Point to Ponder #7 – A Discrepancy

maths fail

From my personal observation of our world throughout it’s history the average human being* has been about as good at understanding and applying successfully to their life, all the principles of mathematics as they have been to those of Religion.

journo maths


* Not counting journalists – they are all useless at mathematics!


So just why is it that i frequently hear the thought expressed that we should all give up

Hobbes math-teacher

religion completely, while i never hear anyone suggesting we do the same for mathematics?

Personally,  i think that just because you don’t get it and have never managed to do it right yourself that does not give you the right to judge the whole concept and think others should not be practicing it till they can get it right, or for say, at least 50% of the time?

Neither does it give you the right to disparage or malign anyone’s attempt to try.

Religion is actually quite a hard thing to get as it goes against our weak, feckless human nature most of the time. It requires us to submit our will totally to God and most of us have egos that just don’t do submission all that Gracefully if at all.




Sadly, i include myself amongst the latter.






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