Music! Maestro?

OK, Brightshinyobject appears to have become distracted by something bright…

But while visiting his blog i happened upon a good post and it distracted me with something bright of my own.

So while bso (not to be confused with BTO who ROCK! ( well rocked – past tense)) is probably off this hallowe’en scaring all the little and no-so-little children as he mows his lawn or paints one side of his house or whatever…

 I would like to suggest you do yourselves a BIG favour and buy (or borrow  from a friend – not a good friend because if you borrow this you most likely won’t want to ever give it back and may thus ruin a good friendship and we all know how hard it is to find or replace good friends unless you actually know where to look for them!) a copy of Mike and The Mechanics Album, Word of Mouth!.

 Word of Mouth   It features the vocals of Paul Carrick (along with others like Mike Rutherford) who is quite simply brilliant. It also features a song called A Time and Place – and if you have ever loved and lost then you WILL NOT, I assure you, be able to listen to this song and read the words from the jacket cover without your eyes filling with tears while your heart is lifted UP!

For those who have not heard this song before (was released in 1991) I supply you with the words but by no means the FEELING of this beautiful piece of music.

There’s a time and a place
For you to make your mark and show your face
There’s a place in time
When you must step outside the line

So understand what I mean
There is a time and place for you to have your dream
But here and now may not be
The time and place for you and me
You and me

It’s the finest line
A missed opportunity or the perfect time
You must not despair
You’ll recognise it when you’re there

So understand what I mean
There is a time and place for you to have your dream
But here and now may not be
The time and place for you and me

The time and place for you and me
There’s a time and there’s a moment you will see
Don’t lower your expectations
There are NO limitations
There’s a time and place for you and me

So understand hard as it seems
There is a time and place for you to have your dreams
Though here and now may not be
The time and place for you and me
You and me …….

Mike Rutherford 1990

 The album at first glance is about Love – then it just keeps getting deeper… and deeper… and deeper…


Courage! – What a wonderful word! ( i see skies of bluueee… no wait – wrong song.) 🙂

 online etymological dictionary: (

courage Look up courage at
c.1300, from O.Fr. corage, from V.L. *coraticum, from L. cor “heart,” which remains a common metaphor for inner strength. In M.E., used broadly for “what is in one’s mind or thoughts,” hence “bravery,” but also “wrath, pride, confidence, lustiness,” or any sort of inclination. Replaced O.E. ellen, which also meant “zeal, strength.”

To Hearten – give or from one’s heart.


Let the conversation commence! 🙂


(puts on Armour for this joust).

Let’s All Have Some Fun!

Tommy Cooper


RIGHT! Things became quite serious, studious and ‘Deep’ in parts back there ( not to all of you, sure 🙂 )  and before i scare people away i want to restore a modicum of BALANCE. We all need this in our lives – me none the least of all. So, This post is about FUN!

I hope people recognise that even if i can argue the hooves off a goat i can and do retain my sense of humour ( mostly!) 😉

 I love to laugh. Here are a few of the things that make me do it and some of the influences of my ‘style’ in writing/thinking.

Favourite Book series (in Humour) – The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by the now sadly lamented Douglas Adams – died way too young ( 52). He was an educated Atheist with whom i would have so loved to argue into becoming a believer like myself – i think we could have had some truly amazing conversations had i ever been able to chat with him or know him before his untimely  end. It is just possible he may have converted me but i don’t think so! – Now i won’t get the chance to find out.

Hitch-Hiker’s is not for everyone, I found it utterly hilarious and it had so many underlying themes through it it was a true work of Genius – but many don’t get it like i did. Hepls if you understand atheism from a ‘been-there’ perspective, i believe.

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons! Although many can be put off at first viewing by the stupid arrogance of Homer with his countless faults as a human being, or the childish rebellion of Bart. The more you watch this show the better it gets. The countless references to other types of culture and media, the spot on charicatures of our human psyche and the constant struggles the players have to endure to get by as a family are just simply brilliant in my opinion. Please don’t be too judgemental if your’s differs to mine. I see much there that is there. Like the Bible can – it speaks to many on many levels and in many ways. My favourite ‘escapism’ for half an hour or so. Even the many many repeats can sometimes show me something i had not seen before.

Favourite comic strips: Crock, Wizard of Id, Garfield – the very first series were the best he’s way to ‘commercialy cute’ these days. Back then he had a sour mean streak a mile wide.  Asterix for the word puns in the various names. An english one called The Perishers and Calvin and Hobbes.

Favourite comedian – Hmmm tricky, just picking one. I like and laugh out loud at the Scot Billy Connolly (being British originally myself), Dave Allen, Spike Milligan, Ronnie Barker, Tommy Cooper and Charlie Drake – all British, mostly from childhood. Victor Borge and Bill Cosby (pre-Cosby show). Lately David Walliams and Matt Lucas (Little Britain) have cracked me up, John Clarke and Brian Dawe – Aussie’s/New Zealander with some truly wicked political satire over here, and i laugh at many things but those first mentioned can make me smile or laugh just by thinking of them – not their work. Not many of today’s comedians can make me do that, sad to say.

How could i have forgot to mention The Monty Python Crew? Or the forerunner to that show – the Goon Show?

One favourite??? – Would probably depend upon my mood – today I am going to say Tommy Cooper. You may never have heard of him. A giant of a man physically, his ‘schtick’ was a lousy magician act interspersed with anecdotes and bad jokes, all done while wearing a red Fez ( look it up if unsure, under ‘hat’).  He aimed to come across as pathetic so as to bring out a greater contrast between his less than funny jokes and ‘amazing’ magic (amazingly bad) and the truly wonderful humour that he perfected over many years in the theater. You could feel sorry for him and be laughing your head off at the same time – that was talent. Another in a long, long line of ‘funny’ people who died way before they should have.

Serious stuff that humour. 🙂

RIP Tom.

I’ts Life Jim, But Not As We Know It!

Triangulum Nebula 

If we consider the simplest element known to science – the one proton, one electron Hydrogen atom – it is difficult to see how such a simple concept could ever be the ‘designer’ of an evolution of over a hundred different elements with all their various chemical properties and their vast number of isotopes that exist in our Universe. Further it is hard to see any way that a simple Hydrogen atom can be considered to possess the essential properties of Life, namely the ability to be born, feed itself, evolve and self-replicate (breed) and die.

At least that was the case before you finished reading this article!

Consider an innumerable quantity of said Hydrogen atoms as can be found floating in the ’emptiness’ of space.

The combined mass of these zillions of Hydrogen atoms result in a noticeable effect. Their combined gravity (requiring no other ‘external’ force) causes the cloud to develop more dense regions over time. This process is self-sustaining in that, the more tightly a quantity of these atoms group together, the stronger the gravitational pull combines to attract more and more atoms towards the Centre of Gravity of the region.

Eventually the mass of hydrogen can become so dense and massive that gravity forces the atoms into such a state that nuclear fusion can take place spontaneously. Allowing for a single very simple ‘external’ force of neutron radiation the process of fusion in the center of the ‘critical mass’ of hydrogen atoms (nucleii) allows a number of hydrogen isotopes and helium atoms to be ‘generated’. Over time these new isotopes and elements are in sufficient numbers to allow the build up of larger and larger atoms and isotopes. Ultimately (given sufficient initial mass of hydrogen for the fuel of fusion, as has been ‘kick-started’ by gravity and ionising (neutron) radiation alone) atoms of sufficient size are created that can be split into smaller ‘second generation’ atoms through the bombardment of these nucleii by high energy neutrons, which we know as the process of ‘fission’.

Both fission and fusion, through the conversion of small quantities of matter into energy, provide the energy necessary for the self-sustaining nuclear reactions that form the many products with which we are familiar in their listing on the Periodic Table (currently over a hundred and ten different elements, most with multiple isotopes).

Looking at an overview of this process we have a single, very simple type of atom with the energy of gravity and neutron radiation that is ultimately able to feed itself (with fusion and fission energy and ‘recycled’ neutron radiation), to grow into a wide variety of new types of atoms/isotopes and to self replicate through fusion, fission and radioactive decay.

Because of the fact that a solar nuclear furnace is not a closed system, in that radiated energy is ‘lost’ to the system, and the source of hydrogen atoms is not inexhaustible, as well as the fact that the conversion of matter into energy eventually ‘drains’ the system of the fuel it needs to continue replicating, all stars will ultimately ‘die’.

These are the features we ascribed to life at the beginning of this essay!

In short Gravity, neutrons and a number of Hydrogen atoms can ‘design’ all by themselves a process comparable to that we call ‘Life’!.

The star is ‘born’, grows, evolves into ‘higher’, more complex forms, supplies its own energy (food!) and ultimately, after perhaps billions of years, ‘dies’.

Top Ten Top Dogs….

I so badly need to let myself calm down and free my poor brain from this deep stuff for a sec or three… so…

 Top Ten Favourite Breed of Dog!



1. Old English Sheep Dog! There is just something about these guys when they are cleaned up and in ‘show’ condition. Is it that they look like they can’t see where they are going? Those big floppy ears? All that hair, or those massive floppy feet? Or just the way their tips of their tongues poke out at you with a kind of goofy smile on their almost hidden faces?? I Don’t really know – But i Love it all ( of course i have never had to preen one constantly so…)

 2. German Shepherds. Only Dog i have ever ‘owned’/shared life with for any length of time. Loyal, Faithful, Intelligent, Brave (when they are not jumping from their own shadow in surprise or away from small, cute, furry, sharp-clawed kittens), Protective of their family, Fun-Loving, Always willing to share your food (not so good at sharing theirs however! 😉  ) and so good looking – Really What’s not to love? (Miss you Tzar!, Jagger).

3. Husky/Akira/Malamute type dogs – so proud looking and able to defend themselves and anyone else when called upon. Love the deep fur and also the blue eyes of the Huskies.

 4. Samoyed/Keeshond Look-alikes. Again – with the fur – just looks so cute to me I wanna cuddle them all 🙂

5. Border Collie – super intelligent, fun loving little guys! (and gals as well of course 😉 )

6. Golden Retrievers. Again Intelligent animal and has a great smile as well! If you don’t mind the tongue action 😉

7. St Bernard/Newfoundland. What a massive creature! Not sure i could stand to live with all that slobber but they look so darned ‘at ease’ with life, very little ever seems to ‘get’ to them. Able to be used as a horse in emergencies! 🙂 Food bill??  Ok – next! 😉

8. Red Setter – What can i say? I LOVE long hair and redheads are always kind of cute. If these dogs had a brain they’d be dangerous, fortunately they are just erratic and uncontrolable in open spaces without a lead (and even then you have problems). Should never be restrained or enclosed – these animals were just born to RUN WILD!!!

 9. Staffordshire bull terrier ( NOT to be in any way confused with bull terrier or pit bulls) These small dogs, designed initially to shepherd Bulls! are not completely my ‘cup of tea’ but they get placed at number 9 on my top ten list because they come from my ‘home’ – I was born in Staffordshire, UK. Also because they are tough little tanks of a dog, solid muscle and bone, sadly this includes their head! Never going to win ‘Brain of the year’ in a dog show. About as good a babysitter as you will find and they can’t raid your fridge or bar! Are however easily confused, tricked or bribed so maybe they aren’t all that good a babysitter really but you can trust your kids, even very young ones with them. 

10. Maltese/Highland/Wheaton terrier. If i was ever made to live in a flat/apartment/boathouse or similar again this would probably be the one dog i would consider keeping there. They are so ‘cute’, small , but still cute. Dogs are, by nature, SOCIAL, ACTIVE creatures and in my opinion need space to run and do ‘doggy things’ like roll in the sand and smelly stuff. They also long for companionship so if you can’t be with them 24/7 at least give them a mate who can – Oh, and TRAIN the suckers so they don’t bark non-stop for hours on end when you are not home or when you are and can’t be stuffed investigating what they want you to come and see or just asking them to please be quiet while you watch ‘Idol’!

Ok I enjoyed that – gave my brain somewhere nice and ’emotional’ to rest awhile in 🙂 Ahhhhhhh!

Rules to live by

Oooooooohh – Kay!                    Rule

 Those last two posts were, I know a little heavy going but i needed to get them ‘out’ – forgive me.

 I could easily have gone ‘deeper’ or more into the ‘rational’ (or scriptural) to be more ‘precise’ in my explanation, but i notice whenever i do that i lose people – and sometimes lose myself and that is not good when all you really want to do is SHARE. 🙂

 So, with that in mind here is Your opportunity to share with Me! And i will listen for a change without adding too much i hope! 😉

 We all have or need ‘Rules to Live by’ be they work related, societal, personal or just ‘general’.

 What are some of your BEST??

 The Top Ten (as chosen by me!) will likely be put up on my Blog side bar in a text box! for all to ponder over and adopt as they see fit. 🙂

 Here are a ‘couple’ to get you ‘in the mood’…

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. (Golden Rule)

Rules were meant to be beant (Misspelled Rule)

Rigidity in thinking or anything else eventualy leads to something snapping – Be Flexible! (Be Bendy Rule)…

KNOW THYSELF!!! -know thine enemy. (Self-perpetuating Rule)

 Go for it and don’t be afraid of being creative and logical 🙂

Uncertainty – Belief vs Reason (part II)

OK – Have we all let that soak in for a while and refreshed our brains and our coffee/tea cups? Good!

Quick recap: Werner Heisenberg. Uncertainty Principle (HUP). It’s impossible to know with 100% certainty ‘exactly’ two things about a thing at the same time at a VERY basic level.

It should go without saying that it is even ‘more’ impossible for knowing (or observing) three or more things about a thing at the same time for the same reasons Werner proved to all.

OK. Werner was Good but he only went so far. Not very far at all apparently since he basically stopped at the atomic level and much of human experince in our world is way ‘above’ this – or so we currently tend to believe.

There is a growing amount of evidence that much of our life (eg. the way our brains actually operate) is controlled BENEATH this level – WAY beneath! At a Quantum level! – The world of the infinitessimally small ‘Quantum Foam’. The ‘dimensions’ of quantum foam make those of atoms and electrons look like galaxies. We are talking beyond minute here.

Strange things happen here – The impossible becomes merely a well-defined, definite’probability’. Here there is no ‘reality’ as we understand the term in our daily lives, just ‘probabilities’. Mathematical ‘odds’ of something being ‘true’ – a 99.9 % chance of something happening does not make it true in all cases – just 999 out of every 1000.

Good enough for me you may say – but would you bet your life upon it?

There is a 999 chance in 1000 that a rifle has no bullet in the clip – do you put the barrel to your head and pull the trigger to show how ‘right’ you are? You’d be right 999 times out of every one thousand… that one remaining though is what would bother me ‘most’.

Are you feeling lucky, Punk? 🙂

Don’t forget! That rifle with a bullet may very just be the FIRST one you test, then you don’t get another 999 chances to be ‘right’, straight after!!! That’s where probability sucks. That’s why you see all those people winning the lottery and why it COULD be you one day but for every winner there must be around 8 million who don’t win at each attempt.  Winning twice or three times  in one lifetime well that’s just plain greedy!  😉

Back to the point – it is ‘slipping’ a bit i feel.

Reality isn’t quite the picture we paint it to be. At least the canvas we ‘see it’ occuring on is not what we might ‘believe’.

Way back up at the ‘human’ level. Quantum and relativistic effects become so negligible they virtually ‘don’t count’ This is because with an individual ‘quantum probability’, when amalgamated together with the massive quantities of probabilities we experience at the human level, the individualities become so interwoven with all the others that a seemingly seamless ‘common probability’, that is what our ‘reality’ actually appears to us as, ‘exists’ with a probability of around 1 to 1.

Nonetheless, they are still very ‘real’ – moreso than our daily lives are. ( I KNOW how confusing that gets – if you don’t get it yet – don’t worry! but try this to give you an idea… you are an individual, you have unique ‘fixed’ (kind of) qualities. You are also one of some three hundred million or more if you are American (and stats show most of you reading this are). By grouping you all together a ‘picture’ of ‘the average American’ is built up and America can make decisions as a ‘unit’ even though it may be far from the decision you personally would have taken ( or maybe not?) as a valid part of that ‘Unit’. Here, you are the Quantum and America is the ‘real’ you – reality in probabilistic terms. You do not control America yourself but you are an essential indivisible component of it with your own unique qualities/probabilities – make more sense?

We can only ever, AT BEST, be one hundred percent certain about ONE ‘aspect’ of something at any one time is what Heisenberg proved to us all.

So – what is the Spirit of this and how could it extend to us as we discuss ‘things’, when we try to discuss the ‘same’ thing – or an aspect of it – like Faith or Belief or Reason?.

The harder we try to ‘nail’ one aspect of something to the ‘wall’ to show others – the more ‘squishy’ another aspect of it becomes and slides down the wall.

Oh Yes! – VERY Scientific description and ‘logical’ conclusion – I don’t think! 🙂

Radical perspective switch here!.

You’ve heard the saying the Devil is in the Detail? That applies here and is in perfect (to me) accord with Werner.

The more accurately you place something in your consciousness or the greater detail you can get down to, or go into – the further away you push another aspect of that same thing. It is Impossible to ever come close to holding both a perfect understanding of Faith and a perfect understanding of Reason in one human brain at the same time!

–  LWBUT’s Uncertainty Principle. 😉

You can have 100% faith and a less than perfect concept of ‘reason’, or you can have 100% reason and a less than perfect understanding of faith – you can’t do both at once!.  Perhaps another way of putting it is this: If you try to ‘prove’ faith (or God) by reason alone you are doomed to fail to understand the thing you are trying to ‘define’.

This is because by being more and more ‘reasonable’ you ‘quantify’ faith and that simply is not what faith is all about.

Any more than by holding a faith perspective you can ‘justify’ your reason. Reason Justifies Reason – Faith Justifies Faith.

That is not to say that either are not valid and useful human endeavours or that ‘possessing’ one requires a total abolition of the other.

That was NOT what Werner or I am saying.

Those who have faith can also use reason to test their faith. Those who have reason can and most certainly DO use faith to hold up their structure of reason.

Don’t believe me?

Take a good long hard look at what an AXIOM is. Get a dictionary to prove it to yourself.

Axioms are taken on faith and can be, and occasionally are, shown to be completely wrong, requiring a total and complete restructuring of an existing ‘belief’ system. – even those considered mostly ‘rational’.

Reason can fail us because our logic is all to often faulty and imperfect and reason also fails us by not acknowledging loudly enough it’s own potential for flaw – Axioms!

What is an Axiom?

It is the ‘reasoner’s equivalent of faith – a Belief which it is impossible to ever prove, upon which all else depends.

That’s right folks – the pretenders of logic and reason have no more basis for saying so loudly how foolish you are than  they have for being so certain they are ‘right’!!!

Their scientific method may be structurally sound but it is built upon some very ‘shifty’ sand!

And if they were honest with you or honest with themselves they would confess this to you up front. If they even know it, that is.

Axioms and Scientific Method are to the Scientist as is Faith in God and scriptural doctrine are to the believer, as galling as that is to them and as hard as it is to admit!

The closer they try to nail something down – the more their essential ‘flaw’ upon which their reasons depend makes it harder to.

No matter how certain they become, a little ‘chink’ soon appears to make them reconsider what actually ‘IS’. What the fundamental underlying concepts are.

It happened to Newton – it happened to Einstein – it is unavoidable.

Life IS ‘uncertain’ in more than one ‘aspect’.