Do We Follow a Real God, Or just a Good One ?

Before i get to the ‘Answer’, first a general definition of ‘God’ that i hope every person on the planet will agree with. ( That’s Some Hope, huh? 😉  ) Here i mean God to be that to which you personally give the highest level of responsibility for your own life. The over-arching thing that decides what is both good and bad for you and for the world you choose live in. The ‘Final Arbiter’ of what governs the things you think and feel, the actions you take or choose not to take. A conscience perhaps, or a higher consciousness even? But something more than that because it is shared with every other person on the planet (in your own value system, whatever that may look like, you project that out onto everyone and everything, just like everyone else does). God is the thing that made you You – the way you are now, and also made everything that is ‘not you’. This God by the way, is Infinitely big and is connected to everything in the entire Universe(s) and yet seems to some, to be centred inside your own mind, while to others it seems to somewhere outside of themselves.

It is not a construction of only your self, yet some may believe it to be.

Our mind can play any number of tricks on us through our limited choices of perception. God is able to be seen by all of us individually and perhaps differently and yet has the quality of being a single unique thing entirely self-coherent.


Quick answer:

For those who believe in God or who fully or partially follow any chosen religion: Real God! (See 1. Below)

For those who either don’t believe in God or have not quite fully decided at the moment:   GOOD one – that is: God of Our Own Design! (See 2. below).


Longer Answer:

  1. By Real God i mean that you think you believe in the one and only really, really True, Loving and Just God of the Universe (Him/Her or whatever) and you give all praise and authority over to it, both in your life and to the universe you live in and at all times try to act accordingly with this belief. I do not doubt for a second that your belief is true – for you.

My question though is: Just how well do you succeed in living up to God’s high standards for you? How often do you check? And how well are you being rewarded for your efforts? Do you ever wonder, contemplate or change things about your self and your understanding/relationship with God as a result of  the first three? Is your relationship with God as good as it could be? If not, why not?


2. Atheists, Agnostics, fallen Catholics (or any other religion’s expatriate) sorry to tell you but you are all believers. Believers in a GOOD god, that is a God of Our Own Design. It is the thing that ultimately you have determined decides what you do, think, feel and are and by and large it will be contained entirely within, and is almost entirely a product of, your own mind. The same mind by the way that somehow has to try and make sense out of everything else it perceives of as being ‘not me’ and our intimate relationship with that. This thing is also responsible for everything you perceive of as not me and we face many logical inconsistencies when coming to terms with our place in what we believe to be the ‘real world’.


Ultimately , every person on the planet is a believer of one kind or the other; all of us create the god we wish to believe in. Some of us will have a number of similarities in our chosen belief, although no two people believe in the same way or in exactly the same things, and we claim a group name for it such as Atheism, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.


The remarkable thing about it all is – every person’s ‘god’ is actually a part/aspect of the One True God. The Creator of all things visible and invisible.


If we could all but see this Universal Truth we MIGHT just have a chance of living in Peace on this Planet we are required to share for the time being.





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