We Are One – But We Are Many….*

* Words from the chorus of an original song: ‘I Am Australian’, by Dobe Newton and Bruce Woodley (Original member of Aussie pop group The Seekers, the first Australian pop group to have UK and US chart success back in the 60’s)

We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We’ll share a dream and sing with one voice
“I am, you are, we are Australian”…

we are one

In my morning meditation those 7 words wandered into my mind and took on new meanings for me.

Each one of us is a unique individual. We are many, but even in spite of our many differences, we are One. We are One race, We are One species – we are the Human race, Homo Sapiens Sapiens – the Thinking Ape.

We live on One Planet. We live, not in many lands, but in the One Land, the land that is above the level of the Ocean. Country boarders only exist in the minds of man. Birds, plants, insects, all animals know there are no separate countries in reality. A country is strictly a conception of the mind of (a few of) mankind. (Did you create ‘yours’, or simply follow those that did?)

If we so choose we can remove them and live as One – United, and stronger for it.

If we are ever invaded by beings from other planets ** then we may have need of our united strength. Battling an enemy while we are still battling with ourselves would be a fatal folly.

**(Science has recently found that EVERY star they have so far checked in the night sky, and (by extension) in every galaxy other than ours, has at least one planet orbiting it and the latest estimate is that around one in four of those exist in a region around the star where some form of life could evolve!)

But i have digressed… 😉

… Recap: All humans can be seen as (and indeed are) One! BUT each one of us is also Many.

From our very beginning moment, 2 separate beings other than ‘I/us/Me/we’ came together and donated a single cell each to initiate what we have now become. Those 2 cells fused into a single entity and immediately set about making multiple copies of itself from the combined information passed on from each of the 2 parents.

cell division
Multiple images of a single cell self-replicating via the process of mitosis

In around 9 months that single cell had reproduced itself and made many, many alterations along the way to produce an unimaginably large number of cells which all united and depended upon the others to form a single combined and multi-specialised organism: Baby Me! Me is many! Me is also One.

We could not have survived as One for any length of time without other, smarter, better able to care for themselves, Ones – we were One but totally dependent upon others for our existence and future growth. EVERYoNE of us – no exceptions.

It took many years and many debts owed to those others involved in our development before we were at a point where we could begin to start taking care of ourselves and could gradually wean ourselves off our secretly despised dependence – we desperately wanted to be Free – be our OWN ‘One’. Not have to rely upon, or obey the demands of, others upon us. Up to a point!

We find that, sometimes it’s nice to have others do things for us – especially things that are hard, boring, unpleasant, time-consuming or simply beyond our current capacity to do ourself. We want to be our own ‘One’ – but with the benefit of other Ones doing things for us that we don’t like doing, if we can get it.   (We can be extremely devious and persistent in getting it by the way – like you didn’t know that!)

We also find out that some of the other One’s might not necessarily like – or be like – us. They can even actively dislike and want to do harm to us, take what we have or want or would like for ourself.

We learn the need for Self-protection; from many things but particularly some other One’s who once were just like us – dependent upon other One’s for their survival.

We learn there might be some One’s who are on our side, and some who are not – and some of those are so far from ‘our’ side that they can be seen as ‘enemy’ and are to be treated differently to those on ‘our’ side. (Because they want things which are, and are therefore they are considered as, different to ‘us’, to our ‘Ones’)…

But to get back to the real point here. The One we see ourself as now is NOT the One we were born as all those years ago. Each one of us is a mass of many trillions of single cells which, in turn, are made of many billions of molecules, ions and atoms, all separate from yet inter-connected into the One we are now.

Yet there is unlikely to be a SINGLE cell in our bodies now that was also in Baby Me. We have been totally replaced! (Many times over in fact.)

No part of your skin, organs, bones, muscles, nerves or even the most essential thing about you that makes you who you think you are – your Brain – is made of the same parts you were when you were born, you are the ultimate in recycling.

So not only are you many celled, many atomed, but you are many times replaced in the body you think was ‘always’ you – The One and Only. (Yet, very curiously despite this, we all seem to think, by and large, that ‘me’ has always been there inside of our body somewhere and has simply grown and expanded, not been totally replaced the way our cells have been. How strange?)

The Many and Different.

We Are One – But We Are Many!

I invite you all to become One with me – become Australian! That does not mean you have to lose what you are (even though you do so in some way just about every day, every second already anyway). You can still keep your ‘own’ nationality, if you wish; you can still keep your ‘race’ if you choose to see yours as separate from the One Human species; you can still be who you feel you are, you just also be as One (along with all the other Ones who have the same rights as you do here), which for the sake of the post and song and philosophy i’m calling: “Australian”.

It’s free, won’t cost you a red cent and comes with hidden benefits that will become obvious over time. You might have to lose a few inhibitions and pre-conceived notions about yourself and ‘others’ though, but that’s a good thing right? Freeing yourself from debilitating imaginations and inhibiting factors, irrationalities, conflicts, thoughts.

One last point.

While we are all One, nature has thrown in a ‘subtle’ area of contention into the mix for what i am sure must be good reasons – that i am yet to come anywhere close to understanding personally, but i have Faith in Her – the subject of Sex, as in being either Male or Female, One or the other! 😉

We are One, but two! Well, actually that’s not quite 100% right.

Every One of us has both male and female ‘aspects’ within our selves (however deeply repressed or freely expressed) of which One will usually predominate our physical body aspect and generally will also dominate our personality, our mind or mental aspects. For the human race the numbers of male dominant Ones is just slightly less than the female dominant Ones (Yep – that’s right Men are in the minority folks! :-)).

This has obvious parallels in nature where fish and some insects can change to ‘become’ the opposite sex under some circumstances, usually concerning their environment and genetic need.

For the human race to continue to survive it seems necessary that we had to have a roughly even split into One Dominant type or the ‘other’ and for One of each to come together and tolerate the other long enough (as well as having some ‘need’ for long enough) for a ‘transfer’ from One to the other One to take place_

Which takes us pretty much back to where i began so i think i’ll end this here.


Thank you for reading.


Join me?

Become Australian!


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