Are you feeling ‘Lucky’?

Lucky Number
(Udy, udy, udy, udy etc…)

I never used to cry ’cause I was all alone
For me, myself and I is all I’ve ever known
I never felt the need to have a hand to hold
In everything I do I take complete control
That’s where I’m coming from
My Lucky Number’s one

I’ve everthing I need to keep me satisfied
There’s nothing you can do to make me change my mind
I’m having so much fun
My Lucky Number’s one
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Ay ay ay ay ay…
I now detect an alien vibration here
There’s something in the air besides the atmosphere
The object of the action is becoming clear
An imminent attack upon my HEART I fear
The evidence is strong
My Lucky Number’s wrong
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Something tells me my Lucky Number’s gonna be changing soon
Something tells me Lucky Number’s gonna be ow-e-ow-e-ow-e-ow-e-ow-e-ow-e…

You certainly do have a strange effect on me
I never thought that I could feel the way I feel
There’s something in your eyes gives me a wild idea
I never want to be apart from You my dear
I guess it must be true
My Lucky Number’s two

This rearrangement suits me now I must confess
The number one was dull and number two is best
I wanna stay with you
My Lucky Number’s two
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Number two… Number two…

Lovich/Chappell 1978



If you can sing along with this there’s a fair chance you were born in the 60’s! 🙄 (or even earlier? 😯

This song played on my radio today and took me back – a LONG way. It’s by Lene Lovich.

It also appeared in a completely new way to me now ( as so many older songs do these days)

I think it is a great Analogy for the way SOME people grow up…

only ever considering themselves and placing themselves as ‘Number One’! ( As can a child)

But then we feel a ‘change in the air’ (in the Spirit) and become aware of Another One – a Greater and Higher ‘One’. And suddenly we’re Number Two ( NO toilet Jokes, PLEASE!!!) – Number Two – along wih everyone else!

Seven Deadly Sins Part III – Gluttony

Ok – I started this and i’ve had it with starting things i don’t finish, so the sooner i get these over with the sooner i can begin dedicating this Blog to my first love – LOVE!

Bear with me huh?

The Third Sin, alphabetically, is Gluttony, which is not in my KJV at ALL?? (So why does the Pope insist upon making this an issue??)

Gluttony is defined as: eating and/or drinking to excess
– a greed for food.

I feel this probably also extends to ‘spiritual food’ or a desire to sate our many other ‘desires that are of our ego and not of God.

I mention Spiritual food as i do not believe that eating TOO much of this at once is good for us – in the same way that we are only meant to eat a certain amount of ‘food’ at once to give us sufficient time to digest it all for our own benefit. Determing just how much of this kind of food is good for us at one ‘sitting’ probably varies from person to person and how ‘familiar’ they are with previous foods of this kind.

I think the key thing to consider here is when is ‘enough’ truly enough? – At what point do we turn our ‘plate’ away while we gain the full benefit of ‘digestion’?

Ok – so remember the Point Here – which is to bring to mind our own ‘Sin’ or error we commit in this area (as y’all feel is, or is not appropriate) and ways we have found to overcome them – for the benefit of ourselves in our own lives and for the benefit of those who read and/or lurk here 😉

I’ll go first: My most vivid memory of personal gluttony was back in my 20’s – I was working in an office and a lunch had been planned for a workmate’s celebration. We went to a Chinese Open Buffet at a very swish Hotel in the City, close to our office!

Did i mention i LOVE the many delicious flavours of Chinese food? and that i LOVE deserts and they had a wide range of the more ‘traditional’ desserts like Chocolate Mousse, cheesecakes, pavlova (Aussie Meringues which are Heavenly!) cakes and ice-cream and puddings and… you get the idea?)

I had a plate of ‘entree’s; i had two plates of ‘mains’ (and i mean plates made with MOUNTAINS of food!) I HAD SEVEN plates of desserts (a personal never-to-be-repeated record!)

I ‘waddled’ back to work about two and a half hours later (we only were allowed a 2 hour lunch ‘limit’ during which we were to have lunches spread over the whole office – half an hour was the ‘norm’)

I managed to stay at my desk for a full ten minutes or so in the afternoon before i found a very real and urgent need to sit at a much smaller ‘cubicle’ for the remainder of my ‘working’ day.

It taught me a valuable lesson and i never repeated or attempted to repeat the practice.

Gluttony has it’s own punishments for us humans.

Are we all able to pay them due attentionand LEARN from them??

Over to you.

John Travolta Never Looked Better

At Dana’s suggestion I managed to find this on Youtube (a friend sent it to me as a movie file) and thought you might all find it as amazing and amusing as i did.

They say a Dog is Man’s Best Friend, well this shows Dogs like women too – particularly as dance partners…



Let’s see a Cat do THAT! 🙂

“Why” (we are not all that good at ‘self-control’ sometimes)

 ( Response to comment on Mandy’s blog)


Our speech centre is located in the outermost (and largest) part of the human brain the Cerebrum. This has to operate in conjunction with other areas of the cerebrum to ‘control’ our thought patterns and regulate our ideas and feelings to see if we are behaving ‘acceptably’ – ‘Self-Control’.

In terms of distance from other parts of our central nervous system (CNS) that transmit commands from the brain to the various other parts of our bodies this is the MOST distant part and takes the longest for nerve impulses to reach from our five senses through which we perceive our world and others in it.

Less distant from the CNS are the glands in the brain that control the flow of hormones that determine our emotional reactions These are most closely connected to the cerebellum or ‘little brain’

And then closest of all to the CNS is the part of the brain associated with our most basic functions, heartbeat, blod pressure, breathing etc.

What this means is – there is a ‘heirarchy’ of ‘response times’ in our brains.

Fastest and most immediately ‘responding’ to our senses of hearing, sight etc are those most basic functions (that of old we needed to ensure our very survival from enemies or things like animals that could kill us… our ‘fear’ centre

Next fastest to respond are our emotional centres (governing our responses to things like happiness, anger, sadness, etc) and

Slowest and requiring the most time to ‘react’ are our ‘control’ centres for such things as socially ‘desirable’ or ‘undesirable’ responses to things other people say or do that are not life-threatening to us but which may require more ‘refined’ responses from our mind and body. More ‘careful thought than either our ‘fear’ response or our autonomic emotional responses.

In other words – we get emotional and respond to things BEFORE we have time to think them through – emotions get ‘hold’ of our brains BEFORE we can put on the brakes in many instances.

Need a practical example to make sense of the above ‘theory’??

OKie Dokie…

You are driving your car… and without warning a kid walks right out from betwen two parked cars and is 20 feet in front of you before he sees you.

First thing you actually do is determined through fear – a horrible feeling surges through you as the potential for disaster makes it’s presence felt and you may scream something out loud unintentionally.

Next thing you do is either jam your foot on the brake or steer away from the kid – or both (emotional, inbuilt, automatic, instinctive reaction to act).

The last thing you do is to try and decide carefully and logically what you should be doing to keep yourself safe, the kid safe and any other road users safe.

This usually only has time to come into your brain after the first two things have already happened.

Like… we most often think of the right thing to respond to someone or something AFTER we have already reacted emotionally (and frequently after the person we just offended or insulted ( or who insulted us) has left).

THANK YOU!!… for statin’ the bleedin’ obvious.

This should be the FIRST lesson in ‘Witnessing 101’.

Why has it taken 2000 years for someone to write what is – to all atheists at least – fairly obvious, as plain as the nose on our face perhaps – we just ‘over-look’ it, it seems.

Thanks again Joe! 🙂

… and thanks also to ‘Ethel‘ (a Who in the What now?) for the re-jiggered link 🙂

Maybe you should look away now?

 Any of ‘sensitive natures’ out there may want to skip this post?

I found this clip while looking for another one ( that is not there! 😦 ) and wanted felt compelled to ‘share’… If you are wondering what the other clip i was looking for was and what or who (Thanks to Mandy and Alece!)  ‘inspired’ it ^ click on the clip and look under ‘Never wear Panties’ in the music player list

Reasons to be careful what we say #313

Aww heck – i can’t leave you with just that one taste of Kacey – now can i?? 👿

Enjoy  Y’all ( those who ‘stayed’ awhile – you know who y’all are)

Do You Hear Opportunity Knocking??

A blogfriend of mine has written a thoughtful post – it has the benefit of being from a fresh perspective – one many of us may not be familiar with – but i think it contains much wisdom and we probably all can get something out of it – if we had not grasped it or looked at it like this before.

Thanks Brainy!