War On Error – Second salvo!

A little while back i wrote the first salvo …


 Here are a couple of ‘Rules of Engagement’: 

1. Never read More than is Written! – don’t add your own ‘stuff” to what you read while you read it and in so doing alter the message erroneously.  Make sure you read exactly what a thing says without spelling or punctuation or grammatical mistkes or typo’s that mislead from the real meaning in the message. Remember that to err is Human and this includes authors, typesetters, translators and yes You the reader. ( not forgetting the ‘proof’-reader of course ) 🙂

 I once found THREE factual errors  (not entirely due to typos) just on page 1 of the Guinness Book of World Records 50th Anniversary edition and tried to contact them to ask for the proof-reading job – I assumed they would have had one – for a book of supposed FACTS and all?

Words can and frequently do have more than a single meaning and sometimes are meant to be able to be read in more than one ‘sense’ – but focus and get ONE message at a time before going back over things to reveal other hidden meanings – otherwise it is easy to become confused in your own mind. We don’t incorporate multiple meanings all that well internally. Not all at once anyways.

 Not without lots and lots of practice.

2. Learn when and HOW to read between the lines. Apparent contradiction to Rule Number 1 or so it would at first glance seem? When reading what someone else wrote it is firstly important to read what they actually ‘said’. Then the way they said it – was it said seriously or tongue in cheek? Or in Jest, lighthearted or was there deeper intent behind the words.

It is then necessary to try to understand what they actually Meant! Reading ‘between’ the lines to get the actual intent/purpose of the writing/author.

This also takes lots of practice and you can never really be sure, without spending time in the Authors head for a while, just what was really behind the intent. Let it speak to you as your current understanding allows, but don’t ‘add’ what was not intended to be added, or miss what was meant to be passed on.

 It can be so hard for humans to communicate their own thoughts to others the way they think them – We as readers are just not built to be able to fully accept the thought of another person – ‘specially not by reading words or listening to them sometimes either.

 We attach different ‘influences’ on words and we all do that differently. Kind of stuffs the whole thought transfer around.

 Still – What other choice have we got??? If we have something to say instead of listening to what someOne is telling us?

Peace 🙂



  1. You know I’m glad you brought this up, I was hoping to go into more detail about the ’76 Steelers and how those late season injuries really hurt them.


  2. As long as we are out here in non-sequitur land, here is a posting from Tom In The Box, a humorous, lighthearted blog for hardcore Calvinists. like me.

    (In my best Leslie Nielsen) I love laughing….
    09 JULY, 2007
    Cable Company Goes TBN 24/7 for Delinquent Customers
    Knoxville, TN- Cable Pro of Knoxville has for years had to put man hours and money into the problem of cable company clients who were delinquent in their payments. The practice has traditionally been that cable customers who persisted in not paying their bills would, after three notices, have their cable service cut off until their account was settled. While this practice has been successful in rooting out non-paying customers, it still costs the company an estimated $60,000 per year in lost time, and man hours.

    But recently Cable Pro president, Larry Maezell experimented with a new idea that has so far been very successful. Now, instead of canceling a person’s service, or sending him or her repeated notices of delinquency, Cable Pro simply changes a customer’s subscription preferences resulting in his or her service becoming 24 hours of the Trinity Broadcasting Network on every channel.

    “It’s worked beautifully” said Maezell. “In the past we’d have to try and try to get in touch with the people who weren’t paying, try and get our man out there to cut off their service. It was just a big hassle. Now, they call us!”

    Cable Pro customer Chris Kjos was one of the first to experience Cable Pro’s new policy.

    “All I wanted to do was watch a little golf on Sunday afternoon” said Kjos. “I turned on my set and all I saw was this lady with big poofy hair singing. I just thought the cable company had switched up all the channels again. So I changed the channel, and it was the same thing on every channel. When I called the cable company they said I hadn’t paid up my bill in over a month.”

    Now, “like clockwork” customers who are behind on their payments for cable services usually call the company within 24 hours wondering what is wrong with their cable service, only to told that they must pay up if they wish to have any channels other that TBN.

    “This is the greatest idea we’ve had in a long time” said Maezell. “We’ve literally saved thousands of dollars. And last week when TBN ran the non-stop Benny Hinn marathon people were calling in so fast we couldn’t keep up.”

    While a number of cable customers have complained that Cable Pro’s practice amounts to “cruel and unusual” measures, Maezell has no plans to change.

    “The rule stands” he said. “Either pay your bill or all you’ll be watching is TBN, twenty-four-seven.”


  3. “This is the greatest idea we’ve had in a long time” said Maezell. “We’ve literally saved thousands of dollars. And last week when TBN ran the non-stop Benny Hinn marathon people were calling in so fast we couldn’t keep up.”

    Heyyy… these guys could really be ON to something!!! 🙂

    Calvinist? I’m More of a Hobbes’ fan myself 😉


  4. Ok folks… you heard it here first, probably…

    If you want free cable with programming you can TRUST… just don’t pay your bill!

    Hmmm… did i just point out the fault with that system??? 🙂

    Would enough people want to take advantage of that ‘offer’ to make it unprofitable???? Hmmmm…

    I’m beting not!


  5. I think it’s sad that TBN was chosen of all the stations to get on the customers last nerve to get them to pay their bill!

    What kind of message is that sending really? Christian broadcasting sucks (which in my opinion, ahem – TBN – uh-huh) it just adds to the negative air of Christianity that’s already out there…

    I can’t believe I wrote something w/out a “funny” in it!

    Something is clearly wrong with me!


  6. it is only a pasing thing i am certain Tam – we all need a time out now and then. 🙂

    I thought it was actually quite ‘funny’ in a sad kind of way 🙂 the ‘solution’ to defaulters but i get why you were saddened by it of course.

    is just a ‘sign of the Times Tam = many people turn away from the Word in favour of ESPN or similar ‘shiny things..Oooooooo…

    isn’t that right bso? 🙂


  7. I’m not sure what y..oooooommmmmfootballmmmmmmanotherPatriots/Coltscommentarymmmmmmm

    I am of a double mind regarding Tam’s rightful critique. You are correct, in that, perhaps, being gratuitously factuous is not a great witness. Nothing is wrong with you, your perspective is needed…to provide oppositional ballast to people like me.

    I know that I am nit-picky to the point of irritation of many people and I have, probably achieved chicken-little statue in your minds in the matter of false teaching, but whereas, somewhat rightly, people take a highly inclusive view of Christ’s regard for “The World”, they either ignore, marginalize, or relativize the immense number of passages on false teaching and its results.

    There are incorrect ways to worship. The word in Romans 1:18 translated as “ungodliness” is most usefully unfolded as “idolatry leading to false worship”. So as not to be correctly accused of prooftexting, I ask you also to look to John 4, which is usually perceived as profoundly inclusive. And in some ways this is correct. The promise to Abraham, that through him all nations will be blessed, in Genesis 15 is being realized. Many people from every tribe, tongue people, and nation. so beautiful.

    However, part of the language he is using is quite restrictive and a general rebuke of the 10 northern tribes whose already ungodly religion was finished off by the synergistic application of the activities of the Assyrians. Read 2 Kings 17, and please be concerned about the “they worshipped the Lord but served their own gods” passage. Worshipping in spirit and truth is Christ’s New Covenant clarification of all that Israel/the Saamaritans had relativized, personalized and watered down. He is still the same God. It is not “new” truth, there is no such thing.

    Sooooo, after that burdensome interlude, I ahve to say that saying TBN is (for the most part, I don’t know about all of it) as an institution, borderline heretical. For those in the world who may see this as factuous, it is unfortunate. But that tripe is deadly, and it worth saying so that we do not lie to the world about who our God is, as the priests who were returned to Israel by the Assyrians did.

    OK, let me have it.


  8. I’ve always wanted a chicken-little statue 😀

    Brent had read me that news article about the cable company quite awhile back and initially I thought is was pretty darn funny! “HA-HA – make the people watch big pink hair and ginormous gold rings on the very fingers pointing at you to send them more moola”

    Then I thought “Wait – TBN is representing us in that – eeewww!”

    Then I thought again, “How pathetic that that is the chosen channel to send people of a cliff in repentance for unpaid bills.”

    I understand the companies strategy – I think it’s brilliant – I’m just bummed that a “christian” network was used to cause misery…


  9. I so sorry to inform you in a semi-public setting, but, the “news” article is a joke. A site called “Tom in the Box” who does some very funny stuff, did it.

    I understand how you would not like the idea that it would be real, but is an in-house joke, so to speak.

    Not that it becomes any less miserable to us.


  10. NA-AAHHH! A Joke? The intent is still there – but wow! Good one!!!

    “I so sorry to inform you in a semi-public setting”

    I don’t mind J! 😀


  11. Sure. You may already know most or all of this.

    After King Solomon, Rehoboam and Jeroboam ended spliting the Kingdom. The northern Kingdom is known generally as Israel after that and the southern kingdom became known as Judah. The land of the tribes of Judah and Simeon comprised the southern kingdom, and the other 10 sons of Jacob had the Northern Kingdom. The Northern kingdom was, on the surface, behaviorally speaking, was much worse than the southern kingdom. The first 39 books of Isaiah are, for the most part, Isaiah’s call for the northern kingdom to repent. Of course they did not. And God used Assyria, not a great outfit in and of themselves, as a tool by which to, once again, bring his people to repentance. The Assyrians showed up, wrecked the joint, moved everybody elsewhere, and had their own people move in. You can read ther rest in 2 Kings 17, which I think is much of what we see in most Western Christianity right now, great apostasy in worshipping Jesus, but then, in actual praxis, serving their own gods. Everybody does it to a degree, but, seriously, look around…

    Anyway, as the history goes, Assyria brought a few Israelites back to teach them about Yahweh. They did a real limp-wristed, I-OK-yer-OK job. What was left became this religious mutt of a race (and I really do mean religious mutt) called the samaritans. These people would like if you bumped into a Nestorian today, which still exist in Asia, and they believe that Christ was actually two PEOPLE, not one person God/Man. Most of what we know teach and worship, including much of just reading the bible would have to be jettisoned. They were the unclean out at the edge of town to the Jews.

    So Jesus’ behavior to the woman at the well is highly, highly significant, as her incredulity shows. This was just not allowed, much less accepted. Jesus’ beautiful outreach, as it comes to all of us who are not of the physical branch of Abraham, is showing that, truly, the Kingdom of God has come. Someday read from Isaiah 6-9 with ears for hearing the proclaimation of holiness, ineveitable judgment, seed of hope in Isaiah 7:14 and on through to Isaiah 9, in which, our spiritual reality, and the eventual physical reality, is described. And do this thinking of Genesis 15, in which God will bless many from every nation through him. That is what Jesus is doing.

    ‘Salvation comes through the Jews’ as in Christ, but ‘you do not know what it is that you worship’ in that, their strange spiritual amalgam reslutant of 700 years of government driven paganism had only exacerbated the hereses which they had propogated quite nicely on thier own.

    Christ of course indicates that the life giving Spirit, hovering over the waters, shaping and upholding all physical life, is necesary for true worship. Witness the passages in the Pentateuch, or most frighteningly, Ezekiel, in which Zeke sees the Spirit of God leave the temple. But the truth, whether people like it or not, is not some esoteric “all truth is God’s truth” concept. Deuteronomy 30:1-6, Jeremiah 31:31-34, and Ezekiel 36:22-28 all speak of the conditions which God will make in those who are his, and the first two have to do with having God’s law upon your heart, a burden for things of God, a delight in his perfection, an awe and desire of his Justice, an ever growing understanding of the vastness and the complexity of his love, and more and more and more.

    Two side, but important notes: Look at Ezekiel 36:22. Why does God do these things? I am always very concerned if the fact that it is God’s own glory which is the primary motivating factor for all that he has, is and will ever do is not in a person’s understanding of the biblical gospel. and 2, think to the passage in John 3:5, and then apply the Ezekiel passage to it. The spirital water, which forgives sins, but the Spirit, who credits us with that which allows a just and holy God to forgive sinners at all, who gives us a heart which is now able to be in the presence ot God (Hence, Immanuel). Both are important, and both are biblical. Many people are currently denying the second one.

    The Samaritans did not worship what they knew. By the infinite power of Christ’s perfect sacrifice and resurrection, through the word of God and by the work of his Spirit, we can know what it is we worship.

    We can’t know without both, and both abundantly.

    (Cue fanfare, cut to sunset over the mount of Olives, run credits and spot for who’s on Leno)


  12. Thank you J, I knew some of that, not all..I appreciate the history lesson. Mention worship and my heart skips a beat, it’s what I live for!

    I’m going to tap on your two side notes for a sec. I haven’t heard, nor would I understand people (believers anyway) who deny the second scripture and your interpretation of it. It’s getting into the whole baptized by water and spirit which is essential for effective ministry and empowerment to undertand and discern God’s Holy Word. When John came baptizing with water he was very clear to the Jews, that it would not be enough. Matthew 3:11 is about the recieving the baptism of the Holy Ghost under the similitude of fire, that they all needed to receive from Jesus Christ. To me that is one needs to be born of water and Spirit of the Holy Ghost. When the Holy Ghost is represented as fire, it is meaning that He invades every part, soul, mind and spirit, of a man. Refining, purifying, and the removal of the dross. When it speaks of water…to me it is a refreshment, cleansing and purification of the soul. Both are represented, both are needed in order to have effective worship, ministry, and communion with God. That is just my understanding. People who want to deny the Spirit are still in “it’s about me” mode and have not fully understood or submitted themselves to the true being of God. I agree, we can’t know without both….and abundantly.

    “God’s law upon your heart, a burden for things of God, a delight in his perfection, an awe and desire of his Justice, an ever growing understanding of the vastness and the complexity of his love, and more and more and more.”
    Amen, brother, amen!


  13. bso – let you have it? I’m fairty sure you already have MOST of it?? 😉 If you are looking for rebuke – I got nuthin 🙂

    If you are looking for spiritual Wisdom and Love well, that might be a whole other story.

    Maybe a West Side Story?? 🙂

    Nah! – ‘sbeen done once.

    South Pacific? Barley High? The grass is always greener over Here?

    Sorry – more bright shinyooooooo….


  14. Love, is fairty an aussie word??? LOL

    Oklahoma? Naw, Mary Poppins II???? Tam would be the ulimate Mary Poppins…although I would love to dance with the penguins…sorry..off topic….more thinking….


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