Royalty Loyalty

Much has been made of the British Royal, Prince Harry’s, ‘outing’ by foreign ( i.e. non-UK – read Aussie, German and US) press of his highly secret 14 week deployment to help fight the forces of evil in Afghanistan (Iraq was considered just to darn dangerous to send a member of Britain’s Royal family into actual combat, while thousands of non-royal families have no such choice).

Sadly for Harry and the rest of his UK regiment detachment it has been decided it is now too dangerous for him to remain on duty in Afghanistan with other UN forces, and his 10 weeks stay thus far has been terminated a month short of the tour’s expected completion.

I do not intend to denigrate Harry for what was, by Royal Standards, an exceptionally brave and unneccessary (in the sense that he could have easily chosen a far less ‘active’ roll to play in Britain’s Armed forces) act.

But since it was deemed ‘appropriate’ by both UK press and the royal family (whose permission most assuredly needed to be sought beforehand) to ’embed’ a press detachment to accompany and record for posterity Harry’s Adventures in a foreign war zone, I find it necessary to point out Harry’s sometimes less than ‘appropriate’ sense of duty and loyalty to the Throne and his potential British and Commonwealth subjects.

US Harry

Notice the flag under which Harry chooses to give interviews to the folks at home on his cap!

While not quite as ill-considered as his previous fancy dress outfit…

Sieg Harry

worn to a bash in the land of his birth (he had been clearly over-indulging in the ‘refreshments’ at the party but presumably was entirely sober when he made the decision to hire and wear the Nazi outfit), as part of a to-be-televised interview during his on-going deployment in foreign climes as a soldier of the realm i think it leaves a little to be desired in the ‘thinking – not drinking’ department.

Or maybe he just secretly longs to be a Bush and not a Windsor??

Still, a Neo-Con has to be an improvement over a Neo-Nazi – Right?


  1. lol…Thanks for noticing 🙂

    Not so much ‘back’ – as ‘stopped in’ while passing through.

    I may drop by again on the return part of my wanderings in the not too distant future… Hopefully it will be with something witty and worth considering to say.


  2. Just to make the point i was attempting to make in the blog a little more ‘relevant’… imagine you’re a Bush Supporter (go on – Pretend – it’ll only be for a minute 🙂 )and he has generously decided to grace your home town with a to-be-televised visit and speech at your town hall on Independence Day…. and he turns up wearing a cap with a British Union Jack on it thinking it’s ‘cool’.

    Might you be just a tad peeved that on the anniversary of the overthrow of British Rule in your country that a symbol of what you were being ruled by once is being proudly worn by your leader on this solemn occasion?

    Ok – you can stop pretending now! (those of you who were) 😉


  3. HELLOOOOOO!!! You didn’t mention your return in your email this week?!

    Do I have to send you to your room already? 😉



  4. More priviliges for the House of Windsor , No he should complete his tour iof duty just like anybody else. They are spoilt over indulged etc fight harry figt Isay


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