My Flower Identification Service!

Banksia erica
Banksia erica

Since blogging photos of flowers and following Cee’s FOTD I have become rather good at helping to identify pictures of flowers, shrubs or trees posted on people’s blogs or elsewhere on the net so, should you have any pictures you would like to know the name of add a link to the pic in the comments and i will do my best to get an answer for you.

This service is Currently provided free of charge… but i would not dream of stopping you sending me cash or goodies should the need take you? 🙂


(Thanks to Vic, Judy and Cee for providing the incentives to start this ‘service’ 🙂 )




  1. I have a new little gift for you on my Flower of the Day blog…not today’s…I think yesterday’s. I know this flower but cannot think of the name. When I see it I’m going to pound my head against a wall. Do you know what it is? Isn’t it gorgeous? I photographed this just the other day but regrettably not in my yard. If I figure out what to call it, I’m getting one. They had one in the yard of a place I once rented and I loved it. J

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  2. Plaudits to the flower master. No more sleepless nights trying to figure out what the . pretty pink flower is!!! You did it again. You say no need for thanks, but yes, I need to thank…oxoxo

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    • Hmmmm… whenever i try to click the link your blog addy shows up on my address bar and then i get sent to a page where i can either select which one of my blogs i want to write a post on ORR i can go see ‘Brandon’ s wordpress site???

      I think it’s because you sent a link to the edit of the page you were working on??

      I’m visiting your blog the regular way! 😉

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  3. I always wanted to strew flowers along the roadside for the neighbors to enjoy, yet my Lady always said NO! Now she is departed into History, so I am going to plant beautiful flowers everywhere for my neighbors to enjoy! I have seed packets of wild flowers, to strew alongside the road way…..I am going to plant the Garden of Eden!

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    • Remember what happened to the last one! 😉

      Just settle for making your part of the world more beautiful – maybe the idea will catch on to other places then? ( If he can do it, so can we!)


      • Hey Brother Bob, the flower expert; I have ten Amaryllis plants that have many leaves but no flowers, used to bloom in February, I would set them outside in the snow for the neighbor’s to enjoy! What am I doing wrong here?

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  4. My friend Patty has a house that backs onto a busy road. She had a gate made in her fence and planted gorgeous plantings and flowers along the road. She’s now extended the strip to behind her neighbor’s houses as well. People are always stopping and thanking her for the beauty she has created for that expanse behind three houses now. When our friend Judy died, we buried a portion of her ashes there as well.

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    • Life Lessons, what a wonderful idea, to share beauty rather than Submit…..I hate that word on this internet, “Submit” rather than “Share”, next Spring time I plan on Wild-flowers every where there is a patch of Earth to Plant them in Honor of My Lady-Gone…..For my wonderful neighbor’s to enjoy!

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  5. Another day of life granted to me, took out the s–t bucket, hauled in wood for the fire, over loaded my sled, could hardly get it to the house, realized I was getting old, half loads from now on! 8 inches of Snow! Trade the wheel-barrow for the sled! How is it down-Under?

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    • Any day you wake p is a good one! So they say. 🙂

      We just had the hottest November Day since The Man started taking weather records here – 105.4 F. 😦

      Parts of my state and much of our 2 main states (we only have 6 here – 5 mainland and an island state off our Southern Coast with a smaller population than Hawaii.) are Burning – out of control.

      We have 7 months of even hotter weather to come as the warm air mass over the Southern Pacific they call ‘El Nino’ builds up to it’s peak of a 3-7 year cycle, on top of the planet being made hotter as more of the 7 billion of us become wealthier enough to drive cars, take planes and own better homes that need more electricity ( Present company excluded!)

      Apart from all that a ridiculous ‘relationship’ i was in on-line has gone sour, taking me that way with it. I’m giving away my blog and cuttung back time on-line.

      Be Well.


  6. Well Brother Bob, 30.8 degrees F here, aid conditioning you could use right now, + 8 inches of new snow, my Spring Water is still flowing through my home, just tossed another log on the fire. it just breaks my heart to see all the damage being done to our only home in the name of greed and the lust for power. I was hoping to see people come to their senses while I was still alive to see it happen, but that prospect is dimming, now when I hit that 74 year mark it was like switch was pulled and my battery is running out of charge……Please stay in touch with me, it is so rare to make a new friend especially one half a world away!

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    • 30.8 sounds a bit low for what i am acclimatised to these days! – and I have not seen real snow for 49 years now. it would be nice to have some, if only to remember my early days in the UK, walking to school in the dark and snow under street lights.

      If you hang around for a few more years i think you may see some people forced into acknowledgement of what mankind has done to our planet that will not change back for longer than any living today will see. The evidence here is close to undeniable (though some still do so!) but as for coming to their senses in all areas… welll… i am less hopeful on that score.

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  7. I am sorry your inter-net romance collapsed on you, but who knows what is real any-more? I just bought myself a new computer and cannot figure out how to transfer all the stuff from this one to the new one, I just hope it does not quit on me, I have been having time-delay problems on e-mail, I click or type a word and then it appears after 10 seconds or so, right now it is working OK! I also bought an Ether-net cable, no instructions came with it so I have no idea of how to put it to use, it looks like I need to buy another cable to hook it up? I also wasted my money on a Google Phone, since I am deaf the phone part is useless to me and I cannot get the Google Chrome to open up on it, pure frustration! Oh well, shit happens!

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    • Thank you for your thoughts my Friend – I got a much needed wake-up as to what is and is not ‘real’ – at least as far as I am concerned and what i can and cannot do/be. (or have done/should have done?)

      So that’s a good thing, i guess… it’s just that some lessons have to really hurt before you ‘get’ them and that can also give you a bad ‘lesson/learning’ also.

      It seems peoples computer’s and their internet connections have been doing things ‘slow’ lately – i don’t think it is just you having those problems.

      I’m sure to someone who knows Windows 10 and who knows what they are doing it would be a very simple process to get your new laptop the way you want it with the old data trasferred easily and your google phone would be simple to ‘start’. Sadly that person is not me.

      Maybe a trip to a town with a ‘phone’ store could be a big help? ( Take all 3 machines!)


  8. Brother Bob, I am slowly getting my data transferred over, the damn google phone comes on shows g-mail but when I click on it it just goes to emergency phone and then shuts down….I do not want to sign up to a phone service and pay $100. + a month for a phone service I cannot use, being deaf, as I am…..We used to have a computer store in Homer, but when Radio Shack closed down it disappeared…..I will work it out, it just takes time and a great deal of patience…..Are those fires still raging down there? What a bummer, Our six inches of snow melted away at 47 degrees…..I am sure YOU will meet the Right Woman, in the near future, you sound like a good, caring person to me, but remember learning to live with another person is a full time job, one has to learn how to respect another person’s desires and wishes. I had to give up all of my bad old habits to satisfy my Lady Love, but it made a better man of me…..So worth it! I am still adjusting to living alone, but with the help of some good neighbors, I am making it……Your Friend, George….

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    • Good to hear you are making it through Brother, and thank you for your support in this difficult time.

      Fires in my state are under control after a week of decent temps, but many still burn over on the East Coast as they have for weeks! 😦

      Funny how we don’t seem to believe we are worth giving up our bad habits for to become a better person, but we will when we find someone else who thinks we are worth loving enough.

      If only we could see in ourselves what those others do??

      Be well, my Friend.


  9. Brother Bob, thank you for the up date, Yes, I never understood what my Susan found that was lovable about me, yet she never had to lift a finger while I was her Man, As a team we were great, I did man things and she took care of business, It all ran smoothly, like a perfect clock….I am still adjusting to her loss, but it gets a little bit better every day….Love & Respect to you!…George

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