Flower of the Day – December 22 – Agapanthus (Agapanthus africanus)

Sometimes also known as the Lily Of The Nile this beauty is not actually a lily, it is it’s own genus entirely. It is a very heat tolerant plant (Fortunately, as the day i took this (the day of our Summer Solstice) it reached 106 F (41.2 C) in the shade!)

The name comes from the Greek: agape meaning brotherly love, charity, the Love of God for His Children and familial love; and anthos meaning flower. Literally the Flower of Love!

Mostly of this blue variety although horticulturalists have recently bred white, purple and now a deep blue-black variety. 🙂

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! (South of the Equator… Winter one for the unfortunate few up North).

(Click on the pics to open in a new window and click again to see full size detail) 🙂lovewillbringustogether - agapanthus1About to burst forth in bloom – on a background of purple bougainvillea.

lovewillbringustogether - agapanthus3A Bird’s eye view of the semi-open flower! 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - agapanthus2Silvery-blue on a blue background.

link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – December 22, 2018 – Poinsettia


love. ❤



  1. A really pretty flower. I like the last photo especially…very clear and the blurred background sky sure makes this one stand out! 106 in the shade? That’s hot, and pretty much the same when it is summertime here in TX. Keep Cool! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Barb!

      We’re about 10 deg’s cooler today (6C) and is likely to stay this way till Boxing Day 26th.

      I expect i might get some more of the flowers opening up soon! Will post ’em when i gets ’em. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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