94.8% of the Visible Moon

View from Perth, Australia ( Lat 31.96 S ) @ 7.45 PM, 17 Apr 2019.

Gibbous Moon 94.8%

Actual image from camera, no cropping. Best viewed on a large monitor, click on image and expand. The trails of ejecta (material thrown up from a meteor crashing into a moon or planet) from several of the larger lunar craters can be very clearly seen.

Tycho is the crater with the longest ejecta trails and is in the lighter, upper portion seen here. To the far right and just a little below Tycho, just coming out of 14 days shadow, is the lava filled, walled crater named Schickard, which measures a whopping 225km (145 mi.) across!

Image data: f/8.2,  1/320th sec,  ISO-200,  exposure bias -0.7,  zoom 1440mm x 1.8 digi zoom giving an approximate 35 times magnification.





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