A Logical Proof


Now as some of you might already know, i love logic and reason.

I also love humour.

So, it is not without a little sadness i point out the following:

What is shown above is a load!

Point 1. Time and money NEVER equals time TIMES money when time equals money for any other case than both time and money equaling 2!?? Hence Proof is flawed. (Unless – both time and money can somehow be limited to only ever holding the value +2).

Point 2. Girls do not equal time and money. Going out with some girls can COST you either time, or money, or both but this is by no means a 100% equality. Hence the proof is doubly flawed.

Point 3. Similarly, time is by no means an equality with money. i can count time till the cows come home and will not add one cent to my bank account. My time is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay me for it – That figure currently standing at zero dollars, ergo equality not proven, therefore the proof is triply flawed.

Point 4. By reason of point 3 the third line is similarly unfounded in fact. Proof remains triply flawed.

Point 5. Fallacious assertion: it is not money that is evil. Money has no intrinsic propensity to perform either good or evil acts. The correct quote is the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Hence the proof is quadruply flawed.

Point 6. While the conclusion would be mathematically true assuming the preceding line was in the least bit accurate we have conclusively demonstrated – it is, in fact,  a load of crock.

Which is a pity ‘cos it looked really funny.

What this proves beyond all reasonable doubt is:

People are as crap at producing perfectly rational logic and proofs as they are at making religion work flawlessly! if you want to throw one out you should throw both out as a way of producing reliable results while imperfect beings (such as humanity has proven itself so far to be) are (ab)using them. 🙂

A Season Wish.

To all my blogfriends who celebrate Thanksgiving…


 … a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving full of love to you all 🙂

Look for the reasons you have to be thankful above the trials all around in life that can hit us hard and bring us all down some times.

Loving – The Chinese Way

Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness. Thus goodness is attained. Be honest to those who are honest, and be also honest to those who are not honest. Thus honesty is attained.

Lao Tzu

Ditto for Love.

If you learn to only love all things you will attain True Love.

Simple concept for us to grasp, yet often difficult for us to achieve constantly.

Try DO IT anyway.

A point to bear in mind to help in this: Our emotions in response to things are temporary, impermanent and, while not always under our total control, can be overcome by our rational thoughts and can be improved by being at peace with, and accepting of, all worldy events as being impermanent ones that must also pass.

Love is permanent and brings us many benefits – if we will it to be so.


A Thought: Love is Like…?

I believe Humans have invented Love.

That is, Humans have invented a kind of love for themselves that is what they believe love actually IS. But is what we know of as love really all that it could be? Does it give us what we think it ‘should’?

Do we actually know what real love is? Or have we adopted and created a poor replica which passes for the real thing.

What does it mean  – to love, Truly?

Consider the difference between ‘love’ and ‘like’.

If you ask yourself (or someone you meet) the difference between the two most people, i think, would respond that love is sort of like like except it is a greater feeling or emotion than to just like something. For instance, i like Dogs but i love Old English Sheep Dogs (and German Shepherds) in particular. Some people might say they like chocolate but i ( and probably most of you reading with the exception of poet Ric) LOVE chocolate! 🙂

While many of us would agree with such a distinction between love and like, my recent reading and understanding sees a problem with this.

Many, if not all, of us would divide the world up into two parts: Things we like, and things we don’t like (with some things falling somewhere in between where we either don’t care enough either way or there are things which have elements of both within the one thing).

This is where i find the biggest distinction between love and like.

For if we are to love Truly, we are to love that which we like and that which we do not like, equally. (Matt 5:46; Lk 6:32).

If True Love is to live within us we are to learn how to love, not only the good and enjoyable things, but also the things which we feel are less than enjoyable; the not-so-good, even the downright miserable making things that arrive from time to time in all our lives.

How do we love that which we like with equal vigour and fervor to the things we don’t like.

Only then can we be said to have the Love of God within us.

For all things originally are of God and the things which try our character and serve to discipline us and stregthen us, and not lead to weakness, are sent from Him also and to not then love that which serves His Plan is to deny us from the Truth of who He is and who we are. If we are to love God with all our heart then we are to love every second of our life experience: good, bad, boring or indifferent  as our emotional selves determines them to be.

That can be incredibly difficult for the average human to put into practice in today’s world.

1 Corinthians 13 says that Love (Charity – brotherly love) does not seek it’s own (only the things like it is); thinks NO evil; Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things – it does not only do those for things it likes, but for ALL things. That is the true nature of (our) Love – The Love that comes from, and is of, and IS God.

It is that which we are to ‘seek’ and draw out from within ourselves to perfect it that others might also see and seek it within them and do as we do.

Or so i believe.

There is more on this thought to come… later 🙂

Live Love.

A Promise is a Promise

The words of this poem formed inside my brane last night as i awoke at midnight from sleep and i thought you may enjoy or get something from it?

With apologies to Robbie Burns…

My luve is like a red, red rose
That in a central courtyard grows.
Surrounded by four walls of stone,
The hands that built those walls, my own.
Protected from the bitter wind
Of other luve’s of those who’ve sinned.
Yet still more deadly is the sin
Formed from my fear that blows within.
Stretching out up to the azure skies
To reach for freedom that up there lies.
My luve, that be planted within the ground,
Desires not the walls in which it’s found.
But instead doth search for the wide-open space
That’s Illumined with the Light of Grace.
And lest it, over-reaching, would die
Perhaps with a roof i’ll block the sky.

As i kept my luve thus safe inside,
With all my fearful care – it died.

love, Nov 2008

I’m Back – Briefly…

Just wanted to let all those kind people who have left comments lately (and those who lurk by once in a while ;-) ) that i DO read your comments and value your visits and they tempt me to spend more time blogging again.

I still have a somewhat uneasy feeling about coming ‘back’ just yet though and need to work on that a litle longer – but i will make a concerted effort to write posts on a semi-regular basis and will even visit your blogs as much as i can feel comfortable with without risking the ‘addictive’ level i had snuck into for a while.

Blogging has certainly given me some wonderful relationships with ‘ordinary ‘ people who are truly exceptional in so many ways and i would not wish to never have been a part of those… but sometimes it comes not without a ‘cost’ in return – at least for me. ( Eeewww – a double-negative! i AM out of practice).

So once again, i do greatly value your visits and i’ll try to give you something to read next time -)

love, <B

P.S. Hover – i’ll give you Oates, even though techincally they were also Scott’s word’s since it was his recording them that gave us the details of the event as Oates never told anyone who lived what he had said when he left. ;-)