Terrible Poetry – Fifty

I’ve taken up ChelseaannOwens‘ terrible poetry challenge again.

This time the theme is: Fifty.

Rhyming for this one – not necessary, but must be exactly 50 words in length and honouring the 50th anniversary of the Terrible Poetry Challenge. 🙂

(Entries for this week close Friday 8 November, 8:00 AM some weird American time).


The Big Five – Oh!

Latin starts with an ‘L’,
which is also how Romans spell ’50’.
That’s pretty nifty!

Ten plus ten then double it again,
then add ten for a quick, shifty 50.

They say it’s not cricket, to have lost your wicket
one run short of a hundred.

I’m lucky if i even make 50!


* Some might make the word count to this poem 53 and so then, seemingly, not following the rules. The more observant (some say ‘pedantic’) readers will note that, in truth, 3 of that number are, in fact, numbers, not words.

50 words: I win – end of!


Apologies to Chelsea as i do struggle to write poetry that meets her guidelines – I ill make an attempt to do better next time! 😉





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