Is This The Happiest Animal On Earth?

There’s way too much doom and gloom in the media today so here’s a little piece to combat it. 🙂

Quokka Jumping for Joy.

(Pic by Campbell Jones who sold copyright to Rottnest Fast Ferries Pty Ltd)

The humble quokka, a native Australian marsupial, has been given the title of the Happiest Animal In The World by some and it’s not hard to see why…

You Came Back! I Missed You.
Good Times And Good Food With Good Friends
Quokka Montage
Mini me
What’s Cuter Than A Quokka?…

Recently Roger Federer, the great Swiss tennis player, raised their profile several thousand percent when he snapped a selfie with this little guy he met while visiting my home of Perth.

Roger and friend
twitter @rogerfederer

There are few of these animals left on our mainland (wild cats and wild development has seen to that!) but there is a thriving colony on a holiday island just off the coast from Perth, Rottnest Island (Early Dutch explorers saw these guys with their rat-like tails and thought they were rats – hence the island name).




    • If we think we can make money out of them (tourism) i’m sure we will find a way to preserve them – the way of the world it seems?

      Just being cute is probably not enough reason – though it should be!

      They are very cute – and ‘mostly harmless’ 😉


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