Daily Funny – Day #355


It’s as I suspected; someone (or someoneS?) has been sneaking into my garden in the middle of the night and spreading soil over it.

The plot thickens.






  1. We have this service called the Chip Drop, where people donate their wood chips and you get a random donation whenever its available! I wonder if you guys have a soil drop! You probably didn’t subscribe to that though! 🙂

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    • Chip Drop?? That’s a new one on me! Sounds good. 🙂

      If we had one here it would more likely be a food charity for disadvantaged families – we call French Fries ‘Chips’ (‘potato’ chips, usually with vinegar and salt – sooooo healthy!) Not! 😉

      Just to be clear about my soil in the garden thing… it was not real – right?? 🙂 My garden is the same thickness it has always been! – albeit a lot drier than it usually is, lately. 😦

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      • OH! I was failing to see the daily funny in this photo! I guess I took it quite literally. 🙂

        French Fries Chips? 🙂 Interesting name… High on sodium…. We have a food charity too called Meals on Wheels. Volunteers help deliver food to those who need it.

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        • I thought you may have! 😉

          I had difficulty finding a photo that could show a (garden) plot thickening!! 🙂

          Our Chips are high on fat and you needed added sodium (chloride) to make them taste better – and the vinegar to leave that ‘impossible to resist’ aroma behind you when you leave the lift after taking a bag of them up to your office for lunch! 😉

          I think Meals on Wheels is pretty well universal in the english speaking world!?

          A Chip Drop though could be quite a confusing matter in places other than Texas (well, the US at least, maybe?)

          In New Zealand it would be a ‘Chup Drip’ and who knows what someone might get delivered?? 🙂

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        • I think I want some chips now. *sigh* As a blogger once said, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips…”

          HAH…Chup Drip!!

          Anyway, I would like to learn how to thicken a garden plot. I’m cleaning up my garden plot these upcoming weeks! Some of my friends gave me some flower seeds to try growing. 🙂

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        • A sad truth! – shared sigh! 😉

          Largely depends on your soil type and what you hope to grow most of. Generally though, you can’t go wrong with lots of organic material (compost). ( Some soild may need ‘thinning’ – like clay soils. )

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    • So far people have guessed dogs, gophers and bodies!! 🙂

      ( it’s not real – it’s a play on words!) 🙂

      That was the best pic i found in a quick search for a thickening plot. 😉


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