I cannot set you free

because you were never mine to own.

One being should not own any other,

not even their own children;

every human being belongs only to themselves.

Belonging to another is Slavery,

even if the choice is made willingly.

So what of Love?

Does Love enslave us?

Do we chain ourselves with shackles to another in the name of Love?

Does Love demand ownership of another soul?

Does Love make you mine for a day, a time, a life…


Love should not and does not enslave us, it – like the Truth – sets us Free.

Love gives freely, unconditionally and with no expectation, whether we give Love to God, to another or to one’s self. Love does not take, demand or own.

Love serves and deserves, totally.

If any being would Love another they may dedicate themselves to that person in service; they may make a commitment, usually for life, to give compassionately what they can of themselves to the other, but this does not give them the right to expect or demand the same in return. It is our sole soul responsibility.

Anything other than this Love is a shallow imitation, hardly worthy of the name.

What some of us learn from others as “love” can be a very sad corruption of the ideal.

None of us are perfect but this does not mean we should accept a corruption of Love and not become fully aware of what Love truly is.





    • I’ve been feeling (and thinking a lot about) Love lately…

      This came out in about an hour this morning, but the core has been gathering for a while now. 🙂
      I greatly appreciate your comment, and reading. 🙂 🙇‍♂️

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