Daily Funny – Day #292

Plat my pus

So this platypus walks into his favourite bar in desperate need of a refreshing beverage. Much to his surprise he sees there’s a large white duck serving behind the bar.

His thirst overcomes his bewilderment and he sits at the bar and asks the duck for a large whiskey which the duck skillfully measures and pours.

The platypus gratefully downs the drink in a few gulps and breathes out a long satisfied sigh, Then he slips off the barstool and starts heading for the door.

“Heyy!!” shouts the duck, “What about some money for that drink??”

“Look Mate,…” replies the platypus, “…I realise you’re new here but surely you must know i’m a duck-billed platypus?” 😀 🙂




    • The ‘duck-billed’ part to it’s name is becoming less common Down Under, we just call ’em platypuses (platypi??), so i was hoping i could get away with it.

      I might have known you’d see it coming. 😉

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