There’s Your Problem, Right There.

when people say i worship the moon + nature + angels + demons, i am ok with that. it’s their perspektiv3.

but the truth is, i worship my opinions, my ideas and myself, just like everybody else i have ever known.~S~.

I read this on a blog recently.

I think the blogger really hit the nail on the head on this one.

She highlights what i believe to be the biggest fundamental flaw in following organised religions and worshipping God.

Or rather,  the ‘fatal’ flaw in any of us who follow them.

And that is we are almost entirely unable to see things from the ‘right’ perspective.

We see everything through our own self-oriented human biases, built up and re-inforced year after year of life on this planet we share with our fellow, similarly  flawed, human beings.

Remarkably few of us ever really learn to subjugate those (our own self-biases and desires – perspectives, if you will) to a higher power than our own, to the will of God, we merely fool ourselves into believing that we do – if we ever get into thinking that far about it.


You might want to give that some thought someday?




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