Freaked out Friday

Well TGIF again! and for some reason Music is filling my mind and heart ( you’re in My Heart , you’re in my Soul… Rod Stewart)

I am typing the following words solely from memory and modifying one here and there to better show what the True Meaning really was… You may have heard it before ( I sure had but I think this says it Juuuuuust Right!

See what you all think?  Feel free to comment – ok?


Do I begin,

To Tell the Story

of How GREAT a Love can Be?

The Sweet     Love Story,

That is Older than the Sea,

The Simple Truth about

The LOVE He brings To ME,


Do I Start?


With His First “Hello!”

He Gave The Meaning to this Empty  World of Mine.

There’d never BE another Place

another Time,

He Came into My LIFE

and Made the Living Fine.

HE Fills My HEART!…

 HE Fills My Heart,

With Very Special Things;

With Angel’s Song,

With WILD Imaginings.

He Fills My Soul,

With SO Much JOY!


I’m NEVER Lonely!

With HIM around…

Who could be Lonely?

 I Reach for His Hand….


It’s ALWAYS There!


How Long can It Last?

Can Love be measured by the Hours in a Day?

I have NO Answers now,

But this much I can Say…

I Know I’ll NEED Him

Till the Stars all Burn Away.

And HE’LL Be There…

And He’ll BE There!

And He’ll Be THERE!

 (Apologies to Mr Andy Stewart!)

(STEWART?? I meant Andy Williams!)

(Please can i have some Milk and COOKIES!? lol)


Now just imagine Andreas Bocelli belting that out in the Musical, GG and I willl be producing!!! 🙂




  1. WOW, you impress me Love dear….So how many acts does this need to be. I’m thinking outdoor nature like musical…..hmmmm Still need that title…Andreas Bocelli???? I thought you were going to sing!!!!! Mornin!


  2. Well I’m glad at least ONE person ‘got it’ -I knew it would be you Debs 😉 Thanks for the comment. Umm acts? I dunno, never really worked on a musical before… 13’s ‘unlucky’, would 12 be too many? , 10? Seven? – that would be ‘perfect’ lol (one for each day of the week too) 😉
    3 would not really be enough i feel, but at least i’ve narrowed it down for you 🙂
    Outdoor Nature – very important – I was wondering about doing an entire one with the Word of Mouth Album – 10 songs – maybe that might be another project?
    Naturally, I would sing – i have a Beautiful Tenor voice (a-Hemmm) I just thought Andy needed the work – we have not heard enough of him lately and there is something about the Blind leading the blind that appeals to my sense of humour. 😉

    Morning/evening to you dear one!


  3. Love this LOVE!

    You and Deb so totally need to put something together! How sweet! I’ll be the set designer 🙂
    Can we do it in Aus tho??? That would be best I’m sure 😀

    Good morning!!!8)


  4. Ha, Seven is a good number, although eight is the number of new beginnings….hmmm… Actually I have a confession. When I said that originally, I was thinking of the old song, Gigi, am I a fool without a mind or have I merely been to blind to realize…..REMEMBER THAT ONE????? I love old musicals. Anyway, I’ll start on our right away, actually Tam writes beautiful music so we definately need her in the middle of the mix!

    Also, when you write to me, I find that if I lower my voice and do my best Aussie accent it mysteriously becomes clear! LOL Love you Love and glad you’re up and about….Having a spot of tea?


  5. Seven is a great number! It’s the number of fingers my Uncle Buck the logger has left 😯

    Deb, you and I need to sing together again – so write a duet int his act will ya!


  6. LOL Debs – without a word of a lie.. at the second i read “Having a spot of tea?” I was in the act of swallowing it! 🙂 ( as today is the ‘Sabbath’ ( Saturday ) it has some ‘sacrificial wine’ ( OK Scotch actually – a thing we always did as a family on Christmas Day as a ‘treat’ 😉 in it – really warms the heart up let me tell you ! 🙂 )

    I think we probably need Tam and her other half to help set up the sound/music just right! Would you be IN IN Worship? 🙂

    You Girls and your Aussie accents – I LOVE it giggle.

    Oh and Tam… seven is the number of Toes Cousin Luke has on each foot, right from an early age he could count to 28! – if he took off his shoes and socks 😉 lol

    Aus would be GREAT place to ‘start’ – The Sun rises here way before it does there on any given ‘day’ and we have such wide open spaces – we could seat Thousands and Thousands out here (and I don’t have to pay the airfare either! – win-win! 😉

    Ok – music, sound taken care of ( sort of ) what else/other expertese do we need? Anyone? 🙂

    GG am i a fool…?

    Nice reminder 😉


  7. Ok, all i need is a title or theme, then I can get started….

    Nice Christmas tradition! Jer and I usually have a little warm up as well on Christmas day…he’s Norwegian so we enjoy things like Ludafisk and Lefsa around the holidays as well….

    Ok, back to task at hand….theme?


  8. A Name? Hmmmm…

    Names are not things to be taken lightly – such a project needs some consideration and mutual agreement!

    Will think a while and make some suggestions later Hmmmm a name…

    You and Jer take good care Debs 🙂


  9. Musical Names?

    Cats? Death Becomes Her? Maybe Tam could think of better ones? 🙂

    GiGi? God’s Gal Sal?

    Fool On The Hill? Anyone Who Had A Heart?

    To Dream The Impossible Dream?

    I need to come up with something more Original.

    Original Sin???

    Help Me Here People??? 🙂


  10. Deb’s is the Author She suggested an ‘outdoors/Nature theme in Australia..

    How about “From UsHere, With Love”?

    “Love – the Musical” ? – Title and first review all rolled into one!

    basically the theme and naming rights are still ‘open i think Tam – don’t feel limited!

    Let your Imagination Run Free.

    “Born Free”? – Nahhh. 😉


  11. OH! For all you late owls or people with PVR’s… My HOME TOWN is on the Air (literally) today and tomorrow. If you want to see what my side of Paradise looks like then catch the Red Bull International Air Race round/qualifying this weekend (on Late if live) You won’t regret the scenery/weather, believe me!

    Have i ever lied to you??? 🙂

    Don’t Answer That! 🙂


  12. “Born to Love”

    “Live to Love”

    “Love On The Go” Huh???

    “I Didn’t Do It!”

    “It Happened One Night”

    “Freedom Writers”

    “Mother Nature – Father Love”

    “Who Bit The Apple?”

    “The Devil Made Me Do It” 😕

    “If I Only Had A Name”

    “Where’s The Love?”

    “Sowing The Seeds Of Love”

    i’ll work on more later….


  13. I really haven’t a clue what you are talking about or what the hell it is that you are trying to do but I am bored. So…..

    For your fans, how about “I’m In the Mood for Love”?

    Or conversely, “Love Stinks”?

    Hope I could be of help.


  14. LOVE STINKS? – I don’t get it? 🙂

    ( For those who joined ‘late’ )…

    We’re trying to come up with GOOD names for our new Musical God’s Gal is starting to write and i wanted to help produce.

    Love Hurts?

    I actually thought given Deb’s theme suggestion of outdoors/Nature that it might be …


    Or You Take My Breath Away?

    Oh there’s some DEEP stuff goin down here.

    Like your work Tam! Some creative and ‘tempting’ titles there 🙂

    (Love STINKS?? What’s THAT all about?….mutter mutter mutter mumble… )

    J – mucho points for originality? but they really don’t GRAB me if you know what i mean? 🙂


  15. Morning Debs 🙂 You’re all in my thoughts! Let Him be your strength today. (Surprised in a nice way to see you here this beautiful Aussie morning 🙂 )

    Who bit the apple…. ‘EVEn In the Quietest Moments?’

    I liked Mother Nature, Father Love quite a lot too. Stll think ‘Love, The Musical’ has something going for it – but i may have a bias 🙂


  16. My hubby and I decided to stay home…he’s having an extrememly difficult time, and couldn’t go back to watch her deteriorate for another couple days…now we’re dealing with the guilt…God will help us work through all of this…just keep praying!!! Ash responded to you on FC…..mellowed out a bit….Love you Love…I’ll check in with you later!


  17. “Take My Breath Away”???

    Hmmmm, well Deb already has an original song for that title! 😀

    I like “Mother Nature – Father Love”

    It just makes me giggle!

    But so does “Love Stinks”



  18. We’re talking about the J. Geils Bands song “Love Stinks” Here are the lyrics for you Love 😀

    You love her
    But she loves him
    And he loves somebody else
    Ya just can’t win
    And so it goes
    Till the day you die
    This thing they call love
    It’s gonna make you cry
    I’ve had the blues
    The reds and the pinks
    One thing’s for sure

    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah

    Two by two and side by side
    Love’s gonna find you yes it is
    Ya just can’t hide
    You’ll hear it call
    Your heart will fall
    Then love will fly
    It’s gone that’s all
    I don’t care what any Casanova thinks
    All I can say is
    Love stinks

    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah

    I’ve been through diamonds
    I’ve been through minks
    I’ve been through it all
    Love stinks

    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    Love stinks
    Love stinks yeah yeah

    Love stinks

    Not very deep lyrics – but a great song nonetheless!


  19. Love you Love…the beat to that song goes duh duh, duh duh, duh duh, duh duh… then someone in a real deep aussie voice that sounds like he’s suckin in his breath say….love stinks…it’s pretty awesome…cyber hugs


  20. Iguess we’ve all been there at one time or another when what we thought of as ‘Love’ turned around to bite us on the Bum!

    Most of us here on Earth are into love for all we can get out of it – not for what we can put in… and i did NOT mean that the way some out there in blogland/cyberspce could read it either!

    At least i don’t think i did??

    Love, does NOT – ‘tink’! 🙂

    The Human in us is what really is ‘on the nose’.



  21. “Tammy? did you see GiGi’s and my last comments on previous post – war on error?”

    I just checked it – am I suppose to note the “farty penguins”? Y’all are weird! How did you even get on that one?!

    Deb, “that song goes duh duh, duh duh, duh duh, duh duh”

    I’m still cracking up – that’s hysterical! Good one!


  22. Got it in one – and the reference to ‘Mr Mullet’?

    How could you NOT love him in it?? – ok maybe not now huh? 😉

    and Farty came from Deb’s asking me if ‘fairty’ was a word over here ! – Nice one Debs 🙂

    Love ya both 🙂


  23. Just popped in to say nite nite…..While this half of the world sleeps, could you please come up with the title…I really want to get crackin on this tomorrow….thanks love *BIG YAWN* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  24. Night D!

    welll… i do think i’d love to produce a version of Word Of Mouth – The Musical but i need to sort that one out with Mike Rutherford first – don’t want no copyright trouble!

    So assuming we are coming up with all original work to let your Talents best Shine out D – how about….

    With ALL My Heart?

    or for a truly ‘catchy’ title – Tick! ( as in Tick Tock)

    Body and Soul? (may need to check copyrights again?)

    To be truthful am not really comfortable about having the title as the ‘starting point’.

    I am more of an ‘ideas’ man and put thoughts about what it is i want to say that is important for others to hear down first then see what titles ‘encompass’ all the ‘primary’ ideas.

    It’s kind of a ‘male’ thing i am feeling? – for obvious reasons! 😉


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