Philosophical Thought for the Day – 16 October 2018.

Thinking of Love
Love and Knowledge = Philosophy

Welcome to PTFTD, a (semi-)regular feature on my blog. Each (idealy daily) post I will raise a topic for consideration that may hopefully give you pause for some serious, or not-so-serious contemplation throughout your day/night/week/life.

It’s as much for my personal benefit as anyone else’s who may find it of interest, as we all try to figure out just what life is all about and what on Earth we are all doing here or to each other?

Pre-election periods in a Democracy are never all that pleasant. In some Western Countries (and probably all ‘democratic’ nations) and particularly in mine i notice them getting worse each time. A new ‘low’ is being reached for successive elections and by-elections.

A minor controversy has come to light overnight in Australia after the current Government Senators voted en masse for a motion in our Senate by a Far Right Senator concerning the ‘it’s OK to be White’ slogan and it’s associated link to the ‘distressing’ state whereby white’s, and particularly it seems, white, middle-aged males are being discriminated against by, presumably, those who are neither white nor male?

Looking into the background behind the notoriety of the slogan (IOTBW) has lead to Today’s Thought:

How well are we able to distinguish between a simple phrase, or just a statement of Fact, and a slogan using the exact same wordings that some people use quite intentionally and maliciously to mis-direct, confound and divide people within a society?


(Answer: Hardly at all.)


Many so-called ‘Leaders’ of people seem to find short simple ‘Slogans’ are their weapon of choice when it comes to dividing our society where two opposing perspectives of the slogan can be taken and battle ensued without any considered or rational thought being involved ( or at least that which is involved is often of a surreptitious nature with very dark undertones with the main purpose to create antagonism within the population and trying to get people to choose which side they are on.


I need to think on this for a while (longer) 🙂




    • Except maybe in China…. or Russia…. or Saudi Arabia… Or… N Korea??

      It’s one (push) i’m not pushing for and i’m guessing you aren’t either.

      But i agree – it is not limited to just one country – but maybe one skin colour in this case?

      Have we really not progressed past that yet? 😦

      But then – Muslims have their divisions; African countries have engaged in genocide between tribal divisions; Thailand uses it’s Army to all but exterminate the Rohinga in their country, so i guess it’s still a ‘human’ thing all over?

      Just with damn little humanity is all.

      Comes down to a (powerful) few selfish bigots i guess? And the majority ends up getting sucked into choosing ‘sides’.


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