Soul Mate.

The True Soul Mate, should you ever meet yours, is not the one who makes you feel perfectly happy all the time…

It is the one who is able to show you every flaw you possess in such a way, without you feeling any shame or hurt, as to make you want to fix them one by one.

To be a perfect match you must be able to do the same for them.

Transmigration of the Soul.





    • Isn’t it? 🙂

      There’s quite a bit of hidden meaning in there – kind of Alchemical even.

      I tried to find the artist but although there are quite a few versions of this on the net NO-ONE ever attributes credit to it’s original Author??

      Not so much a circle of life as an infinite loop! 🙂

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      • ooo….A mystery! How fun! 🙂 Have you solved the hidden philosophical meaning in this painting? I guess everyone can interpret it however they see it, but I’m sure the artist was responding to something though.

        I’ve learned that the symbol for infinity represented different things to different civilizations. For the Romans, it represented 1000? From this website:

        When and where do you think it was painted? Do you feel like it’s a modern piece or more from the enlightenment era? How certain colors were used can give more clues. I don’t think it’s from the impressionist era as their brush strokes were characterized in a certain way. I feel like the paint strokes in the back where the sky was have less detail drawing focus to the characters…

        My cousin enjoys taking me out to the art museum because she likes listening to my interpretations. Though Jackson Pollock isn’t quite the same experience. 😉

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        • Love a good mystery , me! 😉

          First things first – well second things actually. The infinity symbol we know today was first used in 1655 by John Wallis an English mathematician! The confusion with the site you linked is that the Etruscans (A pre-Roman society of Northern Italy) wrote 1000 as C I ⊃ (backwards C). It’s possible some in Northern Italy would have written 1000 as looking a little like the symbol we use today following on from their Etruscan ancestors but the Latin for 1000 is a capital M and i can’t see any Roman Emperors letting people get away with using 2 symbols for the same maths value? 😉 You can see connections between the Roman and Etruscan alphabet and number systems though with C being the value for 100, I for 1 etc. (That link you gave has tons of interesting stuff btw -who figures all that out??)

          But i digress… 😉

          I agree with you, the Artist definitely had information in mind when representing and creating this image. And it would have been of a spiritual/eternal life force nature i suspect. 🙂

          There are many polarities represented, light/dark, man/woman, young/old, birth/death, above/below and water/earth for example. And (s)he makes it obvious that these are cycles that repeat rather than things which have a separate beginning/ending.

          The lone human figure in the ‘stream of animals’that emerges and then re-enters the great Ocean/Sea implies that we have come from the same source as the Beasts but have not risen much above them and may again become as them in our fate – or rather our soul may have risen from a beast previously and may well return to one in some future life?

          From the drawing of the Lemniscate as an eternally flowing ribbon without end i assume this means the work was done after John Wallis associated Infinite (never-ending) with his symbol, although the word was taken from the Greek and Roman words for ribbon.

          The artist has aligned the position of the Sun with the centre of the Lemniscate which i take to mean that the Sun is the source ( and presumably the returning point) of the ‘infinite’ soul. We come from Light and our soul seeks return to the light. 😉

          It’s hard to tell from this small version but the figures have the realism of form i would associate with Early Renaissance artists like da Vinci or Raphael or Titian, but it could easily be more modern artists, possibly even 20th century ones, who chose their style to give the work the ‘authenticity’ of age??

          You’re right also – the figures and the mid-level images are meant to be what we focus on and pay more attention to details.

          As for Jackson Pollock most Australians are quite familiar with Him – or more specifically one of his works: Blue Poles. A massive abstract work of his from the 50’s

          Our National Gallery bought it in 1973 for a then massive A$1.95 million and the average punter thought their 3 year old could have done a better job and The ‘experts’ were nuttier than a trainload of pecans! 😉

          The same people are having to eat their words a little as it was last valued for insurance at over $350 million – a decent investment it seems? 😉

          I have an idea that going to a museum/gallery with you would be a most entertaining experience!

          Thanks Sa! 🙂

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        • Thank you SO much for the history lessons and Jackson Pollock trivia! 😀 I’ll be reading up on it later!

          The image of Roman emperors punishing people for using 2 different symbols for the same math symbol is making me laugh. 🙂 I’m just thinking about development of the metric standard vs. imperial standard. I recently read an interesting story involving a teacher who was from Iran. He cried when he moved to America as a young boy because apparently math notation was expressed differently! That really did surprise me…

          Repeating cycles rather than separate beginning/end… Almost as if humanity has a common thread. It actually reminds me something that my dad told me over our philosophical chats during Christmas. Human beings perceive initial experiences as being new even when it isn’t truly novel….I don’t think I’m articulating it well. Need to think some more! 🙂

          Beautiful interpretation though! Our soul seeking to return to the light… I can think of various stories from friends and my own life that can demonstrate that.

          Haha! My friends have discussed about about 3 year old children doing a better job at creating an artistic piece! Hm….well I think of young prodigies who play instruments well but haven’t experienced life the same way an adult has. The depth of emotion can be captured in the artwork by use of distinguishable techniques.

          Thank you again! 🙂

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        • I have THE most interesting and thought-provoking chats with you here! 🙂 I really enjoy the chance to exchange our thoughts!

          Hope your studies are going well!

          I was born into the UK imperials measurment and currency systems Both my home of the UK and my new adopted home of Australia changed over completely to the metric system while i was at school. I found it easy to change, my parents – not so much! 🙂

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        • Making a lot of progress with my studies for a tricky entrance exam! The test makers don’t go easy on you. Each of the sections of my prep book starts with a quote from Sun Tzu. It’s funny because I feel like I’m going to war using “aggressive algebra tactics”. 😉 I’m doing fairly well with reading comprehension, evaluating arguments, and improving on my data sufficiency questions. One issue I’d like to get better on is pacing and managing the time for each question. I’m noticing things I haven’t notice before, and content is interesting!

          It’s probably difficult to teach to someone who’s already set in their ways and opinions. I think I would really enjoy using the metric system… It’s actually a pleasant thought to work with zeros… 🙂


      • Oh! I did it again. Focused on the painting before the message. 🙂

        The topic of a soul mate fascinates me. I wondered if they were in your life to help you grow and develop which isn’t always necessarily happy. I once looked up the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame on Google. I was wondering if you ever heard of the term, “twin flame”.



        • Thanks for re-considering my post Sa! I’m happy for you to focus on whatever you like whenever you like so it’s all good! 😉

          No- i had not really paid any attention in my thinking (on the Soul and it’s connection to our current life) to the term ‘Twin Flame’ before but i’ve read the links now…. Hmmmmmm….???

          Mostly i have been equating the two terms into one but now you’ve given me pause for thought (yet again!) 😉

          Firstly, i’m no expert on the Soul! 😉

          My current feeling/kind of understanding, so, far is that each physical entity (am expanding beyond human/other living life form) has both a physical,, objective, tangible presence and a spiritual, intangible essence combined into one ‘being’. While the physical part can be separated into either male or female the spiritual part has both male and female characteristics with one, usually the same as the physical form, dominating. (But there is an ‘equality’, but difference, with the M/F spirit).

          It is this belief that makes it difficult to believe our Twin Flame would be the other ‘half’ of our Soul in another body.

          The Soul would be far wiser than my mind is and may indeed have very valid reasons in some cases for separating into two halves and those halves then occupying two bodies that may be able to control each one’s destiny so as to bring them together (why else would they go into separate bodies?) – I can’t say for certain though. 🙂

          I tend to think a lot of people tend to romanticise the ideas of soul mates and twin flames to suit their feelings of hope overcoming a loneliness – or a fear of loneliness more so than a genuine desire to understand their own soul and what it’s purpose is, that it may be trying to, but is being perhaps blocked from effectively, communicating to us!

          Basically i think it comes down to each one of us having to find out our truth for ourselves…. and not let Disney or Mills and Boon novels have too much influence on our thinking of the topics. 😉

          I did not actually give my post enough thought and rushed it a little.. i should probably post a ‘re-do’ soon-ish! 😉

          Thanks for your always interesting comments! 🙂

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  1. I once read that each of us humans are like polyhedrons. We can never connect with another person on all sides, but if we can connect on a few of the sides that bring us meaning in life, then we are are very lucky. I agree with you what you say here about a soul mate, and if a person found another where both connected on this side, both would be so enriched. It is very difficult to accept one’s flaws. We are all so defensive, and don’t even know it. The image is wonderful, where did you find it? I know you said the painter is unknown.

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    • Hi Carol! – Nice to see you back. 🙂

      Great thought! I’ve been thinking a little on this post and it was a little ‘huried’ and i made it too limited compared to what i wanted to say. There may be an improvemet ‘soon’ 😉

      I got the image from a Google search under ‘Soulmate’ But you get more under ‘Transmigration of the soul’. If you find the Artist i’d appreciate a head’s up! 🙂


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