Philosophical Thought for the Day – 17 October 2018.

Thinking of Love
Love and Knowledge = Philosophy

Welcome to PTFTD, a (semi-)regular feature on my blog. Each (idealy daily) post I will raise a topic for consideration that may hopefully give you pause for some serious, or not-so-serious contemplation throughout your day/night/week/life.

It’s as much for my personal benefit as anyone else’s who may find it of interest, as we all try to figure out just what life is all about and what on Earth we are all doing here or to each other?

Today’s Thought:

Our minds enable us to critically analyse our reality as well as to imagine all kinds of pure fantasy.  But do we really analyse ‘reality’ – or what we only imagine reality to be?

As long as we are able to get by reasonably comfortably in the world we live in does it matter that we do not really understand what true reality actually is?

Does anyone understand for example that we cannot actually make direct contact with any physical object? That there is always some distance between our skin and the thing we think we are ‘touching’?? Electrostatic repulsion between atomic electron shells is responsible for the ‘feeling’ we think we have when we think we have touched or felt something physically present. pressure is applied to our skin without any direct contact being made.


I need to think on this for a while (longer) 🙂





  1. Interesting! “That there is always some distance between our skin and the thing we think we are ‘touching'” This would really go well with V.J. Knutson’s weekly challenge about distance this week!! Maybe you should tag her! She shares the posts with her community which could welcome some thoughts on the matter.

    Hey….doesn’t this remind you of the first movie in ‘The Matrix’? Red pill for accepting harsh truth of reality, blue pill for ignorance and bliss. Which shall you choose? I think it really explores these themes.

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