Singing in the Bath

The last time i posted a bird picture it was of the quite grand Australian White Ibis. This time it’s the turn of a bird roughly 1/100th of the size of the White Ibis. 🙂 This little brown honeyeater was caught having a quick bath, and like most of us he could not resist a bit of karaoke. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - Brown Honeyeaters2

lovewillbringustogether - Brown Honeyeaters1

He normally looks quite svelt and streamlined but his shaking himself dry has fluffed him up quite a lot!

lovewillbringustogether - Brown Honeyeaters3




    • Not much! We get wrens (Fairy Wrens and Splendid (blue) Wrens) in my state but i hardly see any in the city suburbs. He’d be about the smallest bird i see on a regular basis.

      He does not normally look this fat though!! 😉


        • Sadly, no. We missed out on those particular marvels. 😦

          Some of our honeyeaters, like the little fellow i posted, and wagtails, are able to hover and even fly backwards for short periods, but no hum and nothing like their magnificent colourations/combinations.

          Our wrens can be quite cute like you say. 🙂


        • I’ve had a couple of Hummingbirds check me out when I was sitting on my front porch steps. They are LOUD when they are that close. I had one slowly drop down, right in my face. Scared the hell out of me at first. Then, I realized I was being looked over & I froze. Then, it took off & I started to giggle. The next visit I got, about a month later (on the porch steps, again), the little bugger flew to my right ear (I froze again) then, slowly flew sideways to look at my face. It was gone in a flash & lit in my sugar maple in the yard.

          Spiritual moments, I’m tellin’ ya’…🐦

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        • You’ve been blessed! 🙂

          The page i was reading about hummingbirds said they are very skittish about humans! Getting close to them was not easy. Would have been lovely to see one flying right up close like that (once you’d gotten over the shock!) 🙂

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