Break In Transmission




    • While i have experienced those self-same issues ( I believe it is due to the volume of data being sent from our devices about which we have next to no idea about to various data-gathering and advertising promotion companies, along with problems caused when we may try to ‘block’ those same data transmissions/recievings!) my transmission problems were of an all together different nature… matters of the (broken) heart.

      Thanks for all your kind comments and beautiful photo posts, Spike.

      Best of luck. 🍀


    • yes, Marilyn, same here, it is like a time-delay is inserted I will type in a word and it takes up to 30 seconds to appear, very confusing. I just bought a new lap-top thinking my old Lenovo was giving up the ghost, but I am finding it hard to transfer everything on this one over to it, I even found a double headed USB Cable and plugged them in together; Nothing!, I hate having to start all over! All these wonderful programs I have on my old one, the book-marks, that bottom line, none of these on the new one, so I am back on the old one…..


    • Hey Old Man.

      As i said in the post here, I’ve had a good long look at myself and have seen what my blog friends never get to see. – I only ever show the ‘good’ parts here… probably much like everyone else who blogs.

      LoveWillBringUsTogether was a fantasy, an impossible to achieve one. a nice dream but that’s all it can ever be.

      I’m Bob… LWBUT is no more.

      But as a reminder that it once had an existence of sorts, and because added in, it makes a more fitting wordpress name, i put the ‘L’ in to make BLob.

      BLob is still not in a good enough place to get back to blogging just yet. Don’t know if or when that changes.

      For now, i just try to answer my comments…


      We’re having a heatwave here again – the second for the year and we are only 3 days into ‘Summer’ temps from 97 to 105 forecast for the next 5 days.

      I’m guessing you have some cooler temps predicted ‘Up’ there?

      Stay well, Gerorge.

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      • Hey! Brother Bob, I am talking to YOU, from Alaska, It is 6: 50 AM, I have been Working all night on my little lap-top machine, It is all I have left to Work with. But I set myself a Goal of at least a Thousand Words a day, and I have already far exceeded that Goal! You sound depressed and sad, I also felt that way, yet I said to Myself,”Is this what Susan would want me to be doing now?” If she was still here? I have not had to cook a single meal in months, My good, good, neighbors have been dropping off meals, soup’s, sandwich’s dropping in to visit with me……On this inter-net I have three hundred + people writing to little old me! They make this old man’s Heart Sing! All I have experienced on here is an out-pouring of Compassion, So many people, so Kind to me…..It fills my Heart with Joy! Do not put your-self down brother, you are better than that…..Love from Alaska to Down Under…..


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