Daily Funny – Day #298


Up on the International Space Station (ISS) a recent arrival, a ‘newbie’, realised he had a problem:

“I hate this place. Everything is so… Alien. I just went to get myself a coffee and i can’t find any milk!!” he moaned.

His more experienced colleague was used to the disorientation their first time in space caused the new guys and tried to give him the benefit of his long experience:

“Can’t find milk for your coffee – Alien? You’re being way to dramatic. In space, no-one can, Here – use cream!”





  1. I subscribed to an astronomy app, and I was getting notices for “ISS flyover now”– I had no idea what ISS referred to. Now I have a better sense of what it is from this illuminating post!!

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    • Glad to ‘help’ Carol.

      It orbits the earth about every 55 minutes but it is only really visible before dawn and after sunset, and then not every day in one location.

      It is interesting when it makes a direct pass overhead at the right time and you can see a ‘star’ moving through the sky that is carrying half a dozen spacemen on board!! 🙂

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      • Thank you for educating me about this. I had no idea why I was even getting these alerts for it. Now I will look for it. We have so much light pollution though, I can barely see stars, but I suppose this is more visible not being as far away. I have a star chart and I try to keep track of Venus!

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    • If you can spot Venus in the evening then you should be able to see the ISS – it is almost as bright. The only problem may be the elevation/location. I often find buildings or trees can get in the way, and because it is so close to us it soon enters the shadow of the Earth and can disappear from sight just as it is coming into a clear view area! 😦

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  2. Want to see the stars, the galaxies, the Universe, without spending $1,000’s on a telescope? Subscribe to Astronomy Magazine, all the best views of this known Universe, the photo’s are better than any telescope you could purchase, and you do not have to stand out-side on a cold, cold, night, other’s did that for you!

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  3. Hey Bob, good suggestion. I remember back in year 2000, that computers will eliminate all paper, this is 2019 and over 5 trillion computer print-outs later…..If everything is on computers what do you read during a power-outage? I always make my bank give me a printed receipt. What happens when everything is computerized, and the bank decides it wants a little extra money, you go in and the bank says:”Sorry Sir, we have no record of you having an account here in our bank, think it can’t happen? The world is full of thieves and scammers…..Just a head’s up^…..You pal, George…..

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    • Thanks for the heads up George.

      Here in Australia we have just held a ‘Royal’ (Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Queen as Head of State – technically) investigation into the Banking Industry because of all the complaints being made about their activities. – public opinion forced the Government into calling one

      One bank was fined 700 000 000 dollars for allowing 52000 illegal transactions that were probably used to launder money from criminal gangs.
      Another was charging for services provided to DEAD people – ex-clients!
      Just last week another of the ‘Big Four’ Aussie banks has been found to have allowed over 11,000,000 illegal transactions over the last 5 years, including a number that were used to pay for child porn services and are yet to have any penalties decided against them – the max possible fine on a per transaction basis is 275 Trillion dollars!! More than our entire GDP and about 200 times what the bank has as assets.

      So i am not surprised anymore by what banks can get away with.


      • Well, Bob, still there? Been awhile, just called up an old post of yours, that was right on the Money about Banks, remember Wells Farto? stealing from their own customers? “Trust US” I am still here, my old heart continues to beat on, I sure miss my Lady Fair, yet I press the letters on this Key Board


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