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supernova_sn2006gy2I wrote this almost 8 years ago and kind of forgot about it. lately i’ve been considering things anew and have had largely the same thoughts. It should not really be much of a surprise, but somehow it is?

Anyway if you have any comment i’d love to hear it.


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supernova_sn2006gyScience says the Universe began with a Big Bang over 13 billion years ago.

Creationists say the Universe began with a movement of God’s Spirit some 6000 years ago.

Few would say there is ANY similarity in those views.

The Problem with the current scientific understanding of what has happened immediately since the moment of the Big Bang is that, before it, there was actually NO time. No Space. No ‘Anything’ or as Genesis puts it – The ‘Void’ before it actually occurred. An infinite nothingness of notime and nospace

Science can only ‘deal’ with evidence that exists in the form of matter, energy and a time function that is able to be measured. For anything ‘other’ than these science is incapable of dealing with – whereas Religion is not. (and neither is ‘God’)

God is largely to do with the concept of ‘spirit’. Spirit is an ‘opposite’ to matter…

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