The Evening Star!

It’s been quite a while since i’ve seen it but the beautiful ‘Evening Star’, which is more accurately the planet Venus, our closest neighbour in space after the Moon, is again rising higher each day in the Westering evening sky.

(To view in full size – just click once, then once again.) 🙂Lovewillbringustogether - Moon and Venus2This is either a very, very tiny Sun or the bright Evening Star.


Lovewillbringustogether - Moon and Venus3 Here Venus is playing hide and seek with this Norfolk Island Pine.


Lovewillbringustogether - Moon and Venus1These days i never miss an opportunity to take another shot of my favourite night-time subject, our magnificent Moon, whenever i have my camera handy. 🙂

I caught it this time at around 6:30 pm, just a few minutes after Sunset.





    • Thank you Mel. I love taking Moon shots! 🙂

      Most of the credit has to go to the camera – that it can go from such detail of pictures of poppies to pictures of planets and moons with just a flick of a switch is incredible.


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