Let’s not forget…

Now the Olympics are over (and while the Paralympics are about to commence) there are Chinese citizens in jail solely because they desired simple human rights we believe all humans have the right to… it should not be a crime to express individual dissent.


  1. well shoot! i came over and was all excited to see your new design…then read the not so exciting post.

    oy. the emotions are too much for me.

    love you!

    love, me



  2. Leesh? Was that comment for the post? or the ‘new’ look? or both??

    Tam – i think He designed US to have Emotions – not the other way around. Emotions are intended to be for our benefit – if they get ‘too’ much our focus might need a little ‘readjustment’? maybe?

    love always 🙂


  3. true – true. emotions are from Him. and when they begin to dictate and rule us, instead of guide us…then yes, there is a problem.

    love always back at ya!


  4. mm. i agree with alece. it is outrageous. and sadly, even in russia, the “iron curtain” has already begun to come back down. countries with such influence as russia or china should have absolutely no reason or right to steal the rights of human beings.


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