Which Church is the Best… For Me?

I can state with complete confidence that the ONLY Church  i will ever follow is the Body Of Christ! No church governed by man is to be totally trusted, just as no man (myself included) can be.


I put my total Faith in God, the Father of All. Exactly as Jesus Himself did here on Earth.


When i say exactly, i mean i will always seek to do as He did through Scriptural witness¹, even though i know that i can only do that imperfectly at present. I can however, hold the will to always improve my ability to follow Christ truly, acknowledging that at times and in deeds i will inevitably fall short of the Perfect Example He set us all.

I have seen, and abhorred, the various acts and deeds done by all manner of mankind’s churches, who, although have indeed done some good work, have also been responsible for truly horrific acts and have committed various sins against God and Scripture and do so even up to today. Many have been made to go astray from the Love of God through the various fallible and corrupted ways of the church or of leaders within a church, who are – after all, all simply fallible humans as we are.

Christ, alone of men, is able to be trusted for advice regarding our soul and how we are to do and be true to God.

Even Scripture, which has been both compiled and manipulated by man and church needs to be treated with caution when following what appears to be being said, as does one’s own human interpretation and understanding. All things are to be put to the test to see if they meet God’s instruction to us all.


Jesus said we are to Love God above all and to love our fellowman as ourselves.



  1. I’ve looked and have not found any mention of Christ following any church doctrine, church administration or needing to be with others when praying to/spending time with God.



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