Lunar Seas

The Moon is high in the sky tonight, or at least it is in the late evening above my home in Perth. This image taken with my Nikon B700 camera was taken an hour before sunset @ 5:30 pm as the half Moon neared it’s zenith.

That explains the slight lack of clarity as the dispersing sunlight hits the molecules of gas in our atmosphere and detracts from the pure reflected light from the moon that i get for my night-time photo’s.

It does however give this beautiful mirage of the Moon’s seas being full of ‘blue water’ 😉

(Click on the image to open in a new window and click again to expand) 🙂Lovewillbringustogether - Blue Half Moon

The 5 seas shown in ascending order of size are:


Sea of Nectar.

Sea of Crises.

Sea of Fertility.

Sea of Tranquility (Centre – site of Apollo 11 moon landing).

Sea of Serenity.





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