I love gardening…


… taking a seed, or a sapling, or cutting and giving it the right conditions to hopefully bloom.

The Joy it brings to watch the miracle of new creation gather strength and bring forth flower.

So delicate and colourful, intricate and full of beauty.  Sometimes even in it’s simplicity, many times not so.


It can give you just the smallest glimpse of just how God may feel as He watches us perhaps? Growing and blooming from a small beginning into something quite extra-ordinary ( I can bet Alece and all Mom’s get this).

Yep – i love gardening!


It’s all the trimming and mowing and hedging and sweeping and weeding those fast growing never-ending unwanted bits that can sometimes really get me!

Just why is it that the unwanted weeds in both our gardens and our life grow so vigourously and keep popping up year after year needing constant effort to keep them in check, under control while the things of rare beauty (to human eyes) are so hard to keep sometimes??


What is HIS plan in all this? Why is the good stuff the most difficult while the ‘bad’ stuff comes whether we want it to or not (Usually NOT!?)

Would any parent intentionally make it Harder to love them? Easier to be tempted away from them?


Why can’t weeds be as beautiful as the flowers – or the flowers as plentiful and vigorous?


Any clues gratefully accepted! 🙂

Road Hazard Ahead!

Why do i love living in Aus?

Besides the Great Climate (ignoring ‘Winter’ mornings June through August); The great beaches; the great food; the great hospitality; the equality; the mateship; the great beaches; the beautiful women; the clean air; the magnificent blue skies and the perfect light; the magnificent beaches; the incomparable lifestyle; the incredible flora and out of this world fauna – OH!, and did i mention the great beaches? i forget?…

It’s because of things like This that you won’t see ANYwhere else in this or any other world…


A prize to the best and reasonably accurate response to the q: What is a, or are, Bandicoots???

(Bonus prize if you can catch one or more on camera and post it!)


The Sounds of Silence….

Ok – so two people i love dearly – let’s call them Bee and Tee for anonymity – have been trying to convince me that Tee’s Hub (another Bee) has a great singing voice – so much so that he even sang at Bee’s wedding to Jay.

Now this was quite a LONG time ago and ever since then i have been waiting PATIENTLY for Tee to get Bee (that’s Her Bee not the first Bee) to put up a lnk to a place where i can get to hear Bee sing – PREFERABLY in a duet with Tee whom i believe has also been known to sing rather finely as she said she would try and get Bee (#2) to agree to.

Well so far – NADA!

Tee and Bee (that’s Hub Bee not the first Bee) have even begun to do LIVE broadcasts of themselves so everyone can get to see and hear their favourite blogging couple (Since Drew doesn’t blog – or blog enough to be described as a blog couple along with Miss Mandy – the stat ho queen) 😉

Tee has made one or two attempts at singing and having Bee (#2) sing along but he just flat refuses and makes very non-commital remarks about singing ‘later’ or posting a link.

I think.. HE’S TOO SHY!!!!! Really!!!?

So as an attempt to bring him out of his shell i was wondering if all those who’d love to hear Bee(#2) and Tee sing a duet together could let me know if they think Bee (#2) is shy or has some other more feindish reason for not putting up a link or post to his beautiful singing voice, along with his lady if possible, but solo if not – in the comments here. Or drop by Bee(#2)’s blog – the NEW one!! and mention it personally until we get what we – the blogging masses want?

i.e. to Hear Bee(#2) Sing.

I Really Need To Write More Posts!…

i’m just sayin’ 🙂

Simple English ( – part the second)

The last one went down well! Hope you get a smile (and a think) over this one…

The English Language Must Goe
( or: Don’t have a Cough, Man!)

Doe: a deer, a female deer.
Foe: the enemy, one to fear.
Hoe: we use to till the ground.
Joe: just a name we throw around.
Moe: a stooge with Larry and Curly.
Poe: a poet sombre and surly.
Roe: fish eggs some like to chew.
which brings us up to
which seemingly should rhyme with Show,
as in Toe or Tow, which should, but doesn’t, rhyme with Vow!
or Cow, or Bow, or is that Bough?
Or Cough?
Or Dough, or Sew, or Know, or No, or Owe?
Or Through, or Blue, or Blew? (which do rhyme with Shoe!)
as does (that’s ‘duz’ not ‘doos’ – which rhymes with Shoos,
er, i mean Shoes!) Due and Dew and Moo
and You and Who


I think the English Language must Goe Gew Gow Gowe Gough Go! ( i think?)

love- July ’95

Home is where the Heart is

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Simple English

No – i’m not saying English People are simple! 🙂

A friend of mine’s Czech-born wife is currently learning English as her second language – pray for her as she deals with stuff like this…

(and you might need a little prayer for yourself!?)

An English View.

When One aspires to peruse
The written word it can amuse,
Because our tongue has many Do’s
And Don’t’s which frequently confuse
Those of us so inclined to choose
To’s, when what we meant were too’s.

For if we look in one’s and two’s
At certain words we sometimes use,
And especially if we should choose
To analyse our verbal cues,
We’re phonetically inclined to lose
Track of the ways that we spell ‘-ooze’.
(8 so far!)

No bear with brane as small as Pooh’s,
Whose mental faculties (read I.Q.’s)
Are smaller than his own shoe’s,
Size, could say if we an odd number choose
Or a multiple of the Number Two’s
To count the ways we rhyme our ‘U’s’.

Writers should be forming queues
In which they seek to ask the Muse
To state, in her opinion, Who’s
Coughing up the outsanding dues
On all the ways there are to choose
To spell the words that end in ‘-oohs’.
(Now 14!)

I’ll bet no herd of stately gnus,
Nor mob of bouncing kangaroos,
Nor any beast of London Zoo’s
Ever had even the slightest clue’s
To the seemingly unending views
Of ways to rhyme the ending ‘-oos’
(That’s 19!)

Despite the warning of Uncle Hugh’s
(which coincided with his brother, Lou’s)
I’m prepared to take all I.O.U.’s
For bets relevant to the number whose
Nearest the ways there are to use
Letters of spelling sounds like ‘youse’.

And i would doubt if Lauren Tewes
Or. for that matter. Howard Hughes
Has ever stood in brand new shoes,
And mindless of a pinch or bruise,
Cried out aloud the dreadful news
That we’ve an excessive choice for writing ‘-ews’.
( That’s 25!)

So should any rabble try to accuse
Me of inflicting on such a Crew’s
Rotten Lot, a dillemma whose
Horns are as sharp as any gnu’s
Before we even start to choose
Foreign terms like: ‘bid our adieu’s’

And Americanised names like ‘Suze’;
I merely sought to express my views
On the quite substantial ways we use
Consonants, with which we fuse
Vowels in varying ones and twos,
All to ‘simply’ rhyme with ooze.

(That is a total of 29 different ways all up! 28 if you discount the foreign reference and 27 if you discount the Americanised name, which seems unfair to me as it was an American TV show (can you guess?) about someone called ‘Suze’ which started me off on this. For Australian (and French) readers i could have stuck in a reference to ‘La Perouse’ on Botany Bay (Sydney) and maybe ABBA’s ‘Vous les Vous’s’, and as well there is ‘Sioux’s’ and presumably a few more foreign spellings which could be reasonably well known to an English speaking audience but for now i’ll call it quits at 32 different ways.

If you can add any others – please don’t tell me!? 🙂 )