Time for a Change?

Once again i am indebited to my blog-friend EdfromCt for an eye-opeing source of information that i feel STRONGLY that all should be helping to spread awareness of.

So i am reprinting the youTube link here and recommend any who have not yet seen it do so NOW.. and then, if it concerns you as much as it does me, and Ed, that you post the link at your blog too so as many as possible ‘get the message’.

This is a ‘Sermon’ and ‘Preacher’ i would pay money to hear.

His message? We contribute to the evils we see in this world in ways we refuse to take notice of or remain totally unaware of. Change can only begin within each one of us – it is not ‘someone else’s job’!.

Four Seasons In One Day?

Four seasons in one day

Four seasons in one day

Hardly – Despite it being a beautiful Song by former Kiwi group, Crowded House.

But have you ever heard of eight seasons in one Year?

Neither had i.

But i had a bit of time to think of some things last week owing to some poor health where i just stayed in bed for a few days and in the course of my thoughts (On Genesis 1) i got stuck in a bit of a side-track.

It was concerning the Equator and what happens to the sun there. Or what appears to happen, rather.

Curious point Number One: – this is the only place on the surface of our planet where the sun ALWAYS sets due West and rises due East – every day, all year ’round!. Anywhere else you live the sun’s rising and setting position appears to ‘move’ between North and South of the line that is due East and West from where you are standing throughout a typical year.

Curious Point Number Two: this is the only point on the surface of the planet where the time between sunrise and sunset is always the same – 12 hours.

Those in the Northern hemisphere are used to varying differences in the length of their days as Summer comes and goes back into Winter, while we in the Southern Hemisphere notice exactly the same thing but with our seasons always 6 months out of sequence with yours. Our Summer is when you have Winter and vice versa.

But no two days are the same ‘length’ in succession – they either get longer or shorter… but not at the equator – daylight in Winter lasts as long as a day in Summer!

Now here’s the truly Weird part, Curious Point Number Three!: if you live on the Equator you have TWO ‘Summers’ a year! AND Two Winters. Not only that but your Summer’s happen when everyone else in the world are having their Spring or Autumn and the ‘Winters’ are actually in the two hemisphere’s Summers- and six month’s apart! Sound Crazy? Well, frankly yes, but it is also true.

How can that be you ask? There are clearly only four seasons in one year – everyone ‘knows’ that – Right?


If we define the seasons by the location of the Sun in the sky then at the Equator ‘Normal’ rules no longer apply.

To most of us who live on this planet, Summer is defined as the season when the Sun reaches it’s highest point in the sky at midday (barring daylight ‘savings’ systems) and our days are their longest and hottest, while Winter is just the opposite; the sun ‘rises’ to it’s lowest point at midday and the daylight hours are their shortest and the days the coldest. These are known as midsummer and midwinter’s days and occur during the ‘Solstices’.

Because of the ’tilting’ of the Earth’s axis of rotation, the two hemisphere’s have ‘opposing’ Summer and Winter solstices on the same day of each year – around June 21 and Dec 21.

Yet on these days (ie. two times ever year) the Equator has the sun at it’s LOWEST point (ie Winter) and the sun moves between these twice a year to it’s Highest point (which is also at exactly 90 degrees to the ground) at midday on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, which makes those two days equivalent to the Equatorial ‘Summer’! The difference is one ‘Winter’ the Sun ‘rises’ to it’s lowest point at Midday in the South and on the other rises to it’s lowest point in the North!

So at the Equator you can have both a ‘Northern’ AND a ‘Southern Winter’ in the same year!

Since the Equator has Two Summers AND Two ‘Winters’ it also must have two Springs and two Autumns making a total of EIGHT Seasons in one Year.

Beat that Neil Finn. πŸ™‚

(Footnote: not by accident, i fancy, the difference between a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter at the equator is hardly noticeable. As one is very rapidly proceeded by another.)

Success vs Failure

Success comes in Cans.


Failure comes in can’ts.

Now That’s Just Silly!

He’s still got a Helluva way to go before he’s got the whole collection! (See Bottom line).

Anyone got Twitter Envy yet?

54,680 Following 707,014 Followers

You Did Not Hear This From Me…

Recently a research group on sea mammals captured a rather odd porpoise on one of its trips. Its peculiarity was that it had feet. After they had photographed and measured the poor thing, they prepared to set it free.

“Wait a minute,” said one of the researchers, “Wouldn’t it be a kindness if our ship’s doctor here were to amputate the feet so that it would be like other porpoises?” “Not on your life,” exclaimed the doctor,

“That would, like, totally be defeeting the porpoise.”


What?? 😯

How Can We Get the Simple Things SO Wrong?

road-going-nowhereHave you ever asked yourself the question: “How could something so simple go so wrong?” i know i have – on more than one occasion πŸ˜‰

I was doing some thinking, and some writing, over the weekend and found – if not The Solution – a very good likelihood to explain just why it is those things can often go not quite the way we may have expected.

The Reason is not ‘God’, or ‘The Devil’, or because we are human and therefore fallible (although that at least is undeniably true) πŸ™‚

The Reason is because even the extremely simple is actually capable of a surprising and unexpected number of ‘permutations’ (different outcomes) in the ‘everyday’ world we all understand and live in.

My writing over the weekend set a situation out that is the simplest possible that we humans can ever consider (of any significance to us) and shows the total possible number of different ‘outcomes’ of that situation.

So let me ask you: How many different outcomes do you think are possible if only two ‘things’ are involved in our real-time world?

It is not really necessary to define what those things are – they can be any two things (in fact there is really only one ‘thing’ as well as the absence or opposite of that one thing (thing + not thing) What is important is the number of ‘choices’ we have in our world of defining/arranging them.

So how many different ‘outcomes’ – from ‘two’ things?

Two? Three? Four?

The actual answer – quite astoundingly, i think – is Eighty-One!

I am happy to provide any doubters with the three page ‘proof’ of this (it’s long but only because i wrote it so that anyone can understand the situation and the maths involved – even people who are not ‘good’ with maths) or you can take my word for it, or prove it is so for yourself.

The point is – even the ‘simplest’ real-life situation i could think of has over 80 unique conformations and as time progresses second by second, the number of different permutations quickly becomes unimaginable.

That’s why, sometimes, what we may think of as very simple does not go the way we expected it too – we enormously under-estimate the possible outcomes.

I don’t believe God does this – just us imperfect humans.

Another ‘reason’ to Trust His ‘Judgement’ over our own.

“i Wanna Make This Perfeckly Clear…!”

The Words of Richard Nixon i find strangely Appropriate now…

By the way – for any who may be in some doubt by reason of what i have posted and commented here recently let me make one thing Absolutely Clear.

I am not ‘anti-‘ anything (other than great injustices – minor injustices i tend to put up with unless they directly affect me or those i care most about) πŸ™‚

i am not Anti-Communist, i am not racist or Anti- Chinese; -Japanese; -Sumatran or -Somalian or any other human segregation we have made. i Am Pro-Australian, because it is my country of choice, not Birth.

The thing i am most opposed to is the UNFAIR competition all Superpowers have in the world by reason of their superior strength, be it economic, civil or military.

That throughout History ALL ’empires’ have only succeeded in making temporary and minor gains for their populations while ensuring massive wealth and gains for their leaders – and all at the expense of gouging out an unfair share of another country’s (And in some cases most of the rest of the the world’s) economic wealth.

No Empire in History has ever increased it’s wealth and well-being of it’s population equitably and solely by means of it’s own contributions. All have made gains through the involuntary sacrifices of other Sovereignities, and distributed that wealth unfairly within it’s population (Just look at Saudi Arabia – or the fact that despite a massive increase in wealth for some 300 million Chinese, still over 75% of it’s population, a thousand million people, live in virtual agricultural poverty and it has some of the poorest paid labour forces in the world today – which is why their goods are so cheap to purchase – or used to be China is able more and more to demand it’s own price for what it alone now is able to produce for world consumption).

As the Chinese Empire is rapidly growing into the leading superpower on this planet we will all come to know how that actually feels, (being forced to accept things we don’t truly want but have to accept – losing your own ‘identity’, your culture and tradition, in the process), not just those of us who live in ‘lesser’ country’s. I don’t expect many – other than the percentage of Chinese who improve their relative wealth and status in the world – are going to be all that happy about it.

i believe any country’s leaders have the Right to do whatever their population’s are prepared to let them do – IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!! And that is as far as their ‘Rights’ extend – unless by mutually agreed (and non-forced, ‘negotiational’ co-operation.

i know that is and never has been the way the world actually works – but i like to think we may have reached the stage where we can actually agree it is a fairer way to run the planet.

China – please take note!

Love can Hopeth all things.