It’s OK – I’ll pay this one (yet again!)

(The following contains comment on Australian politics and climate change. If you believe neither of these are of any importance to your life then it’s probably best you don’t waste any time reading – you will never get the six or seven minutes it might take back you know? Don’t say you weren’t warned).

So let me see if i have this right??

Kevin Rudd and his Australian Labor Party say they believe that the emission of CO2 into our atmosphere by various man-made sources is influencing the world’s climate to heat up and will thus cause serious problems costing us billions to trillions of dollars to counter-act in the coming century so as to limit the devastation those temperatures will cause directly to various susceptible parts of the world and it’s ever-growing population and indirectly to the rest of us when people need to move to find a place to live that can support the growing population flows? (migration)

He also seems to believe that the best way to begin to reduce these pollutant gasses is to introduce ‘targets’ for the country’s total CO2 emissions and at the same time placing a cost on the production of said pollutants on the major emitters of these pollutants ( excepting all agricultural pollution production apparently).

Then, upon finding that the major polluters actually don’t want to lose money by having to pay for their polluting the atmosphere we all breathe and depend upon in more ways than we can count to live on this planet, and who have spent billions buying opposition politicians’ opinions (god forbid they actually had any appropriate scientific abilities to base those opinions upon) which oppose the government’s plan to introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and preventing the government’s ETS Bill being passed through Parliament upon it’s first reading, Kev has made amendments which seek to allow the Bill to be passed by the Opposition before Parliament closes for the year (and before the Copenhagen Conference in December).

As if the ‘targets’ Kev and his cronies set (for 2020) were not already weak enough and far lower than the ideals of the Kyoto protocol back in the 1990’s, now he has sold out even more to the polluting industries by making amendments to the ETS Bill that offers them even more of our money to ‘compensate’ them for the costs the ETS would make those industries pay to pollute ( that would them most certainly be recouped from us, the long-suffering and bail-out money-providing public schmucks).

Doubling the public tax-payer money compensation to the coal industry and an extra $4 billion dollars to the power-generating industries that refuse to invest in solar or wind alternative energy sources, preferring to be seduced by the oil and coal magnates into buying up their products and pollutants, is something i find truly sickening – especially since it will largely be me and people very much like me who will be footing the bill while continuing to be polluted by these ‘corporate citizens’.

Given that the choice now seems to be betwen: pay now (and generally continue the pollution) which will do little to nothing to reduce CO2 in our air, or wait and pay for a potentially slightly worse situation in a hundered years or so, my once confrmed ‘Act Now’ philosophy says: Get Stuffed the lot of you and i would rather pay later (50 years or more thanks).

Why is it that those who cause the world’s financial and environmental problems need to be given massive amounts of our money to allow themselves to avoid the consequences of their acts? Thus keeping their enormous profits intact and ensuring we get still more of the same crap?

Nice One Kevin – is it too late to get John Howard back?

Oh, Wait. We already have!