A game of Tag (or Pure Joy, as i would name it!)

With Friends like mine – who needs enemies ( No! – Really? Who NEEDS enemies??) (Think about it carefully people, the answer is NOT immediately obvious)

One who shall remain forever nameless (THANKS Chris! – Sharp Iron) has ‘tagged’ me and i stupidly agree to play before i knew the rules.

Here are the Rules of Tag:

Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

a) I am an only child (of Dad’s second marriage – i have three step-siblings) This fact is a little ‘random’ but not all that weird. It is a fact that i quite like!  and am truly begining to appreciate recently);

2) I won a church sponsored ‘Knowledge of the Bible’ contest at the age of 7 or 8. That was one of the very few times any Major Religion or ‘organised/recognised’ church gave me anything for ‘free’ (it was a certificate) and I ‘avoided’ the Bible in favour of a good university larned edumacation for about the next 22 years or so when i began ‘dabbling’ a little in it for personal ‘interest’.

c) I attended a free “Revelation Seminar’ by the Seventh-Day Adventist ‘church’ shortly after i began ‘dabbling’ again. I scored a free bible (with great dictionary and concordance) and a free book ‘Daniel and the Revelation’. Since you don’t get anything for nothing i donated me a donation once i had completed the seven week course).

4)  Around this time love reared its ugly head and i felt myself the luckiest man on Earth to love and be loved by what i believed (since childhood days) to be my ideal of a true  ‘goddess’. She was Roman Catholic (practicing) and recently divorced and a beautiful blond and an older ‘experienced’ woman – i thought all my Christmas’s had come at once. I moved heaven and earth to ‘overcome’ numerous mountains that were in the way of our marriage in a church and after much opposition (by ‘authorites’ secular and rligious and much sneaky work against them by myself) we set a date and made ALL arrangements for our impending matrimony (my second, her second – nice balance). She was attempting to ‘change me’ in many ways – some of which i went along with out of love (and perhaps a certain ‘fear’ of losing her).

 e) Three weeks before the wedding my wife-to-be’s darling only child daughter ( from hell!) finally pushed her desire for total control over the ‘edge’.. She attacked her mother Physically (she was 13 at the time and this was by no means the first such attempt but was the first since i had been on the scene) and almost scratched my Fiancee’s eye out leaving a one inch scar under her eye. When i saw what she had done and saw the look of sorrow in my F’s eyes because she thought the scar would show everyone on her wedding day what had happened i just lost it. The Daughter hid and tried locking herself in the toilet – i smashed the door it off it’s hinges! I told her to apologise to her mother. The look of pure venom in her eye ( she’s 13 folks!) as she spat the single word NO! back at me did not help my rage any. I slapped her legs “Apologise!” – NO! This happened 3 times (this was the early 90’s in Aus – you could still discipline your children and not be thrown in jail for using ‘force’ back then, fortunately for me! Hey, i am not proud of this episode but i was definitely ‘only human’ at this point in time.) I called the police myself and said if they did not get here fast there might very well be a case of child homicide. This girl had previously that night tried to attack me with a fork  (i am twice her size) and i was almost ready to kill her, and hence the call to 000. The police came and so did her father and he took her for a time.

6) A short time afterwards, my F’s mother, who had liked me in the beginning and compared me favourably with Prince Charles??? (She was old school and admired Royalty) accused me of wanting to marry this woman (her daughter) for money and not for Love. I asked F’s thoughts on this and asked her to set her mother ‘straight’. She was not able to do this (respect your mother and all) and i said if you thought like your mother thinks – the wedding (due in 3 weeks) is OFF! – could you please tell your mother her belief is untrue? She couldn’t so i called the wedding off then and there.  We remained friends for a time but it was never going to be ‘comfortable’ and we agreed it was best i move out and a couple of months later we had no other contact. Apart from just once. I had again found ‘love’ and went back to see if bridges burnt could be ‘restored’. We chatted quietly and had both changed a lot and i realised i had had a ‘lucky’ escape. Burned bridges (in this case) were never restored – her choice.

G)  I have found True Love – at Last!    ❤   ❤   ❤

ok – now THEY were ‘weird’ and probably a little too much info for y’all – or maybe not? 😉

Darla – Overcomer

Robert – SirRobertsWorld

Jared – Concerned Christian

Matt – One who is becoming Whole again.

Jodie – jodie’s blog

Brett – brett’s blog

 i’m just wild about Harry – brightshinyobject



  1. She was hiding in the toilet?

    Why didn’t you flush here???

    A fork?

    She tried attacking you with a fork?!

    You just can’t trust teenagers with utensils anymore!


  2. every word is True Tam – a very sad event (in some ways – good in others 😉 ) but at least i lived to tell the tale 🙂

    And it’s hard to ‘flush’ when the door is locked and you are on the outside in a furious rage trying to get in! 🙂


  3. Bad seed? mean – but extremely perceptive! lol

    As soon as she was 18 she dropped her mum like a hot potato and ran off to Japan to teach English for big bucks – she married a local and lives there and sees her mum rarely last i heard (about 10 years after she helped break her Mum and I apart) Lucky thing for her mum if you ask me – her mum was sad fat and single when i last saw her and she had found God for company 0 and still had her mum too of course. Ces’t la Vie! 🙂


  4. I often think about the “what if’s”…ya know, just to freak myself out for fun!

    But I can’t imagine being anywhere else than I am today – Had i stayed on any other path with different people I have no idea where or who I would be now… Crazy thoughts!


  5. Chris? you can’t count man? Or are you tied up in one dimensional thinking over there bro…

    It’s all there in it’s proper order if you look with the right set of eyes and both halves of your brain! – exercise and expand your mind Man – This IS the Third Millenium after all – you don’t want to stagnate and die do you??

    Better if you don’t choose to do it with hallucinogens or any pharmacological paraphernalia in my humble opinion. 🙂

    Love is the Drug for me! ( Bryan F, i believe??? 😉 )


  6. hey i posted my 7 strange and wierd thing! One Please don’t see me as a Pharisee..because that is not “Fair-u-see”, I am a radical disciple of Jesus, and “Freaks-r-us”. Love ya Love..you are very deep and sometimes it takes a small mind like me digest what you write and then respond.LOL I am okay with that, are you?


  7. Morning Darla! Oh that ego of yours 🙂 (i would NEVER say that you were a Pharissee – NEVER!)

    I know Who is in your Heart and the good works you do and True Faith you have (i guess they did too but i don’t see any resemblance.)

    My comment on your blog was intended to raise the Awareness (of all who read it not just you OK?) of the many, many ways God speaks to ALL of us – not just those who read and follow Scripture (hopefully not to the exclusion of ALL of God’s Works He gave BEFORE Scripture was written down for man in book form. We were around before The Book don’t forget, and after the ‘flood’. Many souls were alive and saved before Moses. God had (Natural) ways of ‘instruction’ back then that have not changed in the mean time. (If we only had Nature to ‘read’ and no other man to confuse us we would still find our Way to Him if we just listened and watched and learned His ways from Nature- His Rules are as clear there as they are in The Book (for Some!) There is an ‘easier’ Way now for those who choose Him (yes folks – that would be Jesus I am referring to) but many so-called christians who are still ‘captive’ to the many deceits of their own ego’s turn people (like my father for instance) AWAY From Him not encouraging all TO Him!

    Our ego’s are, in one way, a VERY ‘fragile’ thing and we ‘bruise’ VERY easily by way of it/them ( we have many inside ) (Ahhh! – now i gotcha J! 😉 ) and i hope my comment in no way hurt you Darla – it was intended solely from Love and concern that you not only have His Word in print form but also in what Beauty you see every day, Smell every day, Feel or Touch every day and Hear (in your Heart) every day from Him to support and reinforce in you your readings.

    Can you understand what i meant fully now?

    As for the comments missing words? I can assure you it is NONE of my doing – there appears to have been some interuptions in the blogsphere lately and it affects me also.

    I can suggest you copy everything you write (highlight with mouse then CTRL c) before you post it and put it into either a notepad or text editor file (CTRL v) and save that – then you don’t have to retype! 🙂

    Don’t forget if something disappears after you send it try CTRL Z as this will return what you last had on your screen (i think it is a ‘buffer’ recall?)

    Hope that helps understanding between us D

    (I again sought His Help and Strength to be added to yours last night 🙂 )



  8. Darla, my email also has this ‘copy’: 🙂

    ‘hey i posted my 7 strange and wierd thing! One Please don’t see me as a Pharisee..because that is not “Fair-u-see”, I am a radical disciple of Jesus, and “Freaks-r-us”. Love ya Love..you are very deep and sometimes it takes a small mind like me digest what you write and then respond.LOL I am okay with that, are you?’

    ‘Read and digest’? – that is very ok with me Darla – providing i don’t give you ‘indigestion’ or gas! lol 🙂

    If some more words are missing – i don’t have them?? sorry.


  9. All is good…cyber space has not been playing nice lately, thanks for your tips. I am not hurt,, and that is not ego…really enjoy your comments. I will try to to post later today..waiting for your freaky friday. Have a good sleep Love, I have to get moving and go drive the bus in the cold! 🙂 nice sunrises though


  10. D – we may have different understandings about what is and is not ‘ego’ – that can be resolved if required later 😉

    I love the sunsets over here (when some clouds are around, makes it more interesting – more ‘breathtaking’ – at the palette’s He has drawn for us to admire and feel Joy in) that is the start of my ‘Day’ and a perfect time to listen to His Word – if we can relax and let the cares of our busy daylight time fade down into nothingness.

    The smaller we become the more room for Him inside 🙂

    I had planed a ‘doozy for this week’s freaky Friday but i may need a little more time to ‘say it just right – so perhaps next Friday will be ‘special’ For now i’ll do something more easily relatable for others to understand – i Hope?? 🙂


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