1. Every breath I take is freely gifted, to me by this wonderful Earth, every ray of Sun’s Shine is a gift, I am gifted to enjoy, every moment my heart beats another beat, this is the gift of Life. While I still live, I Love it, when the flowers bloom, I fall in Love all over again; What a gift is Life!


  2. Your musical link did not work, so I am listening instead to Norah Jones songs, that is OK with me; I will pay any price, money is nothing to me, but a trap to always get more of it. I store it away in little cans, it is good for ass-wipe, when I run out of toilet paper. I was just trying to get the old fire going, to light up^ a song, to play along with, too smoke some good Pot, The wood-man just supplied me a whole winter’s worth of wood, so I will not freeze to death, as long as I remember to throw another log on the fire. I set mouse-traps because the little fucks will take over my house, so I kill them and throw them into my Fire place. I have this ass-hole spamming me, and it is getting to the point that I am going to go to his home, and drown him out, like 60 inches of rain is going to fall on his house, so he will leave me alone. I do not take kindly to assholes who make me “Delete, Delete” Delete because I do not care to read their shit posts. Glad to meet You on here, brother……


    • I’m glad you like Norah Jones – she has a beautiful voice and a rare talent, like her Dad.

      You have surprised me a little though – i’m not sure what musical link you were trying because there was not one in the post you responded to.

      What is even more confusing is that your comment is linking me back to one of the photographs from my moon post and not the post itself – i did not know anyone could do that?? I wonder what browser you use to read my blogs with??

      Anyway, i hope you like my photo’s – that’s all i ask of anyone who visits me on here. 🙂

      Oh – and maybe to get a laugh from my daily funny too. 🙂

      Stay free Brother.


  3. HEY! Brother, it is so frustrating to be deaf, when one Loves Music, I just want to hear the words, the voice is singing, yet it is like an impossible task, I try hard to hear that wonderful voice, I want to play my twelve tongued drum along with her, Yet I am trapped, a little old man, by a chord on this guitar, like I am calling on You to come and save my worthless life, what am I living for? Hay! Hay! Hey! brother, do not take this seriously, do not get on an air-plane to come and save me from my-self. I am OK, I was just missing my Woman, She is gone now, far away from me, that Evil-old man, who Loved her all Up^,” but I am so down today” Neal Young,


  4. I just threw out a message on your full-moon sky, I hope it worked, my spring-water is flowing down hill into my house, It runs faith-fully all the year around, as long as I remember to open up^ the tap, insulate the pipes, drain the pond. I built a dam, installed a pump, just in case a Fire happened to threaten our house. I just gave the wood-man 1650 dollars to fill up^ that wood-pile, and they did a perfect job of it. Who could ask for any-thing more?+ he brought me a giant bag of Pot, that will out-live me. Fuck, my heart could just stop beating now and I would be History. Did I change this World for the better in my little life-time? I like to think I made a difference, I like to think I cared for my Children, I tried to make sure no child of mine went to bed hungry. I donate every dollar I get in my hands to so-called “Charities”….This is Free air I breath in my lungs, It is a Sacred Gift, A gift I am grateful for, like the moon showing up^ to tell us the Sun is still shinning, a night light,gifted by the Great Spirit….


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