Love’s Flower Identification Service!

Banksia erica
Banksia erica

Since blogging photos of flowers and following Cee’s FOTD I have become rather good at helping to identify pictures of flowers, shrubs or trees posted on people’s blogs or elsewhere on the net so, should you have any pictures you would like to know the name of add a link to the pic in the comments and i will do my best to get an answer for you.

This service is Currently provided free of charge… but i would not dream of stopping you sending me cash or goodies should the need take you? 🙂


(Thanks to Vic, Judy and Cee for providing the incentives to start this ‘service’ 🙂 )




  1. I have a new little gift for you on my Flower of the Day blog…not today’s…I think yesterday’s. I know this flower but cannot think of the name. When I see it I’m going to pound my head against a wall. Do you know what it is? Isn’t it gorgeous? I photographed this just the other day but regrettably not in my yard. If I figure out what to call it, I’m getting one. They had one in the yard of a place I once rented and I loved it. J

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    • Hmmmm… whenever i try to click the link your blog addy shows up on my address bar and then i get sent to a page where i can either select which one of my blogs i want to write a post on ORR i can go see ‘Brandon’ s wordpress site???

      I think it’s because you sent a link to the edit of the page you were working on??

      I’m visiting your blog the regular way! 😉


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