Freaked Out Friday

OK – late change of plans these – things happen to us all no doubt 🙂

 Anyone out there like MUSIC??

 I’ll take that as a yes.

Anyone out there like Mathmatics??

I hear crickets chirping??

I know Someone besides my self does!

Don’t panic – this will be REALLY simple stuff – Child’s play in fact. We all liked to play as Children huh? (Well, i liked to ‘play with numbers’)

Next time someone ‘Tag’s me (You’ve had one turn Chris!!!) one of my ‘random facts’ will be that from around the age of 9 i started counting at night as i went to sleep… The aim was to count to a MILLION – in one’s…1,2,3,4,5…

I had a sheet of paper by my bed and would keep ‘score’ in thousands! I don’t recall exactly how long it took but i would count between one and five Thousand a night. I would ‘mouth’ each number,  but either silently or in a very quiet voice. I got to be able to ‘count’ rather fast and could ‘rattle off’ one to twenty in something like 2-3 seconds.

I did eventually reach one million but it was not until my parents had emigrated from the UK to Aus and it was easily six months or more after i arrived here having started some 12 months before.

I did not count EVERY night! What do you think i am – some kind of obsessed nutcase, or something?? 😉 

 Now i KNOW i had a perfectly good reason for starting this at the time – it just escapes me for the moment. It may have had something to do with my early fascination for Astonomy (and Dinosaurs! ) because both of these two subjects refer to ‘millions’ a fair bit (galaxies Millions of light years away from Earth and periods more than 65 million years ago, when science says the dinosaurs were almost completely wiped out by sudden extreme Global Climate Change!)

I just wanted to get a ‘feel’ for exactly how BIG a million was – and i did just that – trust me – when you hear the word.. ‘million’? you don’t really appreciate it for what it actually IS – it is a LOT – you will trust me on that, won’t you? 🙂 Try it yourself and just see to make sure i am not lying here! 😉

 Back to the music…  (and maths)

Anyone who reads their Bible (or is aware of their world about them) will understand that Seven is a Perfect Number!

You do all know this – right?

Simple math – VERY simple math – GOD math – the Binary System??  Only 1’s and 0’s?

We start with nothing 0 – where ‘it’ all begins from (binary numbers/counting i am talking here – don’t read MORE into that than you should! – ok? 😉 )

Then we go UP to One – 1 – complete and perfect – fulFILLED. (read into that what you like! 🙂 )

 Next is two which God writes 10 (one zero not ‘ten’  – second ‘generation’ – one down from ‘Parent’ – 1)

Next comes three which God writes as 11 (one one not eleven – try to forget what you learned at school – God was not your teacher there, for most things, man was, and he is not the most ‘reliable source’, for some things! 😉 ). This fulFILLS the second ‘generation’.

Next comes four or 100 (one zero zero), start of third generation…

Five is 101 (one zero one); six 110, and finally, to complete and fulFILL the third generation is 111, one one one.



1 1

1 1 1


Perfect! 🙂

What about the MU-SIC!??


Well – here’s the REALLY Freaky part…


I Just said that to get you to pay attention! 😉 Who would want to read a post all about the Number Seven? and me and my weird childhood ‘ways’?? 🙂


Oh – some more examples of Perfection in Seven (completeness)…

7 ‘Whole’ notes in Music (A – G)

7 Colours in the Rainbow/Spectrum of light (R,O,Y,G,B,I,V)

7 Known planets (back in the Time the Holy Bible was written.

7 Chakra’s in the human body ( i just threw that in there so the eastern philosphies.religions would not feel left out!)

7 Wonders of the World.

7 Days in a week ( ok – music reverence or reference, Whatever!) The Beatles said there were 8 days a week  -the Beatles were about the best musicians ( in terms of outright popularity and fame) known to man. They Knew a Thing or Three – more on that ‘later’) 🙂


 # 7 ? ( Hi Tam !)

 How many letters in ‘Perfect’??

 Just a coincidence?? 🙂


You know there are more ‘Sevens’ out there in the World.. what are your personal Favourites?




  1. The numbers 3, 12, and, to a lesser extent, 40 carry nearly equal significance in framing the significance of God’s work.

    As well, in trying to mimicking God, the beast is revealed as having seven heads. Not exactly a holy thing.


  2. 1) Rolling a total of seven on the first roll of the dice is good. Not so good on subsequent rolls.
    2) The seven Oceans of the Sea
    3) Seven up Soda

    4)Sports Stars

    Baseball Uniform Number of Mickey Mantle, Hall of Fame Center fielder of the New York Yankees.
    Also Jose Reyes, player for my favorite team the New York Mets.

    I think it was also the number of English Football star David Beckham.

    5) From my iPod:

    Iggy Pop, Clannad, Traffic, Melanie, Santana, Scandal, Lou Reed.

    I guess I can’t add any singers or groups whose names have seven letters. 🙂

    Last Names:

    Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, Leon Redbone, Cowboy Junkies, JD Souther, Jeff Buckley, Judy Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Marie Brennan, Lori McKenna, 10.000 Maniacs, Paul Robeson. Roy Orbison, The Rascals, Otis Redding, Pat Benatar.


  3. You guys need a hobby. I hope this aint’ it. Hey, how about “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”? I hate that musical. Maybe it’s because of the Satanic implications. I’d hate to see their kids.


  4. I usually get up at 7.

    No wonder I experience a fresh infusion of self-righteousness.

    beatles with no definite article. awwwwwwwyeeeaahahh.


  5. The number “seven” written out in the English language only has 5 letters…what do you make of that?

    “trust me – when you hear the word.. ‘million’? you don’t really appreciate it for what it actually IS”

    I would REALLY appreciate it if a Million dollar bills wre given to me…

    7 times 😀


  6. J – 3 (Trinity), 12 (Apostles, amongst so many other 12’s) and 40 (Four generations of Ten) certainly do have some very nice ‘significances’ indeed J – I am certain you could enlighten me further on these but for now i will just point out that 3 x 4 = 12 and 7 + 5 = 12 and leave it there for the present. 🙂

    Oh – Please don’t forget that Jesus (74) + Christ (77!!) = 151 which totals 7! and since you doubted the perfect number by way of ‘reference’ Christ was Perfect to the ‘righteous’ (‘positive side of a Graph)
    Lucifer – God’s Brightest Angel – who turned against God and was cast ‘Down’ (Negative – because he was ‘left’ ;-)) is 12+21+3+9+6+5+18 = 74 – a similar ‘quantity’ but opposite in ‘direction’ (sign) to Jesus!

    Some call Lucifer the Devil… 4+5+22+9+12 = ?
    52 5 + 2 = 7! – ‘perfect’ Evil.

    There just might be something to God’s ‘Code Book’ of letters(26) and numbers(0-9) huh? It has a definite logic about it – if you look from an open perspective…. and can Add UP! 🙂

    God works perfectly in His entire Plan, J Good AND Bad – His ‘ruler’ measures them all out.


  7. Heya Ed – how’s the eye and mind opening going with you? 🙂 well, I trust (did you see my request on One D’s blog?) 🙂

    You have given me a great deal of ‘material’ there my fine young Friend and some really positive ‘sevens’ ! ( Yes 7 was Beckham’s (7 letters in Beckham totalling 14(be) 14(ck) and 14 (am) with an 8 (h) making 50. 7 + 5 = 12 David = 40 Robert (Fine name that!) his second given name totals 78 and Joseph (Wonderful name) totals 73. 78 and 73 (the two names no-one ‘knows’ ) total 151 (= 7 where did i see that number recently?) and 50 151 and 40 total 241 ! 2 + 4 + 1 = ?? surprise! – Seven – Yep! Beck’s is a Perfect 7 alright!) Curiously i think now he is in the US he plays under number 23! = 5 … + 7 equals 12! There is something special about 7+5 no doubt in my mind at all.

    12 positive or negative? well.. that all depends on your perspective, i guess? 😉

    I gotta ask though… 7 UP? Great name but Eeeewww! 😉

    Hi Big C – what was satanic about 7b’s47b’s??

    Apart from the scriptwriting and acting?? 😉

    This isn’t a hobby! – yet 😉


  8. #7 🙂 I may just test you to that one day … on the proviso you COUNT each and every single one – with me 😉

    19+5+22+5+14 = 65? (11) = 2
    plus Five? (=7 😉 )
    6+9+22+5 = 42 (6?)

    So 2 sixes would be? 12?
    So Seven plus Five totals Twelve (87) 8+7=15 1+5= 6!

    Twelve ‘derives’ from the number 6 and six is between 5 and 7 – it is ‘the average’ of those two numbers.

    Six perfectly segments a full circle (like the face of a clock for example).
    Divide the six segments in ‘half’ and you have 12 – the number of hours on the clock face (clocks have two hands – like us 😉 ).
    take the number of ‘fingers’ on one hand (5) and times this by twelve gives you SIXty – the number of minutes and seconds on the ‘small hand’.

    Why divide the six by two to get 12 hours?

    This is a circle – circles are perfectly symmetrical – two mirror images ‘down the middle’.

    A day has 24 hours (for us today – minus a little under four minutes by the sun, but i can explain that later if we need to).
    These are ‘evenly split’, ideally, into 12 Dark and 12 Light – Night and Day. (So a ‘day’ can be either 12 or 24 hours long).
    The Day is ‘split’ again into 6 hours before ‘Noon’ and 6 hours afternoon as the Sun both rises and sets in any one ‘day’.

    6 is the ‘key’

    6 days did He Labour and on the Seventh… He rested (moved/worked not!)

    God is Nothing – if not Perfectly Symmetrical (Scriptural references anyone??) Seemingly contradicting this is the fact that the world of nature (God’s Nature) is mostly pretty much ‘Odd’. (Try counting most flower petals to see what He means! 😉

    For example, He is One and He is Three and He is Perfect (7 -third generation FulFILLed) – all definitely Odd… wouldn’t you say? 🙂 and those numbers are PERFECTLY symmetrical…

    3…..1 1 1
    5…1 1 1 1 1
    7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


  9. “His ‘ruler’ measures them all out.”

    Can you email me a copy of the ruler? I lost mine.

    I once read a hilarious paper in which numbers were manipulated in the ways that you are and they came up with Gandhi was simlutaneously the second coming and the antichrist. They did a bunch more stuff like going through Moby Dick with this numerology gobbledy gook and finding all sorts of confirmation of historical events.

    I’m sorry, love, if you can make Satan come out to 7 too, don’t you think that there is a problem with this whole idea of establishing significance through the arbitrary manipulation of numbers?

    Somebody who gives a crap please back me up on this Ouija board goofiness.


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