Two Selves

Again, Commenters here are sharpening my thinking – i love that!

I think there is something we (including me) NEED to clearly understand if we are to become closer to Him!

It is our DUAL ‘nature’.

We are most definitely creatures OF the World – our bodies and most of our mind owes it’s entire physical, fleshy existence to it – we were made from the ‘dust’, we eat only that which is earthly and we drink water from the air and the ground and the ocean (indirectly). Our five senses (which feed our minds) were made solely to receive information of the world about us – the physical world.

This is so obvious to some humans it is ALL they see and believe in – all they can conceive of as real.

As children we learn to focus on this entirely for our survival. Some never pass that learning.

But this is not our origin! Nor is it our final destination.

We come from dust and we will soon return to it and the world shall continue as before…


That is not our end! – Nor was the World our beginning.

We HAVE a spiritual being as well as the physical one – the evidence is very hard for science to detect (because it does not know where to begin looking, nor is there any ‘payoff’ to do so.)

But I believe it to be So – and I believe Jesus knew this and was the embodiment of BOTH worlds in ONE.

We HAVE a spiritual nature, being, ‘body’ in addition to our physical one. Eastern philosophy and religions may allow for even further bodies also – a mental body of pure thought energies for one, but for now we do not need to consider any more than just Two (in One).

It is often hard, bordering on impossible, to think of the two body’s as being independent – we spend most of our life thinking of just ‘us’ as being all we are – everything all ‘lumped’ into one of ‘me’.

But the Physical and the Spiritual are not the same thing.

They are most definitely interlinked… “On Earth – as it is in Heaven” is not just a cute saying in a prayer (the Lord’s Prayer – Matt Ch 6) it is a statement, reminding all Christians that there is an ‘above’ and a ‘below’, and as from Genesis 1, there is something below and something above ‘heaven’ – go on read the first chapter again – especially the first ten verses.

It’s the first ten verses of our Holy Scripture – God’s Word and have any of us understood all it says?

Waters above and waters below heaven – living waters.

If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.
John 4:10

and from John 4:24:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

We are to Worship God from spirit. But we are to also worship in truth – meaning we cannot worship him only from spirit but our heart and mind and body must do the same as our spirit – we must be ‘true’ in all ways and not be ‘double minded’ – following God with our spirit but not our earthly body and mind.

It can be VERY difficult for us to easily tell which is which, sometimes.

Our minds are at times able to trick us into thinking we are doing one thing (being in spirit ‘with’ God – doing His Will) when we are more truly doing our own will and not His. Pandering to our ego’s desire for control and not surrendering it up to Him.

It gets VERY tricky indeed to tell the difference – and its something we all need to work out for ourselves – others are not often able to offer much in the way of help – we either ‘get it’ or we don’t – if we don’t God is likely to keep on providing either the same kind of way or a new kind of way to bring what we are doing incorrectly to our attention.

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees – it is so close we can’t focus properly and get ‘stuck’ in one place trying so hard when all that is needed is a small ‘step back’ and a clear head and heart to ‘see’ more clearly what our ‘problem’ actually is.

I believe a pretty good first step is to recognise that there are actually two of ‘us’ – one physical/earthly and one spiritual/heavenly. A second step would be to learn how to let the latter guide and move the former, not the reverse that many of us do presently.



Beauty is all around us all the time.

Sometimes it can be subtle – almost to the point of being unnoticeable until you give it the full attention it deserves…. and then there are times when it just beats you about the head and you are unable to miss it and just have to gasp in Awe at it’s magnificence.

Case in point that perfectly reflects these two contrasts:

Had i not walked past my kitchen window while watching Roger Federer play Rafael Nadal in an amazing finals tennis match i may have missed this monumental example of Nature’s beauty. Until this moment the day had been mostly dull and rainy and grey and wet, but for just a few minutes…..



Naturally the pictures cannot do anywhere near true justice to the impact of the beauty of the real thing.





Remnant of a Supernova – the Crab Nebula – one of the few seen by mankind (1054AD) 

A supernova is the destruction of a star when it explodes in one of the most massively powerful explosions known to science.

They are rare things (fortunately as the radiation they emit could be deadly to all life on a nearby planetary system) and only a few have ever been witnessed by mankind. (You need a telescope to see the one pictured above in the constellation Taurus now.)

For some weird reason ( just the way my mind works – lucky me!) 😉 i was thinking today… even though a supernova is an unimaginably powerful explosion throwing out huge amounts of matter – you could never hear one!!!!

The tag line for the film Alien was: “In Space No-one Can Hear You Scream…” well that’s because to hear something you need air for the sound of something to travel to your ear/brain to hear it. In space there is no air, hence no sound – even from a massive explosion. Even more, you would not feel a pressure wave for the same reason.

No deafening sound, no being knocked backwards from the explosion’s pressure wave as we would expect from our experience here on Earth in an atmosphere.

That may be a small compensation for being immediately irradiated to death from the gigantic levels of radiation rushing at you from the supernova should you ever be unfortunate enough to be in ‘hearing range’ of one.

P.S. Next time you see a Sci Fi movie with explosions in space ask yourself just how can it be that the spaceships are being knocked around by explosions external to their ship? No air = no pressure waves.



There’s no such thing as ‘now’

Here’s a thought…  there is NO such thing as ‘Now’!

It is impossible for us normal human beings to ever actually experience our life in the ‘now’.

There are two reasons it is impossible.

One is because of how our senses work, the other has to do with the reality of multi-dimensional space and the limits it imposes upon us due to the velocity of light or other electro-magnetic energies that permit the transmission of information concerning any event external to, or even within, our own body. We do not experience things instantaneously – a certain amount, albeit a very small amount usually, of time has to pass between an event occurring and us experiencing or sensing it. The further something is from us the longer it takes to reach our senses. The time between the event actually occurring and our brains receiving the information of the event is dependent upon two different things; the speed of light/sound etc. that lets us see/hear the event happening and the speed our nerve impulses travel from the sensory organs to our brains.

Consider the example of our Sun. We might look at the Sun and believe we are seeing it ‘now’ in any given instant of time. The truth is that our Sun is 93 million miles away and when we see the sun what we are seeing is light that left it’s surface over 7 minutes ago. In the time since the light left the Sun and ‘now’ the Sun may actually have ceased to exist or moved to another point in space.


What we are seeing ‘now’ might not even exist anymore!

For other stars in the night sky the gap between what we see and what is actually happening ‘now’ is much, much longer. Many of the stars we can see could have ceased to exist long before we were even born.

So when we look into the sky what we see is not actually what things are like right now but what they were like in our past. To a lesser degree whatever we look at or hear on earth is also occurring in our (more) immediate past because it takes some time (perhaps a very small amount) for the information to make it’s way from whatever object we are observing or recording to our human sense or recording device. There is ALWAYS a delay between a thing happening (an event) and our brain registering the event (observation of the event).

Or consider a different example – of seeing fireworks go off or someone shooting a gun from long distance. We see both before we hear the related sound; there can be a gap of some seconds between what is seen and what is heard. Try closing your eyes next time there is a firework display and tap someone close by when you hear the firework, then reverse roles and you will clearly see that even though both of you are alive, awake and witnessing the same events you are both in a different ‘now’.

No matter what we try to observe and attribute to happening in our ‘now’ everything we see or hear or mechanically record is actually happening to a lesser or greater degree in the past. We can never see, or experience in any way, a true ‘now’.

Every one of us is, in actuality, always living in the past.


It’s All a Matter of Perspective.

What i have been seeing and hearing of so called ‘Human’ behaviour – across all forms of media lately – saddens, sickens and disgusts me. Accordingly, I wrote the following in the hope the idea might be shared and spread about in the likely forlorn and vain hope that we as a species might actually learn something from it and have greater tolerance for others with whom we disagree and perhaps even learn how to agree with, or at least not hate, anyone who is not like us in manner, thought or belief.


Every human being that ever lived, is living or will live in the future is a Unique individual in more ways that most ever realise.

Our fingerprints all differ; our thoughts (as a whole collection) differ – even if many of us agree on certain thoughts and ideas, none of us concurs 100% with another on everything, all the time; and of far greater importance than almost anyone realises, our ‘on-board’ collection of around 150 trillion microscopically sized inhabitants (other living life forms with whom we share our physical, and most likely mental, bodies) are uniquely our own identifying us just as clearly as fingerprints can (if you know how to look!). This mass of largely inner inhabitants affects the way we think, even the way we are far more than is ever given credence or credit.

Uniqueness may be seen by some these days as a thing to be proud of, encouraged and/or cherished in us as ‘Individuals’ but it can be the cause of much friction (again some would say necessary friction, to avoid stagnation/loss of identity) within our shared societal lifestyle. However, in order to live peacefully and successfully as a group of whatever size, humans need to have some commonalities shared amongst them. Some of the most common ones for much of our civilisation include family, tribe, nation, culture (including myth stories and religion) diet, sporting associations (as in ‘my team’, or I’m a football /cricket /baseball /boxing fan, etc) and political associations (left wing, right wing, centre , liberal, conservative etc) as well as many, many others as our society’s grow ever more full of individuals.

Some of these commonalities we freely choose for varying reasons and some we have no choice over such as our family and another major cause of friction – skin colour!

The point i’m trying to make is: we are ALL different and this can make it hard to get along with everyone else we have to share our planet (or smaller areas) with for pretty much most of the time.

It is my carefully considered opinion that there is one major thing all human beings have in common (that has the potential to  ensure all of us are more easily able to live in peace and harmony with everyone else) despite our many ways we can seem different – and therefore something to possibly be afraid of or go so far as to hate and even to try to kill or eliminate somehow.

That one thing?

It is our unique perspective; our point of view, based upon all we have experienced and lived through and learned from.

To be more accurate, what we have in common is that we all see things from our own perspective and we can have great difficulty seeing things from another person’s viewpoint, which to them is every bit as valid and ‘right’ as your own is to you. Some deliberately make the effort, many give up very quickly when they realise the other person is not going to change their view to agree with the one you hold, or worse, that you might actually have to change the way you think, which comes down to changing who you ARE.

What many do not take the time to realise is that your brain is hardwired to deliberately reinforce your own way of thinking or looking at things and so forces you into narrower, personal perspectives. The brain gives more attention to the things that it is currently in agreement with or chose to favour previously and gives less attention to anything that might upset the status quo – EVEN IF THE NEW INFORMATION WOULD BE OF BENEFIT AND BETTER FIT WITH ALL FACTS.

In this sense all humans are IR-rational, much as we like to think we are the opposite.

Realise, and consider carefully and frequently, that this IS the way your brain fundamentally works.  It is known as Confirmation Bias* – when you become aware of new things and how they might affect you, you are basically biased to strongly favour  your previous learnings/ state of ‘knowing’, while rejecting or weakly considering that which challenges it.

I contend it is only by recognising this fundamental shared truth that we can have any hope of living peacefully as One Planet.

To have an ‘Open Mind’ is, for most of us, impossible because of this inbuilt bias, which those of us who are unaware of it cannot over-ride, making it very difficult for us to change our thinking on virtually any topic and therefore making us more fixed in our behaviours or habits. Those who choose to close their minds and not even consider alternate points of view to their own condemn both themselves and everyone they have contact with to lives of conflict and an inability to agree or compromise so as to be at peace. (Other than those with whom they are inclined to find agreement with. While our family members are generally the ones we feel the closest connection and agreement with we all know how difficult it can be to find that level of agreement on every single topic on every single day of our life. It gets ever harder the larger group we try to ‘belong’ to/live with.)

*  I have named this, more appropriately, our Bullshit Filter. Most might put the emphasis on the Filter part (bullshit filter) and believe we use it to remove BS from our view or thoughts. I choose to emphasise the Bullshit (bullshit filter) meaning the filter is both built from previous BS and detects/identifies in a BS manner that which we believe (often inaccurately) to be BS.







You are NOT your body!

selfYou are NOT your body.

The thing we all know as ‘I’ or ‘Me’ is intangible – it has no directly touchable or visible physical manifestation as does the body we inhabit. Our bodies are the interface between what we actually are and the physical world. We are, in part, a creation of our body’s interactions with our immediate physical environment, beginning from the moment our mother’s genes allowed our father’s genes to fertilise the egg each one of us came from, right up until the present day. For most of us the first 9 months of our formation consisted of a pretty confined interaction with the external world, indeed it could be said that much of what we interacted with was an internal world of it’s own with an occupancy, most often, of one single being. During this time the external world had to be experienced from, and compete for our attention with, a far more isolating environment – the womb.

At the time of our birth our bodies were endowed with at least five different modes of sensory reception from which we could take in stimuli from the world external to our body with which we would adapt our previously somewhat restricted sense-gathering systems and the associated neural pathways already being set into our newly-formed brain. During this time the thing we know as ‘I’ was very limited in it’s awareness and could not control or discriminate for or against what input our senses received – we just soaked it all up and let it build connections between our brain cells as they would.

The intangible ‘I’ had already been forming it’s embryonic (literally) self during those 9 months of incarceration and relative safety when, suddenly at birth, it had to attempt to make some sense out of an entirely new set of experiences and stimuli. New sights, albeit blurred ones; new smell; new sounds; new touch/feelings through our skin and new tastes as we began to eat/drink. Accordingly old pathways our brains had created and grown used to no longer were applicable and we had to learn anew as best we could and re-adapt earlier learnings to our present (and ongoing) situation. Once you are out of the womb there can be no going back.

It is thought that the average child spends approximately the first 2 years of it’s life just soaking up the mass of information our senses provide to our brains, sorting it all out as best it can into some kind of understandable construct without any real discrimination, during which the number of connections and ingrained pathways in our brains between neurons (nerve cells in the brain) constantly increases to the point where, if it created any more, we would begin to find it difficult to react appropriately or quickly enough to survive and prosper. From the age of 2, when literally anything is possible in our future, we begin to ‘specialise’ and refine our thoughts, feelings and brain’s function concerning the masses of external sensory data our brains are assaulted with, and narrow down the multitude of brain cell interconnections. Although we cannot know it at this age it is the connections we choose to keep and those we chose to discard at this time that will ultimately determine the brain’s ability to learn and how effectively we fit into our environment throughout our life.

It could be said that it is at this time we start to ‘choose’ the ‘I’ we will ultimately become.

It is true that the environments we find ourselves in will also have a significant part to play and these include such things as our parents and home environment, our school and schoolmates, our culture and society and whether or not we experience things such as wars, harsh environmental and/or economic conditions, crime and drugs, etc. but throughout all of these influences it is how we form the ‘I’ in our brain cells that will have the biggest influence on the being we become. We have the choice of how we let any and all of these things alter us. Sadly, very few of us ever realise this until it is largely too late or we are too ingrained in our thinking to consciously control what and how we fundamentally think or feel.

A second reason we are not our bodies is that we have a continuous and direct connection of our self from the day we were born, albeit for most of us the first couple of years after are pretty blurry and some later details might not actually have occurred exactly as we presently recall them. However, while we have this unbroken, except for when we sleep, connection to ‘Me’ most of what is presently our body has only been acquired in the last 10 or so years of our life!  take our outer layer of skin, or epidermis, for example: this slowly wears away from the outside as old skin cells die  and is replaced by new cells from underneath (most obvious to us when we have a scab or scar tissue). the average age of a skin cell in this layer is around a month. Similarly to snakes and crustaceans we shed our outer skin. the skin you can touch now is not the same one you had last year and will be a different one next year, possibly you will have had several in that time. Other parts of us also live and die and are replaced far more often than we think we will do.

We are not our bodies.

Another reason ‘we’ are not our bodies is that we are not alone in them – we share our physical volume with literally billions and billions of other living entities who all have their own separate lives which play roles of varying levels of significance in who we think we are and what we (think we) choose for ourselves to do. Our behaviours have been built from influences that were never entirely 100% of our own creation.

There are billions of people in the world (many of whom are those in the so-called Third World) whose bodies are infected by perhaps just one type, or possibly many types, of parasites and many of these play a significant part in the life we live. Having said that in the ‘Western World’ there are as many as 30% of us infected with a parasite from our cats (or the neighbours’ cats!) and possibly as many with a different parasite from dogs (but is also shared with cats). Parasites have been around on earth for far longer than we have and have evolved ingenious ways to ensure they get what is best for their own survival.
This generally means that if a parasite chooses you as a host it is probably going to be much better than you at doing what it needs to live and breed than you are at preventing it and perhaps even being aware of what it is really doing TO you.

To give you just one extreme and rather horrifying example: If you are one of the 3 in 10 people mentioned above infected by the cat/rat parasite Toxoplasma Gondii, then by some scientists estimate you are up to 2.4 times more likely to have a car crash than someone who is not infected. If insurance companies wake up to this it could mean owning a cat increases your health premiums. Toxoplasma Gondii attacks brain tissue so as to decrease a person’s (or rats) fear of danger, and also alertness, leading to more risk taking or undertaking riskier activities than normal where the fear of danger or of dying or being attacked is diminished!

It is transmitted via the cat’s faeces and one of the most popular places for cats is sand and sandboxes where kids like to play, for example.

Women who get infected while pregnant have been found to have a higher rate of miscarriage than those previously infected or not infected at all.

And just to re-inforce how clever and manipulative these tiny beings can be to us humans – it also changes our sense of smell to make cat urine seem attractive. This is of more consequence to rats than us as spending time in an area a cat has peed while having a lower fear of danger is likely to end up with the rat being eaten (the parasite’s objective for the rat host) while for the human it is more likely to result in the cat getting a good home for life than the human host being eaten by the cat!

By no means all human parasites/shared microbes have as dramatic effects upon our daily lives and some are no doubt even beneficial in some ways to us (such called symbiotes) but to think we alone are 100% responsible for what we do and think and hence who we are/become is tragically optimistic and unlikely to be based in sound fact.

To give you some perspective: By a recent estimate there are about 37 000,000,000,000 (trillion or million million) cells that make up your body. At any given moment you share your body with at least this number, and by some estimates several times more, of living organisms which consist of at least one living cell a large number of which exist within your gut.


©lwbut 2017

A Promise is a Promise

It’s been a while since i wrote this… thought it could stand a re-run.   Hope you enjoy!


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Sooner than i expected but for some reason the words of this poem formed inside my brane last night as i woke from midnight sleep and i thought you may ‘enjoy’ or get something from it?

With apologies to Robbie Burns…

My luve is like a red, red rose
That in a central courtyard grows.
Surrounded by four walls of stone,
The hands that built those walls, my own.
Protected from the bitter wind
Of other luve’s of those who’ve sinned.
Yet still more deadly is the sin
Formed from my fear that blows within.
Stretching out up to the azure skies
To reach for freedom that up there lies.
My luve, that be planted within the ground,
Desires not the walls in which it’s found.
But instead doth search for the wide-open space
That’s Illumined with the Light of Grace.
And lest it, over-reaching, would die
Perhaps with a…

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