. Write a brain manual! – I thought.

      It’s going to be a monster if it is to be any good… but the idea was to make it short and simple so anyone could benefit from it?


      Daunting is not the word, Spike! 😉

      it’s going to be a long term project, i feel, and any contributions are most welcome.


    • I did not realise just how ambitious!

      it may take some time! 😉

      There is definitely an element (or 3!) of Balance to the brain! The ‘waves’ of electrical energy patterns for example balancing frequency and amplitude so as to have continual energy levels both produced and consumed. And the necessity of keeping the predominate ones ‘balanced’ with the ones not being fully used at any point in time as different tasks are being attempted by our body’s.

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