Looking at our Moon in a Different Light

Wednesday was the day of the latest Full Moon… unfortunately the lunar eclipse visible from Australia was at 5:30 in the morning so naturally i missed it! 😉 So here’s a view of last night’s slightly past a Full Moon.

(Click on image to zoom for full detail)Lovewillbringustogether - Full Moon

In this image you get a much stronger idea of our Moon as a member of our planetary system family: the surface seems to have dark oceans, seas, bays and lakes between the lighter continents and islands with their mountain ranges, plains, valleys and impact craters (or large volcanoes) perhaps?   🙂

The two craters just above the midpoint of the Moon’s left side in the photo are amongst the largest impact craters we can see dwarfing anything on our own Earth.

 Lovewillbringustogether - Full Moon RisingView of the nearly full Moon rising over my neighbour’s roof on Tuesday. The column on the left is a wooden telegraph pole for reference.


Love ❤


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