God is Broadcasting

“Meditation is not just a practice. Meditation is a natural state. It’s an actual channel in our consciousness, a bandwidth of tranquility, energy and joy that reveals itself when we learn to pay attention. Once you discover how to tune yourself to the meditation bandwidth, it will empower your life from within.” –Sally Kempton

It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts inside your head. – Sally Kempton

More on this as i research further but for now i would like to open your consideration to a possibility that God broadcasts to our minds every moment of every day on ‘The Meditation Bandwidth’ while each of us mostly receive and transmit on our own unique wavelength, Channel 7 say?

Do we just tune in to the bandwidth to grab the headlines? to get the whole editorial? or not at all, we just pretend we do to others? (and perhaps to ourselves?)

Can we fine tune our transmitting and receiving so that our frequency is 100% within the bandwidth 100% of the time (maintain a perfect meditative state on the God bandwidth)?

How much of our time would we require to develop such a level of perfect harmony with God’s Mind/Will?

Is it necessary that we do? Or is it OK if we spend most of our mind time solely within our own ‘channel’ providing we don’t do ‘nasty’ things to others?

What, if any, is a satisfactory mix of ‘us’/Him in terms of our mind’s frequency ‘tuning in’, that we are prepared to dedicate ourselves to fully working to achieve??

Do we, in our need to care for our family’s/self ever, or most often, consciously choose to place such activities ‘above’ that which we choose to ‘give over in ourselves’ to Him and His daily broadcast?

Should we learn how to be in a constant meditative state of prayer so that He is Always our first thought/priority??

Dare we?

Did Jesus?

(I believe He Did!)

While many may feel that prayer is their ‘contact’ with God (and indeed for some it can be) I believe it would be extremely impractical for most of us to stay in ‘prayer mode’ all day, every day. I do see a difference between what most of us think of as prayer and meditative prayer or a meditative state – a meditative state can be maintained while we engage in any and all activities – but only by those who have dedicated themselves to the ‘perfecction’ of achieving and understanding this fully.

 ( No – I do not claim to be one who has done so! However, I should like to reach such a stage one day.)



  1. Do you think any of us can really achieve that this side of Heaven? In these imperfect bodies full of sin? I don’t. However, I do believe that we can achieve a state of mind of placing God at the front of every one of our thoughts. Even that would be extremely difficult. Now…my hearts desire is to desire Him only, fully. He looks at the heart, which I am so grateful for. Sometimes, many times, most of the time still, I fail. I fall into a “me” state and it often takes me way too long to crawl back onto His lap where I then let Him envelop me completely. And that is typically only for a short time, if I’m being honest.

    I think in order for ME to reach a constant meditative state on Him and Him only I would have to be displaced from everything I know. Everyone I know. having said that…I am in constant conversation with Him in my mind. As I go through my day I am talking with Him, listening for Him, praying and praising, but never completely absorbed by Him for the things of this life distract me much.

    So…that’s just a few of my thoughts on this.

    Very thought provoking and challenging though. It caused a lot of “self” reflection 😉


  2. I’m glad to see you’re back, and it seems your time away may have spawned these great insights =)? If so, it sounds like it was a good time for some needed ‘meditation’.

    I do agree that we can and need to be more ‘tuned in to God’s bandwidth’. In our high tech/media culture it is so easy to get ‘interference’, and I believe our enemy (as noted in Sally’s second statement) is more than willing to both occupy those ‘outposts in our heads’ and also provide external distractions to our eyes and ears.

    With that said though, it doesn’t mean we throw it all out, but rather discern the good from evil(sometimes including the ‘neutral’ too) by the ‘True Voice’ of God’s Word. Here’s just a few verses from there that I think relate:
    John 10:3-5
    “He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out. After He has gathered His own flock, He walks ahead of them, and they follow Him because they recognize His voice. They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him because they don’t recognize his voice.” NLT
    Mark 4:22-25
    “Everything that is now hidden or secret will
    eventually be brought to light. Anyone who is
    willing to hear should listen and understand!
    And be sure to pay attention to what you hear.
    The more you do this, the more you will
    understand–and even more, besides. To those
    who are open to my teaching, more understanding
    will be given. But to those who are not
    listening, even what they have will be taken
    away from them.” NLT
    Luke 8:14-15
    “The thorny ground represents those who hear and
    accept the message, but all too quickly the
    message is crowded out by the cares and riches
    and pleasures of this life. And so they never
    grow into maturity. But the good soil
    represents honest, good-hearted people who hear
    God’s message, cling to it, and steadily produce
    a huge harvest.” NLT

    Those are all words of Jesus who was our perfect example of a ‘tuned in hearer’, but the psalmists also understood where the main source of ‘meditation’ should be (as ‘imperfect hearers’ like us =). Psalm 119 is full of that truth, but here’s one excerpt among many:
    Ps 119:97-99
    “Oh, how I love your law!
    I think about it all day long.
    Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
    for your commands are my constant guide.
    Yes, I have more insight than my teachers,
    for I am always thinking of your decrees.” NLT

    ‘Sorry this is so long, but putting the quotes here was important too I think (more important than my words for sure =)! Still, there’s so much more to study along that line of thought. Thanks for directing me to it by yours!



  3. I think meditation is great. Many Christians have taken to calling this ‘contemplative prayer’ because meditation has gotten such a bad rap with the conservative church. Even though fundamentalist icon Johnathan Edwards used to practice it.

    Keeping God in focus at all times? Pretty tricky through the course of a busy human day. But the more we practice, the more it becomes easier. Brother Lawrence’s little book speaks volumes on this practice.

    Good to have you back, Lub.


  4. Inspiring comments, thank you one and all.
    Tam, without Faith that we can always work towards achieving such a goal on earth, then you would be correct in saying that such would be impossible. With Faith it would be remarkably difficult to achieve and not all who try will succeed before they die, but all who try will receive the reward God sees fit to honour the true seeker with, owing to their ‘measure’ (effort made(works), sincerity(level of personal Faith), elimination of the enemy within(ego)) and as it is asked of Him by…

    “Ask and ye shall receive” (scrip. ref. anyone?)

    Laz2. Thank you for seeing Jesus’s thoughts as i expressed them in my own words. I believe Many more quotes of His confirm my understanding that He as a human being perfected (as closely as was possible)in His human self the ability to live fully within God’s ‘Bandwidth’ while having a completely free will – He was able to generate all his own thought and action from a ‘higher plane’ than that of most other of his contemporaries, one in near perfect alignment with the Will for us all of His Father. (instead of the Will we have for ourselves for the rest of humanity as we see it – containing carefully hidden outposts of the ‘Enemy’ within our own minds)

    Not surprisingly, i agree with you Christian! Meditation is Great! (i still find it difficult almost to the point of impossibility to achieve to the level of my own personal satisfaction – maybe i expect too much of myself perhaps?)

    Certainly the more one practices, the better and easier one finds it to maintain a meditative condition throughout our day (then perhaps we could learn to seek it throughout sleep also!)

    I would like to clarify: the object of such meditation should not be merely to maintain a state of calm, free from rage and the evils of our emotional mind but, while in such a necessary state, to be able to listen closely to, and follow always, the Will of God, subjecting our own will to it and it’s path for us, not following our own ego’s choice of path as most of us most often do which contains such limitations and stumblingblocks.


  5. The last paragraph of your last comment nails it, bro.

    “Ask and ye shall receive” – from Matthew 21:22 and Luke 11:10 and, in a slightly different phrasing, Mark 11:24. In Mark and Matthew, Jesus ties this remark to the barren fig tree that he ‘punishes’ (which would be barren that time of year, btw)and it plays into his condemnation of the temple system. Unfortunately it appears that this saying, particularly as it is found in Luke, has been taken out of context to support the agenda of the prosperity Gospel preachers.


  6. I’ve recently become acquainted with contemplative prayer (the term that is). It actually gets as bad a rap as meditation in some church circles. Nonetheless, I find the practice to be what keeps me going – and I don’t even think I do it very well.

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Mt. 11:28-30.

    I looked this verse up in the Message. It says, “Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” I think that will be my contemplation for today.


  7. Welcome, ‘bad’ (i appreciate ironic names – even those with an element of Truth in them – or should that be: ‘especially’ those with…? ) 🙂

    “When I remember thee upon my bed, and MEDITATE on thee in the night watches” Ps 63:6

    “Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.” Ps 4:4

    “But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” Ps 1:2

    In my research i have read a website discussing Christian meditation (which i wholeheartedly approve of) however the website ‘badmouthed’ the authors own limited understanding of ‘eastern’ and/or transcendental meditation , primarily on the grounds that it’s’goal’ (as the authour ‘understood’ it – possibly even as they might have been incorrectly taught) was for the meditator to become ‘detached’ (from their usual ‘earthly’ state) and this was dangerous as it ‘opened’ them to attack from demons.

    The author believed all are better off by meditating on the word of God – on scripture as this would somehow protect them from the same attack by demons, presumably.

    The Bible makes it clear that Satan has no problem facing and confronting God or Jesus therefore i don’t agree with the web-page author – those demons (such as they exist) are equally capable of entering our minds whether our minds are ‘full’, empty or contemplating the Word of God.

    The Author fails to understand Sally Kempton’s second quote above (near top of original post).

    The Adversary already has well established outposts in our head (mind/thought/hearts) that we rarely become aware of and so do not understand the need to, or even how to, first of all remove them from us.

    What the Author also fails to grasp is the actual goal of ‘Eastern’ meditation.

    My understanding of the goal (Nirvana) is the journey inwards – past all the daily earth-centred sensory thoughts and feelings we spend most of our conscioiusly aware time embalmed in. Past all the many many ‘outposts’ of the enemy past everytning of ‘our earthly selves’…

    to the Spirit – that one spark – the Holy Fire that gives life to our cells and bones and muscles…

    to the point whe the True ‘I’ is all that exists; the ‘I’ that is at total Oneness with God and is able to commune with Him (my personal belief is that this requires of us first to seek the purity of Spirit through true obedience to Jesus Christ and His Ways for mankind).

    This is by no means an easy or quick thing to achieve successfully – it requires long and dedicated persevereance. Narrow is the way and many shall fall by the wayside.

    The advantage of this is that those who can ‘perfect it’ – who practice daily so as to get beter and better – successfully move past the enemy’s outposts that meditating only on the Word fails to defend itself from.

    The Enemy uses the words of scripture so meditated upon to justify the self and dishonour God. To be successful, such meditation has to also work on the elimination of those outposts (our personal ego) and most believers fail to appreciate this primary need.

    I see ‘sin’ as these outposts (such as greed, pride, slothfulness, discouragement) which are more than mere terms or feelings – they are co-ordinated and many-layerd components of our daily physical, mental and emotional lives (hence Jesus calls us to lay down our life, of which such things are an integral and usually ‘inseperable’ part)

    Removal of our sins is by no means a simple thing; while it is within God’s (and Jesus’s) power to do so it requires more form us than a simple decision – the work required is long, never-ending (on earth) and in need of daily (and nightly) effort.

    So I believe.


  8. Oops! – Forgot!

    Thank You, bad, for pointing out that Jesus’s ‘burden’ (He asks of us – to do as he did) is one all may undertake – the weak and frail as well as the wise and the strong.

    “The Yoke is easy and the burden light”

    The only real ‘difficulty’ is in understanding ourselves and the lies that we constantly tell ourselves because of those ‘outposts of the enemy within’ and of understanding what Jesus was able to do in human form and following the same path he took while on Earth.


  9. In some of your comments above you stated that meditating on the Word of God alone would not necessarily ‘defend’ us from the ‘enemy’s outposts in our minds’.

    I do agree in part because just knowing scripture is no real protection from deception. In Christ’s wilderness temptation, Satan quoted scripture too. I think the difference (and main defense) was that Jesus’ meditation on the Word had enabled Him to KNOW the God of scripture. So, when verses were taken out of context which contradicted God’s character (i.e. to presume His protection by taking a ‘leap of faith’ to ‘prove Himself to the world – see Mt. 4:5-7), Jesus knew that Satan had twisted the words for his own purposes. So, He quoted back to him another verse that exposed the lie.

    I guess all that to say, true meditation on God’s Word is not just for the purpose of ‘knowing truths’, but applying them. By them we come to know the nature of their Author who will guide us in every walk of life as we desire to understand and follow His ways.

    In my first comment above, I wasn’t meaning that we have scripture verses floating in our minds at all times. I think it’s more in the context of ‘knowing the Shepherd’s voice’ because we are so familiar with His written Word, we can discern whether other words/thoughts that enter our heads are from Him, our flesh, or the enemy.

    I think we probably agree, just wanted to clarify my perpective =).



  10. Laz2, Your comments are always most welcome here (as are your visits 🙂 )

    I have no doubt we agree upon many things while we might not have complete agreement (understanding) on but a few – this is as things should be with individuals.

    I think one big thing where we (and so many ‘out there’) might not be in perfect understanding (and it is one which ALL should understand and become aware of WELL!) is in regards to the thing i have referred to above as ‘outposts’ in the mind.

    It is probably deserving an entire post and be open for separate discussion to the ‘Broadcast’ or meditation but i shall try to give just one example of my ‘concern’ that perhaps you and others see why i find it to be of such great concern for me and us all.

    Our mind (brain) ‘controls’ us, in that it is the central procesing unit of our body’s – everything comes through it and it decides what is ‘relevant’ and how we act/what we ‘do’.

    In reality our eyes ‘see’ an image of the world that is inverted – upsidedown. To make sense of the world our brains automatically adjust this and ‘twist’ the view we have of the world so that we ‘see’ it the ‘right’ way up.

    This happens without our conscious awareness of it – no amount of ‘trying’ or meditating or contemplative prayer can ever allow us to see the world the way our eyes are actually displaying the outside information to our brains which is like a projector of slides that has been turned upsidedown and is displaying an inverted picture onto a screen (the back of our eyes).

    This particular ‘outpost’ (inversion of our actual sight – a ‘lie’ an ‘untruth’) is actually to our benefit.

    The brain has many such ‘outposts’ that do things which are not so ‘beneficial’ yet remain equally undetectable/uncorrectable.

    We may fill our minds with contemplation of God, Jesus and the Bible as often as we can, the problem is this does little, if anything, to affect these outposts which are able remain internally ‘whole’ to corrupt our understanding and even the way we ‘see’ what we contemplate.

    Such contemplations may indeed make us better people than if we do not do so, however to be unaware of, or to ignore, the perversion of Truth our mind is responsible for in so many large and small ways as a result of our growing from a baby to an adult is a fatal flaw to true obserevance of God’s Will.

    I hope that made some kind of sense?


  11. Just had an insight that might help explain where i am at here better.

    Using a ‘projector’ analogy in another way.

    Instead of slides lets assume we have a dvd projector that we can choose what type of dvd’s to watch.

    Say we choose to watch only ‘Christian’ dvd’s to influence us into becoming more like what we choose to ‘see’ (on the screen and so absorb into who we are – move to becoming more like).

    The problem is the ‘lens’ through which the image we see the dvd contains ‘bubbles’ of corruption (in the glass lens = our mind).

    Nothing contained within the dvd (thing we meditate upon) is able to correct those bubbles and EVERYTHING we see gets altered/modified/corrupted by them.

    In order to see what the dvd (God/Jesus) is saying CLEARLY and without defect we would need to remove the lens and replace with with one of better quality (less or no defects/bubbles).

    We CAN learn how to ‘first’* remove our defects that is so necessary to us truly understanding what He is trying to get through to us all.

    * when i say ‘first’ this is not exactly right – the defects are so many and deeply ingrained into who we have become it is impossible to remove them all ‘first’. Acceptance of Jesus and of His teaching for those who are able to understand is the keystone to overcoming our defects that make us misinterpret the True Word of God for each one of us.

    Accepting Him ‘in’ does not of itself make us perfectly ‘clear’ lenses. Only constant daily taking up of the yoke and working upon our self-delusions in a deliberate fashion can get us to the stge we long for – unperverted understanding of and ‘oneness’ with God and with our own selves.


  12. I totally agree with your concluding paragraph though I confess my brain ‘hurt’ trying to grasp all the ‘inbetween’ part =}!

    From what I think I ‘got’, could Rom 8:5-9 possibly confirm it?:
    “Those who are dominated by the sinful nature [i.e. the ‘imperfect lens’?] think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit [i.e. those who have ‘accepted Him in’?]think about things that please the Spirit. If your sinful nature controls your mind, there is death. But if the Holy Spirit controls your mind, there is life and peace. For the sinful nature is always hostile to God. It never did obey God’s laws, and it never will. That’s why those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God. But you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit if you have the Spirit of God living in you. (And remember that those who do not have the Spirit of Christ living in them are not Christians at all.)” NLT
    [ ]’s were my add-ons

    Romans 7:14ff also describes that same ‘inner battle’ we can only conquer through Christ in us, and Romans 12:1-2 reveals the pathway to renewed minds: through “offering ourselves as living sacrifices” (i.e. the daily laying aside of our ‘personal egos’ as you so well commented earlier =).

    In my flesh, no, it’s not possible, but “with God, all things are possible” =)!!



  13. Laz 2 – am honoured that you so earnestly read what i write and put effort into placing it within the ‘confines’ of your own perspective and christtian understanding.

    I am sorry i do not phrase my understanding in ways that are less ‘foreign’ to your own growth as a Christian and human being. If it is of comfort – at times my brain hurts also – so do not be surproised if i have that effect upon you. I should earnestly seek to make my views less brain challenging in their expression to all.

    Rom 8:5 is most certainly true, however my understanding of the way our brains function goes beyond…

    Even if we attempt to focus on godly matters we contain within us those ‘bubbles’ by reason of our growing up while our brains were being formed to cope with our earthly life…

    Those bubbles ‘interrupt’ our ability to incorporate and LIVE a truly Christian life – it does not prevent us from doing so – but it interferes with our ability to fully and correctly grasp the actual ‘message’ perfectly.

    Like i said – i probably need to write a full post (or several) to give the correct understandings here.

    Watch this space 🙂


  14. Once again my good friend Tam provides me with the impetus to move forward in Him.

    Her latest post has a verse from Romans – 12:3, one of her favourites.

    As always it is necessary to see the verse in context so i read Rom 12 and lo and behold what did i find immediately above Tam’s verse?…

    “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Rom 12:2

    That describes exactly what i was referring to.

    As babies we learn solely from ‘the world’ (conformed by it) and how our senses feed it to us for our consumption/understanding.

    This brings various ‘imperfections’ that we are unable to detect as they become more and more ‘who we are’. (our internal bias)

    It is only when our minds are fully formed that we can detect the ‘need’ (if we ever do) to reform – to transform the mind – to renew it.

    We do this in a special way with the result that we can ‘prove’ (to our selves) what the Will of God is so that we may choose to follow it.

    We can only do this accurately when we learn to remove from our minds those ways of thinking seeing and feeling that are unique to our self (ego) and replace them with the things that are of and in accord with God (Jesus).

    As humans we can never possibly have the mind of God – it is ‘possible’ however, for us to have the mind of, or closely similar to, the mind of Jesus – he did live as a human for 34 or so years.

    As declared in John 13, Jesus came to set an example in all He did. If we do not do as he did (to His ‘servants’ in this one case) we place ourself ‘above’ Him and will receive the ‘reward’ of those who do such.


  15. thought provoking! I seem to agree with all comments to a point. A believer in the whole deal of keeping Christ first specially in my mind. The Matthew verses from Bad are what I also have been thinking on…The Lord is always with us, and I am not sure of using the word “meditate” as much as remembering that he is here, and I am learning to be what he wants…going now to think some more (meditate ?) 😉


  16. Hello, lovewillbringustogether!

    Tuning in to God’s ‘bandwith,’ let alone listening attentively, would require a great deal from us, especially because of the ‘interference’ that makes it harder for us listen to the broadcast.

    But that should not stop us from making it our goal to listen to His message and to follow His examples.

    Like you, I also wouldn’t say I’ve reached the stage of meditative prayer; sometimes, I also stumble… but I keep trying.

    This piece (and your other pieces) is thought-provoking and inspiring. Creatively written, too.

    May I include you in my blogroll?


  17. Welcome brainteaser (like that nickname!) 🙂
    Thank you for honouring my blog with comment and reading time.

    I am happy for you to include me on your blogroll and would like to return the favour.

    I see the internet (and blogs) as a great way to improve our understanding and awareness of those similarities and differences that make each of us and our respective nation’s the Unique creations we all are. (We share one Family and should learn to respect each other as such, or so I believe).

    If we dedicate ourselves to forming a closer connection to the ‘God Bandwidth’ through meditative awareness we hopefully may all share that belief.

    I respect brainteaser’s intelligence and recommend her blog for a visit – Her home is located ‘close’ to mine but is also another ‘world’ away See it through her eyes here: brainteaser


  18. I just read through quite a few of your posts. I must say, there’s lots going on here. Y’all seem to have a pretty tight group.

    Although the discussion is past, I have some very strong feelings concerning the “way” meditation is done. When I read scripture I don’t see any reference to “emptying the mind” but to meditate upon God and His word. I do think we can open ourselves up to the principalities and darkness in the heavenlies – to put it in the scriptural venacular. I do know many people who have chosen TM and have been very heavily influenced by the princes of darkness – even having spirit guides that are not “Holy Other”. Isn’t that why we are instructed to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus? Just my thinking…

    You asked me to perhaps return the favor and add you to my blogroll – I will do. I’ve needed a community of believers who will challenge my thinking and allow me to reciprocate. Thanks for coming over and commenting – I look forward to further interaction. Take Care – Downunder! 😉


  19. working on answering your email, I just want to make sure i answer you correctly. Thanks for questioning me, I always take your comments as challenging, and I welcome that! love you love!


  20. Tam – you’re getting to know me well ;-)…a little too well for my comfort! ( I like that! 🙂 )

    Michelle – can’t speak for the others but with me? – the discussion is Never over! 🙂
    You make some valid points concerning risks of ‘unguarded’ meditation – i believe it can ‘work’ two ways (good/bad) as we humans see things (Perspective is the key!).

    Jesus is our main protection, ways we meditate/prepare are the others.
    I agree Scripture does not explain clearly about the method of meditation – probably because what works for one does not work for all 😦 ( would be simple if it did!)

    What i think IS important though is for us to LEARN how to hear LESS of our own thought/feeling/emotion/worry that bombards most of us 24/7 and ‘hear’ MORE of Him – His ‘Broadcast’ that is always there but most of the time gets ‘drowned out’ by the ‘closer’ transmitter of our ego-controlled self-serving/ruling minds!

    Darla – Love you! I love challenges also – providing they are presented in a loving manner and show no disrespect to the individual concerned. Hope i manage that? 🙂


  21. I agree, Jesus is our protection.

    The closest thing I’ve found to a prescription for meditation/contemplative prayer is found in Philippians 4:8,

    “Whatever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report; if there is any virtue, and if anything worthy of praise, think on these things.”

    A quick frisk of the thought, whatever is coming in contrary to this standard, needs to be dealt with so evil doesn’t get a foothold, IMHO. It’s helped me from being the naturally critical, judgmental person I was raised to be…


  22. Ty for the ref – i shall look it up and contemplate a while.

    You were raised that way?? I had to learn all that all by myself! (ok – it helped having a grump for a Father 😉 )

    Truthfully, he was a loving dad – he was mostly a grump with all the idiots he saw in the (his) world – which were legion! 😉


  23. As a ‘frisk’ though… consider that what we believe is good and wholesome is constructed from and locked deeply in our imperfection that we know as our ‘mind’.

    If we just contemplate upon those things we do nothing to remove the mind’s imperfections – we just give them less to feed and grow upon – that is not the same as killing them off!

    Still meditating upon them is probably better than meditating upon the alternative and certainly better than not meditating at all! 😉


  24. Yes, it was deeply ingrained in me to criticize everyone and everything. I remember getting in trouble on the way to middle school because I was criticizing a girl walking on the sidewalk – someone I knew. When my mom got on to I remember thinking, “What!? I’m only doing exactly what you’ve shown me to do.” But I didn’t have the nerve to say anything. So, yes I was raised to be negative and critical – I really needed to learn how to “frisk” my thoughts.

    When I meditate I usually begin with worshipful prayer so I will be in the right frame of mind. I want to be sure I am talking and listening to the One True God of the Universe and not any of the counterfeits parading around in “holy light.”


  25. Warning! Validation ahead!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    We do what we find works best for ourselves – what with us all being individuals and all.

    From what i have read on your blog (only just found you this week – give me a few days to ‘box’ you in completely 😉 ) you seem to be doing something right – in spite of your parent’s ‘help’ lol 🙂

    I aim to write more on this topic in an up-coming post – stay tuned 🙂


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