Do We REALLY Need To Play a Musical Instrument??

Starnge Question given all the joy those who can play one and play it well can bring us – Right?

Well in the last 24 hours i have seen two things that cause me to seriously ask that question.

You are free to form your own opinion.

Number One was courtesy of my Good Friend in Blogland, EdfromCt – the truly terrible RTO. (Click on Ed’s link and scroll down to the video).

Number Two was this:

i suppose if you want to hog all the glory for yourself, or you can’t find 8 people who want to do like you do then a musical instrument is a second option? 😉



  1. I don’t play any musical instruments – not with any proficiency anyway. I grew up in acapella choirs and small groups, including that uniquely American barbershop style.

    And last weekend, our worship team did some vocal only recordings in the studio (though we’re going to add some guitars, etc as well…because some people think it should be there).

    But instruments can certainly add efficiency to producing music 🙂


  2. Here’s another one for your listening/viewing pleasure:

    I grew up singing only acapella in church (no choreography though =). I eventually got into intrumental worship when I left that church, but still see the value of it both in sound and heart. It certainly improves your harmonizing skills (unless you’re tone deaf =). All the intricacies of the harmonies can still become as much of a distraction as playing an instrument though.

    I play (at playing) keyboard and Nick plays guitar.

    D- ( I finally have a new post up as of yesterday =).


  3. Two people who have a feeling for what i was saying – if not complete ‘converts’ 😉

    While not everyone feels like they can sing well in front of people (or a mirror in some cases – and some people truly are just tone ‘deaf’) not everyone can play a musical instrument all that well either.

    I would venture to suggest that anyone could find a ‘voice’ to play in a group like Voca People.

    It is quite sad that there are a great deal of people in the world who never get to experience what a marvellous thing the Human Voice is – or can be taught to be.

    It is personal and comes from deep down inside of who we truly are – it deserves to be brought out more often than it is – preferably in ‘Harmony’ and not dischord.

    WE all would benefit greatly from that.

    Even more than we can from playing a bit of wood or plastic or brass.



  4. Oh and Laz – i had previously seen only the rainstorm part of that performance – i’m grateful to you for sending me the whole piece – it matches and perhaps surpasses the Original – Wonderful ( of course it took more people too, so as David days – instruments can add efficiency to our musical ablilities it seems) 😉


  5. At least the Really Terrible Orchestra only inflected the pain of listening to them on their relatives. I will guess these relatives found a way to return the favour. 🙂

    The Voca group seems to expecting people to pay for this privileges. Which amazingly it would appear some people do.

    With YouTube we can quickly stop the music. I can’t think of any musical performances I have walk out on, but I have with movies, such as Woody Allens “Interiors”.


  6. Ed – so are you saying you don’t actualy like Voca People’s performance??

    I was saying in my post that your example showed why some people should NEVER play an instrument and that Voca People showed that ‘no-one’ actually NEEDS to play a musical instrument to ‘play’ beautiful music together because the human voice can simply be every bit as beaitiful and variable as any musical instrument in producing a song.

    J-R – OOOPS!! i miscounted and thought there were 9 people in the clip 🙂

    YOU could probably get away with 6!



  7. I love it!! In high school choir (we were very good) we did something similar. Not at all to this level, but it was SO fun. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a group like that.

    So great!


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