Freaked-out Friday


It is a little known fact that the Movie ‘The Invisible Man’ was actually based upon a true case.

In the early part of the 20th century, in Vietnam, a baby was born called Tran.

As he was emerging from his mother’s womb the midwife was amazed!

There was no visible sign of the child yet his voice was heard loud and strong.

This was no industrial chemical ‘accident’ – it was merely a very curious mutation of genetic origin!

It was, in fact, hereditary!

Recently unearthed documents from Ho Chi Minh City Archives show conclusively that both the Mother and Father were Tran’s parent!!



  1. Oh – aren’t YOU a funny one! Someone had a great nights sleep 😉

    This shows that when lots of big words are thrown in the same sentence it can look so smart and convincing…

    I should try it! 🙂


  2. I’ve been working on that for three days! 😉

    Hoped i’d brighten someone’s day with it!

    Have you stopped groaning yet? 🙂

    Feel free to borrow my style Tam, I would be honoured! (But watch out for a sudden downturn in your blog popularity – ok? ) 🙂

    Had a short sleep but waking up to your B’s Aunt Edith made it worthwhile lol – I loved it!


  3. “Had a short sleep but waking up to your B’s Aunt Edith made it worthwhile”

    Well, I’m here to serve!

    Short sleep? Could it have been the enema? What? 😉

    Borrow your style? There’s only room for one YOU – and no one could cut it quite like you either…I’m sure of that!

    You make us smile over here on the cold “other side” 🙂


  4. Well, I’m here to serve!

    Have you been reading my comments on Sharp Iron????

    I’m sure glad you’re my friend and not my enema 🙂

    As for making you guys smile – that works both ways i can assure you. The more we give – the more we get.

    I’m lovin it 🙂


  5. Enema? I don’t think I want to know….LOL, hope it all came out alright in the end….

    Uh, I didn’t have such a great nights sleep, that is until it was time to get up, so uh is this a joke? shhh, don’t tell anyone I even asked….

    Blessings my friend!


  6. hope it all came out alright in the end…


    Forgive me GG I really do have to watch making comments across more than one post (one blogger too) without leaving a trackback to the original quote.

    I had (in case you missed it?) left a message for Tam about enigma’s vs enemas that got PARTIALLY followed back over here!

    It was undoubtedly in bad taste (funny though! 😉 )and probably led to your initial confusion – again, I humbly apologise 🙂

    (snicker – ‘came out all right in the end…’!!!)


  7. No apologies love, we often go back and forth and usually end up confusing most of society!

    Thank you so much for being on FC, I went on my own little rant the a couple days ago….my flesh came out a bit…I was REALLY glad you answered Robert the way you did….I’ve had to think on those green cool oceans myself a time or two. Love ya!


  8. Thanks GG – I REALLY don’t like being the source of confusion though and feel a need to apologise for it when it happens – either that or to smash someone’s thick skull in (no names mentioned lol)

    WE ALL really need to watch that little ego of ours that gets us so angry – it belittles who we ARE! It also keeps us in a state of confusion.

    Definitely something to be avoided.

    Love ya Back! 🙂 And have no Fear – I won’t be leaving FC anytime soon – ok?


  9. WE ALL really need to watch that little ego of ours that gets us so angry – it belittles who we ARE! It also keeps us in a state of confusion.

    WOW…that is so true, pride is always a HUGE battle, especially for worship leaders for whatever reason….like I said, I need to reflect, not react…I do NOT want to become a tool of the enemy… are special my friend.


  10. Yeah, I had a “pride” problem tonight. I sang the echo on Take My Life tonight and felt I totally bombed it. I got pretty frustrated with myself. Funny how that is pride too – puffed up in a whole different direction. Even though I was down on myself – I was still making it about me..pride and ego at its worse! UGH!!!!


  11. Tam, I’ve never heard you “blow” it girl. I know that we are our own worse critics….but I’m sure you made our Lord smile…even if you were to squeek, somehow it would still be Holy 😉


  12. Tam! ( hope my mails are getting through? Had a little problem with one yesterday!)

    probably someone has done it already and i just don’t know where but i really think it would be ‘useful’ to so many of us to have a handbook of our Ego and ALL the very many ‘aspects’ our ego’s take and what they ‘do’ to us and why.

    That way it would make it a bit easier to see what it does to us – how it does it ( how devious it can be) and maybe how we can destroy it so it does not give us the deception it can and does.

    You got it right ( of course) pride takes so many ‘forms’ including the one you picked up on in yourself tonight.

    KNOW that it ( the ego ) while being your ( it’s own ) construction is not who you TRULY are or what you are about – IT is ‘about’ you and can be thrown off like a cloak by: observing it – understanding it; coming to terms with it; fogiving it; then Loving it! – that will ‘destroy’ it and let it reveal the true ‘You’ underneath for all time.


    You may need to re-read that once or twice lol 😉


  13. GG I seem to be doing that a fair bit lately – for one reason or another (see In Worship, In Progress)

    Anyone who gets a benefit from what i write is so much more than welcome to it with my blessings!

    you have thrown me just a tad with your ‘sis’ comment is Gods Gal = 1godsgal? were you referring to a sister in Christ? or do you have a sister that i am unaware of the familial relationship at present – so many possibilities! 🙂


  14. Yes, I am both, GG, Gods Gal, 1godsgal….I need to learn to log in right….sigh….I’m in the process of switching to WordPress….
    Tam is my spiritual sis. She is very dear to me, as well as InWorship. To me, there are many times that my spiritual family is much closer to me and I to them, than my blood relatives.

    I’ve really been in the desert for the last couple of weeks, and when the Lord brings me around, He speaks volumes…I of course have to be listening, but He does use you. Like Tam, I have to read several times sometimes, but that’s ok. I gain more from one entry of yours and your wisdom, than I do a whole day with “smart” people…tee hee….


  15. Hey Mr. Thinker! Yes, I received 2 emails today…yay! I have responded to you as well.

    Ya know. it’s the “understanding” part about our ego that is so hard to dissect. But it is a process…one that I have to pursue!

    GG-I love you! You have always been my biggest encourager. I miss singing with you. It has been a l.o.n.g. time! I’ll see you at church tomorrow?


  16. Tammers….yup I be there girl…and I’ll be listening…LOL no, kidding. I miss singing with you as well!!! Hey, I hear you know the worship leader….maybe he would let me join ya sometime? tee hee…gnite sweet, and Love, this girls hittin’ the hay…thank you for your input! Cya soon and have a super charge Holy Spirit day!


  17. I gain more from one entry of yours and your wisdom, than I do a whole day with “smart” people…tee hee….,

    Cute! 🙂 Have you read my ‘about’ page and my first blog entry yet?

    I will graciously (and humourously) accept your backhanded compliment ( ‘smart’ people indeed! – lol) and i did see your use of quotes!

    In the desert? we talking spiritually, literally or both here? 😉
    I like to think of myself (or more accurately ‘used’ to like..) as Smart! with a capital W for Wisdom!

    I think you will also get a big kick out of my next blog post (if i evere get arond to writing it lol) – stay tuned.

    Peace to ya GG! 🙂


  18. Last mail I got from you was ‘G’day’ about your Dad and church and family life? Have you sent them to binary? Cos if you did i may have a problem receiving now as well?? 😦

    Gonna try that post soon – but it is likely to be a LONG one – fair warning! 😉


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