I’ve been a part-time shutterbug for a fair few years now.

i mainly focus on landscape and flora but once in a ‘blue moon’ i’ll just try something that interests me outside of those two areas.

‘Someone’ thought it would be a good idea for me to post some of my pics – so here they are.  i’ll add to them as time and fancy dictate.

Addendum: It’s been far too long since i updated these (years now). One day i’ll fix that … one day?

( if you click on them then you may be able to see them ‘full size’ to get more of the detail. i hope you enjoy…) 🙂


Flora (mostly from my garden):

( Clicking on the title should take you to a new page with more of those pics) 🙂



Perth’s Beaches:

Cottesloe beach - Mar 09 beach-reflections

city-beach-2007-1Pojnt Walter Parasurfing


Sky High Blue Sky Mine

Perth Skyline


Jonquils and Swan River Daisies
Jonquils and Swan River Daisies


  1. Annie It is fairly ‘simple’ but i won’t pretend i have quite got it ‘mastered’ just yet ( i’m ‘cheating’ a little bit in that i really should make a ‘table’ in HTML to do it ‘properly’)

    All i have done is insert images to a ‘new’ page and using the wordpress image uploader selected either ‘Left’ ‘Right’ or ‘Centre’ Alignment and ‘voila! 🙂

    Then you can get a little ‘fancy’ and while in the ‘Edit Page mode’ if you click on a pic you have a choice of ‘editing’ the photo’ or deleting it – clicking on the tiny square to edit it gives you simple edit choices or ‘Advanced’ tab and if you go to ‘advanced’ you can add borders and set vertical or horizontal separation as well as ticking a box to make the photo open in a new window… try it! If you want more detail i can email you? 🙂


  2. OH – one other thing…. i selected ‘Thumbnail’ as the initial photo size on the page, then ‘linked’ ( using URL) the photo to the original i uploaded to WP in the first place (using the ‘Add an image’ icon when editing a page or post).


  3. That is a very colorful street on the first picture, red(?), white and green trees.

    Beautiful flower also. I have read that desert flowers tend to have the most vibrant colors.

    Great looking sunset. I love starting the day watching the sun rise over the ocean, when I can drag my butt out of bed early enough :), and ending the day watching the sunset at the beach.

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  4. Miss M – Thank you. i see a LOT of beauty where i am – and most places i go. 🙂

    Ed – i would like to find out the real name of that Red Tree!
    For most of the year it is a fairly unspectacular normal green tree (with shiny waxy-green leaves similar to an Umbrella tree (Schefflera actinophylla) or some ficus (fig trees)) but at Christmas time (our Summer) it turns entirely red – even the ends of the branches are the same colour as the berries/flowers/new leaves?

    The ‘white’ tree is a Jacarandah and is a very light lilac/purple and flowers at the same time here The flowers appear from the ‘dead’ winter branches and turn the whole tree a beautiful blue/lilac colour for about 6 weeks then the flowers fall and the new leaves take over until they drop their greenery in mid winter.

    My street has 7 such trees (Jacarandah) in the one suburban block and looks magnificent come December

    Right now, some three months after the time this pic was taken close to my home i now have opposite my house another ‘red’ tree that has decided to have a late summer partial ‘flowering’ and it is about 20% Red and 80% green

    very weird.

    But beautiful none-the-less 🙂


  5. RG – Thank you – i should do more now i have this camera!

    While your Art ‘muse’ is in full flow stick with the Art – if you ever feel like it’s stopping flowing, grab your camera and have fun with it – can give you completely ‘new’ perspectives and your Art will benefit as a result. 🙂


  6. I realize it is ten years from the time you did this blog post. I am stuck in a chair with a warm quilt around me and my computer, nursing a cold, and it is amazing where a chair and a quilt can take you. Your blog is certainly chock full of goodies to explore!

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    • Thanks again – sorry to hear about your cold though. I’m thinking the warmer weather will soon be on it’s way! 🙂

      I have not been as diligent updating my ‘other’ pages as i should have been, sadly, but i’m finding keeping up with comments and blogs is a full time job these days! 😉

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