What Am i Doing?

This may well be my shortest post ever…

…and the most important!

It has recently occurred to me…. i believe i am quite good at what i ‘do’!

What is far more important than being good at what you do is the answer to this question….

“is WHAT i do GOOD?”

(Good for Him as well as the rest of our planet and not merely my own self-worth or pride)

That’s a much harder question for me to answer.


  1. Please pray for my son. He suddenly got sick today without warning and has had a high grade fever for 3 hours. It’s now down to 101.5 but I’ve been fighting off 103 for him.


  2. Man don’t I ask that a lot. IS what I do what HE wants for me? Is it good in HIS eyes? I don’t know some days. Others days I feel I’ve done good by His standards.

    I tell you what I could have a whole conversation with you on this. THis exact topic is why I quit my stable career and left to work on the gifts He gave me. Leap of faith for me, but doing it because I was good at my career but it wasn’t good for me or His will. whew!


  3. I’m always up for a good conversation! 🙂 ( after i have dragged myself out of bed that is 😉 Hi Tamm!)

    I have noticed that i can be quite a ‘negative’ person some times – by which i mean i seem to ‘see’ all the negatives and the ‘wrongs’ in this world and grumble and rant about them while rarely knowing what if anything i can actually ‘do’ about them to ‘fix’ them.

    This goes against what i believe is the ‘good’ thing to do, which is to see a problem and be a part of the soution or to see and reinforce what is ‘right’ in the world, or in people and be a light for those things myself.

    Finding the right ‘vehicle’ for me to do that is the thing that,generallly, i see as the biggest ‘obstacle’ for me in doing what is ‘good’.

    I seem to be good at helping others and do so for those around me at every opportunity.. it just doesn’t quite feel like that’s ‘enough’?


  4. I think we are the worst critics in judging ourselves. If people smile when they see you, you are doing good. If people seek your company, you are doing good. If people ask for your advice, you are doing good. If people ask you to help them, you are doing good. If people are saying, “Thank You.” to you have have done something good.

    If people starting running away when you coming around that’s a good sign that you are not very helpful. If people spit at you, give you the finger, punch you in the nose, than you may want to rethink how you are acting.

    If you have faith than you know that God only let you know his judgment is when you die. You can’t know that judgment until then. Let the reactions of the people you share your world with be your best guide in knowing if your are doing good.

    I think you are making a great contribution to our blogging community.

    Before you can judge how you are doing you need to establish some standard to judge your results against. You can’t answer the question “Is what I am doing enough”, until you have established what “enough” is. You may not be starting with the right question.


  5. Correction:

    ‘If you have faith than you know that God WILL only let you know his judgement when you die. You can’t know WHAT that judgement is until you die.”


  6. Ed – i REALLY appreciate this feedback. Thank You! 🙂

    i also love a discussion that shares ideas and allows both participants to see a ‘wider’ view than each had on their own 😉

    i like the understanding that our own personal ‘bias’ can cause us to have a sometimes distorted (and sometimes a truthful) view of how we are REALLY doing (good, or not so) and thank you for your positive vote as to how i am doing 🙂

    The way i see the subject though… all those things you mentioned about people doing to let you know you have done something good, and all the ones people do to let you know you may not be doing so good are MOSTLY how God lets you know HIS ‘judgement’ on you.

    The exception being when someone gives you a negative (or indeed positive) more from how THEY are ‘doing’ at that point in time rather than a realistic reflection of your (my) action/progress.

    People of belief are told we will be judged ‘come Judgement Day’ after we die on earth but i believe God is ever-present and does not hide himself or His Will for us from us -rather it is we who make it hard for us to see what it is He wants – what His Guidance for us is.

    i believe it is actually within all of us and very few ever manage to ‘find’ it ‘perfectly’ and only do what He wants us to do. – But i believe we ARE required to seek it and conform ourselves to it if we are to make the most out of what we came to earth to do.

    i do agree that we are our worst critics ( we have little objectivity concerning ourself) but i also believe that what we feel in our heart is ‘Truer’ than what other people feel about what we do.

    Our Hearts are closer to God, our thoughts of our mind are closer to something ‘other’.

    Right now (and for most of my life so far) i have had the problem of deciding what that ‘enough’ is – you are quite right on that! 🙂


  7. “Our Hearts are closer to God, our thoughts of our mind are closer to something ‘other’.”

    When you use the word “heart” my interpretation is that you are talking about emotions. Decisions of the heart are based how we feel. We don’t analyze the situation, or problem, our action is based solely on how we feel. You believe that God is communicating to you through your heart? Therefore, if you act based on how you feel, and you have achieved some perfect state of understanding of God’s intentions, than your decision will be the right one?

    Are you talking about trying to improve your communications with God to point that you will unerringly know what God’s judgment is?

    Are you talking about trying to reach a perfect understanding of God intentions when he guides you?


  8. Hi Ed,

    First off i would like to apologise to you.

    You asked some great q’s on a post some time back and i spent around an hour or so writing my replies and when i hit Submit i realised i had lost the isp link and the entire post was lost to the aether! I did not have the heart to repeat the whole thing that day and shortly after that was my ‘flu when i did not have the energy or will to blog – this comment just reminded me about it so – sorry!

    When i use the word Heart in this context i mean a ‘more’ emotional (more ‘expansive’) kind of ‘thinking’ but i don’t mean just ’emotion’, no.

    Science shows us the Heart (and likely most of our organs/body) actually possesses it’s OWN ‘neural network’ similar in structure to the Brain’s – the human brain is not something we can take in isolation as just the body’s processing unit of information. All neural paths in it are connected to other localised networks and are used as a ‘Whole’. Science has not actually declared this, or realised it as such, but i believe it is the way things are and science might ‘catch up’ sometime this century. 🙂

    So when i say our Heart, i mean if we can all learn to place a greater awareness in our consciousness of the way our heart processes and stores information and less upon the way our brain does, we will be doing what He intended, what He ‘wants’. That our Hearts ‘think’ more along the lines of a Universal Unifying ‘force’ to all things way of being than does the seat of our individual identities, our body’s earthly based persona of the ‘Self’.

    The mind (sort of equivalent to the brain), which contains our individual personality, ‘distorsts;’ our understanding of the Universe while our Hearts are more open and less selfish – we give from our hearts – we take with our mind!

    I think we should spend more time ‘out’ of our tiny little minds 🙂

    And more time ‘within’ our Heart.

    Does that seem remotely ‘plausible’ to you??

    By the way, most emotional activity is regulated by and controlled from within our Brain – not our Heart. The emotions are deeply tied to our personality/mind.

    i won’t at this point, for the sake of clarity, go into the concept of Chakra’s and sources of energy levels located at various places within our body. 🙂


  9. Love, many of the people who know me say I spend most of my time “out of my mind”. 🙂

    I agree that for some decisions we are better off not doing a lot of analysis, we should just go with how we feel in that moment. Decisions about which songs to buy?, what clothes to wear?, Am I in love? I trust the emotional side of my brain to make these decisions.

    For decisions involving my financial budget, who should I vote for, which product would best meet my needs, I go through an analytical process. I examine evidence, I seek advice from “experts”, I do research on the Internet, or in books. I don’t trust the emotional side of my brain for theses decisions.

    Is it your goal to rely on God’s guidance in all matters. That you want reach the point where you will not need to go through any analytical thinking, such as reading the bible, or prayer, to know what God’s guidance, or his judgment of your decision, is? You will receive God’s guidance, and judgment, through your emotions, your feelings?


  10. Hi Ed, good questions and i thank you for helping me understand my own thinking as you seek to understand better my own for yourself.

    For a long time, during my school years and beyond, i was a ‘believer in Science’ – a ‘rationalist’ – someone who pooh-poohed the thought that Faith was a ‘better’ thing to follow than ‘common- sense’ and empirical observation and scientific investigations.

    But as i matured – a few things began to shake my ‘faith’ in Science and the Scientific ‘Method’ i started to see the sort of flaws in it that as a scientist i used to see in the thinking of those of faith.

    The primary one being… Science mostly ‘dissects’ a thing – takes it apart to see what it is and ‘why’ it works the way it does. As an example… if a certain plant is known to have a beneficial medical benefit to a human illness Scientists tend to de-construct the plant to find out the ‘active’ ingredient’ and then synthesise this to gain the ‘benefit’ and eliminate all the ‘useless’ part of the medicine (plant)

    For a long time this was the modus operandi of almost all Sciences – dissection and ‘refinement’ (or discovery) of the underlying ‘principle’.

    The use of proposing an Hypothesis and then performing an (or many) experiment(s) to see if the hypothesis can be falsified or ‘established’ (only up until the time we DO find something that falsifies it), believing if we don’t find any falsification that we have it ‘right’ (our initial hypothesis or have ‘found’ the underlying ‘Principle’) to me is an inherently fatal process as it ‘misses’ something – something very important that most of us never understand.

    My problem with this (as ‘successful’ as it has appeared – through our increasing ‘knowledge’ for the last 5 hundred years) is that the process of ‘DEconSTRUCTION’ destroys ‘something’ and causes Science to miss a very essential ‘ingredient’ necessary to ‘life’ to ‘knowing’. An intangible ‘element’ that i am certain exists and yet science is incapable of understanding – perhaps even detecting because it is never there when they look at ‘all’ the parts of something because ‘it’ only exists when all the parts are together – it is a sort of ‘glue’, it is what unites a thing’s individual components into a ‘whole’. It is fundamental to all things.

    i call ‘it’ God – Actually that is not strictly correct – it is a characteristic of God – it is not ‘all’ God is, even though, in a sense, ‘it’ is ‘in’ everything, everywhere. God is more than just this.

    So back to your q.

    It is not my goal to be a ‘passive’ follower of God’s Will in all things in my life. It is my goal to be an Active particpant who is in constant conscious connection to God’s Will at all times and who can only ever ‘choose’ to do what is in perfect alignment with His Will for the Universe.

    It is my belief that by ‘analysing’ we ‘destroy’ our connection to God. We place our own ‘understanding’ over and above a far greater consciousness/awareness.

    I desire to increase my level of awareness, while conscious, of ‘everything’ (relevant to my ‘location’ at every given moment) such that i am aware of ‘all’ and am able to make the MOST ‘correct’ choice for my action in every single moment.

    I do not believe that i am (best) able, while only ‘aware’ of my own sense of being, to see ALL things that are of importance in any given situation. That to do so requires me to ‘relax’ and not to focus on any ONE thing, but to be aware of ALL things – especially the ‘intangible’ things ( not immediately or ‘directly’ observable. That this is how ‘Nature’ operates and is how we can best function in a ‘connected’ Universe. – not by taking ourselves outside of it and looking at alll the parts (we can ‘find) but to BE ‘in’ it all and operate as an efficient connected and inter-connected unit of it.

    I do not say that i can do this at all well yet – or that i might ever be able to get it 100% perfect – but i do believe this is the ideal and that it is one i can aim for and move towards.

    I believe we all can and we all should.

    That ultimately that is ‘God’s Plan’ – How that plan is going to work out and to what ‘end’ i have no idea, but for my life i feel this offers me and all humans the best ‘alternative’.


  11. “It is my belief that by ‘analysing’ we ‘destroy’ our connection to God. We place our own ‘understanding’ over and above a far greater consciousness/awareness.”

    i like it when you say things i can understand.

    oh. and you’re right!


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