Would You Credit It?

Credit sometimes seems today like a four letter word but it comes from the root: ‘Credo’ – which means ‘i believe’, the same root as for Creed.

This is because, as is still evident on most banknotes all over the world a bank note is simply a Promise to pay THE BEARER on demand the sum stated. (US banknotes state in GOD we Trust – but He won’t be covering the US government financially when they can’t pay their massive foreign debts and a dollar bill becomes relatively worthless as the Credit Crunch makes countries stop lending to them and they begin to ask for some of their money back).

This had to be, and still is, taken purely on TRUST that the issuer of the noteย  (today mostly governments) has the funds to pay us the amount on the note. (or some one else believes it will in exchange for goods they offer the bearer).

When we buy or borrow on Credit it all comes down to how much we believe, Trust or have Faith in the issuer.

Money is ultimately a matter of Faith.

As to whether or not we should place all our faith in it i will leave up to the reader ( Hint: NO – YOU SHOULD NOT!!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not how much they trust us to repay the credit loaned of course – it only works one way. That is why today – contrary to the Law of God – we are charged interest (usury) on all loans. – To cover the moneylender’s losses when borrowers default on (immoral) loan payments.

B Thankful Thursday

i’m learning to be more thankful for things directly from Him and less for what i as a man perceive.

and i’m very thankful for that.

i’m thankful that the humour i got from my previous post’s video led me to read Job 12 …

23 He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again.
24 He taketh away the heart of the chief of the people of the earth, and causeth them to wander in a wilderness where there is no way.
25 They grope in the dark without light, and he maketh them to stagger like a drunken man.

The current state of the wold proves once again how accurate are the words written over 3000 years ago.

So what are you thankful for today?

Finally – a True Porpoise in Life

i just LOVE this… ๐Ÿ™‚

Creation – One Side of the Issue.

There are over One Billion people living in India today – more than the total number of caucasians combined.

The great majority of those human beings are of the Hindu Faith.

Just as many Christians have Faith in the Trinity of God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Hindu’s have Faith in the Trimurti of Brhama ( The Creator aspect of God), Vishnu, the maintainer and preserver aspect) and Shiva, the destroyer aspect.

What? a destroyer aspect of God?? What’s that about? God is good; how can God be a party to destruction?

Well, consider forย  a moment the concept of Urban Planning.

Once a city has been ‘planned’ and people live and work in it for some time the job of the Urban Planner is not finished. In addition to the ‘Creation’ of a place where humans live there is a need for continual upkeep and maintenance. And for a truly successful long term-plan there is also a NEED for some destruction.

Old buildings and creations that are no longer able to best meet our needs or the needs of the city, or perhaps no longer have a purpose relevant to the current occupants, are either to be knocked down, destroyed or ‘preserved’ as a way to remember and understand a little of how things used to be, before we ‘wised up’.

Creation, Preservation – Maintenance and Destruction; all are necessary concepts of a successful and thriving city.

I would suggest that they are also necessary components of ourselves also.

WE all ‘build’ or create things in our lives – things written in ‘stone’ or walls built that keep our thoughts safely locked inside.

Some serve useful functions, some need maintenance continually as we grow older, wiser (Wisdom); some need preserving as things tend to rip them apart (Love, Faith, Hope); and some.. need destroying and removing from us as their function – if it ever was ‘correct’ – is no longer being used to our benefit. (Fears, and a whole bunch of useless rubbish we carry with us far longer than is good for us).

Loving a Creator God is one thing – not recognising that in His Great Creation, Nature (of which we are but a minor part) there is a constant cycle of growth and death, Creation and Destruction – in ALL ‘aspect’s – as well as acts of preservation and maintenance and that we are an essential participant in that process some refer to as the Wheel of Life, is another – one we might not pay as much attention to in our human lives as we might.

It can lead us to a better way of connecting to God – removing the dead and dying, no longer useful parts of usย  and learning to recognise them), destruction of that which blocks our progress and performng essential maintenance and planning in order that we make the most efficient use of our time down here – to His Purpose for us all.

So what are you creating?

What are you preserving?

What are you destroying?

How much maintenance are you involved in consciously? Intentionally?

And just how much of it is for you and/or your family’s need and how much is for Him?

Maybe we all need to think a little more on this?

B Thankful Thursday

i have learned from my last ‘thankful’ post…

i am thankful my eyes have been opened a little more to the futility of this life’s ‘rewards’ and ‘treasures’.

i am thankful for the awareness that i have a Spirit, in addition to a body.

i am thankful that i can at times resist the pull of the body and listen to that of His Spirit leading me.

i am thankful for the opportunity of the trial of life and the small ‘rewards’ that make it a little bit bearable, potentially even enjoyable, day to day.

i am far more thankful for the awareness that – as important as all ‘this’ here can seem when i am ‘lost’ in it – it is only what i learn and take from it, and in part through what i can ‘give’ in it, that really matters.

i am truly thankful for His Understanding and Love.

Any you’d care to add?


Crass perfect

This post is inspired through observation of the Natural World that many may ‘miss’ as they go about the vastly more important acts and business in each and every day.

In part it is specifically from observing my garden – to be exact three plants of the genus Crassula, more commonly known as a Money plant or Jade plant.

Many believe God’s handiwork to be ‘perfect’, myself included, but i have a less common view that He is Perfect in His IMperfections every bit as much as His perfection – or what we humans normally think of as ‘perfection’.

I fear i may be losing a few of you through unnecessary complication – so lets look at a few pictures that i hope better explains what i am babbling about.. ๐Ÿ™‚

I give you – God’s Perfect Imperfections. (a la Crassulae)

In late Autumn/early Winter here in Aus this plant produces a mass of tiny blooms, each flower being about the size of our 5 cent coin – roughly 1-1.5cm’s or up to half an inch across – the vast majority follow His Plan of being in a perfect pentagon or ‘star shape’.

But as you can clearly see – sometimes He decides a little ‘mutation’ is in order – a variation from the ‘usual plan’. Sometimes he makes a perfect cross* (not simply a pentagon with one petal ‘missing’) and sometimes He makes a perfect six-pointed star/hexagonal blossom**.

And as the last of the four photo’s shows, He sometimes throws ‘perfection’ (as we like to think of it) out the window and plonks a petal where one clearly ‘should’ not be.

And like all His other creations, it too is ‘perfect’.

Any of you out there getting the picture yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

* i can assure you that while some blooms in the photo’s HAVE been got at by a vegetarian bug with a penchant for good looking food, that the four cases of the ONE plant’s blooming are NOT the result of an insect’s handiwork. Just His.

** You get a gold star if you noticed that although there are six petals radiating out from that 3rd flower pic there are still only 5 smaller sub-petals in the middle!ย  Unlike the four pointed star that has four of both outer and inner petals! Showing that once again God’s view of perfection can be different to the way we would have done it – if we could! ๐Ÿ™‚

Also the nearest Nuclear Reactor (apart from the ones in US and Russian Subs or Aircraft carriers) is over 2000 miles away in Sydney and the closest Uranium mine is roughly 800 – 1000 miles in a similar direction. My suburb remains a declared ‘nuclear-free’ zone so these are not due to that kind of radiation!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

‘Taking Out’ The Trash (Rubbish!)

garbagecanThis is a follow-on to ‘Confession…’, the previous post, that i ‘forgot’ to mention.

Why do we ‘confess’ our sins to God?ย  He certainly already knows all our faults and the things we have done we are sorry for, or do that is contrary to His Will – so why should we do it? Why should we honestly look at our acts and thoughts and determine which are ‘sinful’ or contrary to Him and then openly admit them?

Well, as i see it we don’t do it ‘for’ Him, we do it for ourself. To help Him help us.

Before we can sincerely ‘repent’ we have to first admit to ourselves what it is that we believe we are doing that is ‘wrong’/sinful. ( He knows, but it is pointless unless we recognise it also).

Once we have our sin in our conscious awareness then we can begin to change our ways of thinking that cause us to act in such a fashion – True Repentance (Gk: metanoia).

We can also at such time seek His assistance to help us overcome that which determines our (old, sinful) thoughts and move our behaviours into closer alignment with His Will.

Confession of our sin is good for our Spirit and Soul… when we ‘follow up’ with the necessary determination to remove them from our human being and human doing. There is little real value to us of confession if we have no intent of preventing the things we do that are sinful and just go right on being ‘us’, believing we have been ‘forgiven’ and that is all we ‘need’.

It is important that if we ‘remove’ one bad behaviour that we replace it with a ‘positive’ one or we take the chance that more bad ones can take their place.

Our ‘cup’ truly does overflow, if we empty some of the ‘junk’ out there is left some room for us to hold more. There is little point to throwing out the trash only to have it replaced by more of the same.

That is such an ‘earthly’ thing to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰