If anyone has not yet heard this album (Long Road Out Of Eden) I can heartily recommend it. One of the Eagles best.



  1. Hello Bob, I had to take a nap, and fix myself something to eat, I was burning up^these keys on Word Press. I am in a battle with Medium over their placing limits on my “Comments” To them it is all about making $$$$$, I do not need $$$$$, I want to encourage upcoming Authors to keep writing, if I like their work, I want to be able to tell them that, some-times I share one of my personal stories with them. I do not write any insults, I do not make smart-ass remarks. I woke up^and found myself still alive! How are YOU doing, Brother?

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    • I am well, my friend, although the Sun is proving a bit to hot to be out in my garden at the moment, fortunately i did all i wanted to do early in the day.

      Summer is coming but not without Winter putting up a late fight – will be going back to under 20 degrees ( C not F) in the middle of this week, in the 90’s today.


      • I am trying to imagine living your life, what it must be like to be YOU, it is not that hard, my friend, I can walk that mile in any-man’s shoes, I can be that photo of a little black child, starving to death some-where in Africa, or I could even inhabit the body of that Ass-hole in our White(MEN ONLY NEED APPLY) Louse House. (MY sorry attempt at HUMOR) I am still awaiting a response to my Medium Message, they got back to me, but did not realize who I was on their site, so I am awaiting the answer to this question? “Can I just be free to write out my “Comments?” I will feel free to let you know if my Magic still works. I am going to be 74 years on in life on Oct. 29th……Happy Birth-a-day to me!

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        • I imagine you have walked quite a few miles and imagined life in many countries in your time.

          The attempt at humour is quite acceptable what happens in your country’s Seat of Power lately is laughable at best and sinful at worst.

          I imagine that within a decade a woman will apply and will win that place and hopefully restore some of what it has lost, honesty, integrity justice ( not so sure it’s ever had the last one??)

          Think not? Who would have said a black man would be there back in 2000? But 8 short years later….

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        • Yea! Bother Bob, I just read this long article in Orion Magazine about putting men in solitary confinement for years, without end, and I sympathized with that, because, once I was sentenced to a bout of “Solitary Confinement” in a North Carolina Prison, thirty days in the HOLE! I asked for a bible and they gave me a rat-eaten copy, I read it all anyway, the inmates on the other side, they tied strings on the Cock-a Roaches legs and sent me cigarettes, and a match, and a strip of ignition paper to light them, and then each guy in a cell sent that message, that blessing on, and I got it man; in solitary confinement, that is how you survive. brother, from gift’s from friends you never have even met! I just did Push-Up^ and sit-up^,made myself stronger, ate that one-meal a day, slowly, savoring every bite, knowing in my heart that this also would pass away from me!

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        • Sounds tough, can’t say i’ve ever had a similar experience.

          Still if you come out of that a better and wiser person maybe it was a benefit of some kind?


        • Here I sit like an old turd on a log, just writing like, Poetry; enjoying a log-fire, and the many blessings it bestows on me! If a note I played on my drums is not enough to light that fire, then what is, enough? I played just enough to make that bed of coals, so when I threw another log in that fire just kept on burning, keeping my home warm and comfortable. And those drums play on, and on, and on, into that cold, dark night……

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  2. This, I thought, was a good story, but I did not finish it up^, there was something important I wanted to share with YOU, but I for-got what that thought was, please for-give me! Solitary Confinement Fuck’s up^ a mans mind! He has to learn how to live with his-self!

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  3. I feel like I am running out of options here, do I just die here of loneliness? Or is there another Path to Tag Along With? I do not consent to being a “Follower” “What makes you think I would be out to destroy you, when all I want, is to Please and Enjoy You?” From Mythical Kings, and Iguanas; Dory Previn, year like back in the 70’s. I loved this album so well I almost memorized it all; “I have flown to Star stained heights, searching for Mythical Kings; Sure that everything of worth was in this Sky and not this Earth; Yet I never thought to make my way, down, down, down, where the iguanas play…..I know this whole song, By Heart, Brother Bob.!


  4. Every Breath we draw into our Lungs, every beat of our Heart, is a gift of Love from that God we all seek, yet He is standing there, with His hand on our shoulders, steering us in the Right Direction, trying His best to show US what LOVE is all about……This is the Fire that burns inside of me, that I ache and yearn to share with my World!

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      • Bob, I do not use the word “GOD” so much, it has been so abused, so degraded; I like these words: “Great Spirit”, or the Creator of our Universe, who loved his Queen so much, he made for her a cloak of the stars in this Universe……

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        • Fine by me – I was going to use Great Spirit, but since you used the word in your comment i chose it as reference. 🙂

          The word can certainly mean such different thoughts/ideas to so many people, but then it is a concept that is way too big to be captured fully by any one word or short sentence.

          To me God exists as both the limitless Universe, physical matter and energy and also as limitless spirit which is neither of those.

          I truly believe that ‘God’ exists within us all, within every cell, every atom, yet at the same time is greater than everything we could think or imagine.

          The reason there is so much disagreement on the subject is because we all see it from our own different perspectives, some of which can change in our lifetimes and some stay ‘fixed’.

          Religion has developed a necessity to keep their view very fixed and only moves to see things differently when forced to.


        • 10/29/45-10/29/19 Hey! Brother Bob, I made it all the way to 74 years! I just got this Massive Load of Wood delivered to my home! I am awaiting a Winter that may never arrive, it is 44 degree F out-side and I am sweating. The Coal Man said he would deliver a load today, yet, though I made a path for him, he never showed up^. I set a goal for myself to rebuild that coal bin, but after I spent two solid weeks rebuilding our old stove and drilling like 500 holes into steel plates I got tired and had to rest up^….My ever faithful heart just goes on beating……I set this crystal thing just so inside a wind thing, and now at this Sun’s angle sends Rain-bows dancing all through my home. And some-times this same Sun just dances on my ceiling, I even remembered to water all of my lovely plants today…..Happy Birth-Day to me!!!!!!

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        • 44F probably sounds hot for you, ‘speciallly at this time of the year – we had 99F on Sunday – it was a sunny day for sure.

          I have a crystal hanging off a small mirror ball in my kitchen window and the Sun is moving just far enough South now to start hitting it in the mornings and at evening time so i get sunlight and rainbows swirling around my kitchen walls and ceiling. I get more each day until Christmas time when the sun moves back North again.

          Now it will remind me of you in Alaska and your birthday.


  5. It is called the “Back-up^ plan, If I am on a visit to town, a piece of coal will leave me some coals, in my fire, whereas wood would just burn-out, and I would have to start the Fire all over again…..Like when I had to rebuild my stove, I asked my welders to make two of every piece so I could just grab it out from under the couch where I stowed it away. It is now just There! Like I just bought six bottles of Vodka and got a discount of 20% off! I am 74 years on in life, tomorrow

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  6. Hey! Brother Bob, I am just going to live until my old heart stops beating, maybe until our Sun stops shinning for US, maybe I should get up^ and toss another log on that fire-place? One never knows where that cold creek flows, in the dark and the dead of night, Maybe I will arise from the Dead and play my Drum’s for YOU! Like right NOW!

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    • I’d be happy to try!

      Do you mean to put them in a post on your blog or send them to me personally, like by email or some other computer program/application?

      Also, what do you use to blog with? Computer, tablet, smartphone, other?

      And is your software Apple based or Windows?

      I know – even ‘simple’ things get complicated fast these days!!!


      • Lap-top “Lenovo” With this little wonderful machine I can change this Earth into a Place I can LOVE, where people wage Peace, instead of WAR where bombs are transformed into toys for my children to play with…..I just installed this wonderful machine out-side of my house, It is a Laser Light Machine; One can google Earth and find it, I think, it is a wonderful show!

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        • Ahhh – i have a very similar laptop (thinkpad).

          So, if your photographs have been taken with a digital camera it should not be too hard – do you have any stored on your laptop in a ‘Photo’ folder somewhere?

          If you only have the ‘old’ paper photo’s it’s a little trickier – you’d need a scanning printer as well?

          I’ve seen some home made ‘light shows’ – people here have some at Christmas time on their walls and roof!


        • Google earth shows places pretty well…

          But it doesn’t show them as they are, just as they were when they took the satellite pics!

          Your piece of paradise was last photographed in 2015 Sir. 😦

          Unlike many places with Google Earth you cannot ‘drive’ down your road and check out what a house looks like yet, either.

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  7. “I have flown to star stained heights, sure that every thing of worth was in the Sky and not this Earth,so I never thought to make my way down, down down to where these iguanas play” Dory Previn, Mythical Kings, and Iguanas….Album

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      • I just today washed all of my mirrors, they are so magical things, they turn the whole world backwards, I just turned my LIGHT SHOW back on, I just played my drums for Susan and our FIRE, My LADY lies dying in a place far, far, away from me all I wanted was to hold Her Hand, and guide her gently into that good, good night, I could do that I am a Magician!!!!

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  8. Any-thing to say? My lady is now in Hospice’s care, her kids finally thought to let me in on this factoid, all I wanted to do was hold her little hand and guide her gently into that good, good, night, what is Love For? If not for this Gift? To have one’s Loving hand in Yours? I cannot do this, I swore to never Board another Air-plane and I will hold true to that promise, yet I can hold that woman’s hand in mine from afar; this is a Love Poem……

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    • I do not know the story but it seems very harsh to not have the one you love by your side at a time like this. 😦

      You have travelled long distances without a plane before, could you do so again, or is ‘Family’ the bigger problem here?

      Write your poetry and dream your dreams Old Man. Spend what time ‘together’ that you can.


      • I see that I am starting to repeat myself on here, I better leave you alone thank you so much for that last comment! I dared to think that my LOVE could change this World for the better, that my Children would be guaranteed a FUTURE; with-out all of that Shit, and Sorrow’s. I do not know about the Family, I thought I had it all set up^ so they could come here and allow Her to die in Her own bed, I even bought a 15,000$ machine to dig our own graves with, I would dig her grave site next to TAO our Great, Great Dog, and then plant myself next to Her……The Journey of a million miles begins with the First Step……

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        • I have a very, very heavy heart for you right now Old Man.

          You got it right.. start small, work UP – and if there is a stumble along the way take note, learn and get UP again! 🙂

          I believe we are here to learn ‘lessons’ for the next stage.

          Most of us just learn how to hurt and suffer – so we have to keep coming back until we get it right and learn to Love, no matter what other people do in their learning.


  9. One has to sit here, next to me to enjoy the show, for now only I have eyes to see it let us see it is now 2PM or is that two parts per million? this great show plays out every day I just have to sit here and watch it play out it is like a Fire in my Brain……This is the Greatest Show on Earth! I have Sun Beams and Rain-bows dancing through my home, I even have a lonely Butter-fly flying, flying through my home….

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    • You don’t have to just sit and watch!

      You can be a part of it, play an active part.

      Build things and relationships (like this one), grow and plant new life. Make your world a more beautiful place than when you entered it. 🙂
      And also sit back to enjoy the view if you get tired once in a while.

      Your night sky must be awesome!


  10. Yes, Yes, Yes, I try to remember to Watch ORION dance across our Winter Sky and Sirus the Dog Star hangs low in our horizon, It is such a Great Show,. I am going to Sober the fuck up^ drive myself to town and get a Shower, throw these old clothes in the Wash Machine do some-thing different for myself……Thank YOU!

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    • Hunter Orion and His two dogs, the greater and lesser are my Summer companions High in my sky almost al night long!

      I’m glad to hear of your choices YOU have done well. 🙂


  11. I think we are on your time here on this computer, It shows the time at 10/31/19 , 10:33 PM it is actually 6:17 PM my time…..I got off my ass and heated pans of water on my gas stove and gave myself a bath, I threw my old pants and underthings into the fire, they were rotting off of me. It was a trick to figure out how to wash my Hair, but I did it, I feel so much better now! Thank YOU for sticking with me through these hard times, Brother, I owe you ONE fine day! I do not know if you follow Caitlyn Johnstones blog? She is from down under also, some-times she writes the greatest stories about life and the way to live it, and some-times she gets all stuck on politics, I want to tell her that even today’s newspaper is already entered into History books, it is all “OLD NEWS”……Today I looked out-side my window, and Susan’s last goat was standing there, and then this little chicken hen, I had thought long dead appeared, and took up^a roost above my window so all is well!

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    • You sound like you are n a better place – I am glad to know it. 🙂
      The WordPress computer time is based on their headquarters location – New Yrok/Eastern USA i think?

      Your day is my night, your summer my winter Our worlds are upside-down! 🙂


  12. Hey! Brother, how are you doing? Still with me here? I wave my Magic Wands and this beautiful Music begins to play for me, I wish I could learn to record it and send it out into this World. I know this machine has a micro-phone but I cannot figure out how to turn it on to listen to me play……? I love my key-board with these wonderful little lights on each and every key so I can type into the dark, long night…..Maybe the f3 button? I am afraid to press those little buttons What is PrtSc?


    • A good idea not to pres buttons you are not sure of – they can change things and it can be tricky t oget things back the way you want them!

      PrtSc means ‘Print (the image on) the sc reen! It ‘saves’ the image to a temporary file which you can put into Windows ‘Print’ program and then sae as a permanent image file.

      Useful if you see something you’d like to copy and remember something you see on your laptop but is not able to be ‘highlighted’ to copy.

      Have you tried using the ‘PRINT’ program on your start list menu. Lets you draw pictures or alter stored pics and images?


    • Deep apologies Old Man, I am OK but not my usual self at the moment as I have recently become involved in matters of the heart… it can take up a lot of one’s time and make us forget other matters! 🙂

      There are some bad people in this world ( I hope you blocked the spammer(s?) ) But once in a while you can find something truly beautiful – if your heart and mind is open to it. 🙂 ❤

      Enjoy the beauty around you – it won't be there for ever! (And neither will we!!)


  13. I am sorry to hear that Brother Bob, I tried all day to contact my other Half, Her daughter sent me a Phone # but when I dial it all I get is a voice message “We are sorry, but the number you have dialed, has not yet set up^ a voice mail site”, I just went out-side and Loved on all of our beautiful trees, I walked up^ the hill to see if I could welcome my neighbors, back, but they were not home yet, maybe, when they get home, they will think to check in on me…..I never thought to get an e-mail address for them, stupid me! I send you LWBUT

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  14. I do not know how to block this ass-hole spammer, His site is “Truth to Freedom” on Word Press, and all I can do is Delete, delete, delete, I do not care to read his endless drivel, It just goes on and on, I guess this guy is wasting his whole life, sitting at his computer, hitting, his SEND Button, to Spam me, a little old man sitting at home alone……What a waste of a life-time! I am trying to figure out this “Forty Days, and Forty Nights of Fasting” thing in the Bible, The longer I make it the more I lose track of Nights, and Days, i think on the tenth day I did not even have to shit any-more, but I am still on my feet, still able to throw another log on the fire, so it is not so hard to do…….

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    • Blocking the fool is easy!

      If he sends you another coment somewhere where you read it there should bea space marked ‘EDIT’. Click on that and you should see another space somewhere on the comment page that pops up called ‘SPAM’. Click on that ond he should be blocked from sending you stuff on WP!

      Some sad people have nothing better do do for a few hours…. than to try and make themselves a lillte less sad by making someone else feel even worse. 😦

      As for the Bible, Jesus was a young fit healthy man and new a lot of stuff. fasting for 40 days and 40 nights is not for just anyone anytime, it can be bad for your health. He also fasted for a day or two regularly so had built his body up for it.

      Also much of what Jesus said was not really meant to be taken ‘religiously’ and copied exactly. He wanted to give us messages that a large group would understand and so often spoke in a way that allowed each person to take on the message that would mean most to each individual.

      I’d recommend you don’t fast for more than 2 days in a row, just drink enough water.

      If there is ever a need you might be able to build up to The Big One, but you’d need a very good reason to take the risk!

      Stay well Old Man.


      • Hey Brother Bob, I am already way past 10 days, I am doing just fine, “My brain gets weak, and my thoughts start to scatter, but I think it’s about “Forgiveness” Don Henley: Eagles…..Year unknown…..I can and will do it ! Let us see, shall we?

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        • I Owe you one Old Man.

          I just listened to ‘The Heart of The Matter” (Forgiveness) by Don Henley fore the first time.

          I love the Eagle’s music and Don’s and JD Souther and Glen Frey ( RIP).

          This is a ‘new one’ from Don – written and released last year.

          You take good care now!

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        • After 2000 years of trying folks still don’t get it!

          Not enough of us anyrate.

          ( Pretty sure He said Love God ‘first’) 😉

          I think that’s the sticking point – hard to love a ‘concept’ – humans need touch and sight to love. 😦


        • Yes! wonderful thought, I am just trying to live alone with myself, I have no Partner right now, so I am trapped in my own mind, trying to figure it all out, Maybe that God can Help Me?, Maybe I can just throw another log on that fire, and play my drums? I am higher than I ever thought I could have Flown…..This is a wonderful life to live, all alone, within my own mind! Go Figure!

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        • Day 30 of the Fast, I got weak and allowed myself two saltine crackers, and two spoon fulls of a tomato and beef stew I Made, man this is a hard thing to do, but I think I can make it through, and then I will make myself a Feast…..

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        • Brother Bob, this was a really good response, Just go to sleep, no big deal, we all have to rest our little heads on a pillow, if we are fortunate enough to own one; it seems to me that some people on our planet have no place to rest their heads, this bother’s me, I shut off the news feed, because I just could not bear to hear the tales of woe, anymore, I just listen to the “Sound of Silence” And toss another log upon that blessed fire!


  15. Hey! Bob, try to imagine this, I have set up^ a Laser light show in the driver’s seat of my old Suburban Truck, aimed at the front of my house, and those beams are making Rain-bows flash all through my home; Is this a FUN THING to do or What? I have my Hearing Aids in and I can hear that Spring Water trickling down that pipe and running through my house……I am going to light up^ another bowl of Bud’s I got this giant bag of Pot, from my Wood-man. I am following YOUR wise advice and getting back up^ on my feet again…….

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  16. Well,Brother Bob, welcome to another day, ,Back when I could hear I would listen to Don Henley’s Tape over and over again, Man that man could play the DRUMS, now I have my own DRUMS to learn how to just PLAY, I have like ten sets of extra sticks, just in case another human being should show up^ here and desire to play along with me, has not happened yet, but there is always, HOPE for it to happen. I sure miss my Lady, she would keep me sober and in line, Do you ever read the Economist Magazine? The September issue 9/14/2019 had this wonderful, scary article on “A Planetary Panopticon” “For better or for worse the IoT will bring the business models that run the Internet into the rest of the World”……Always, Always, Always, about that MONEY! I just had this gal liking a POEM I wrote, and I went to Her Site, and it was all “Go to Amazon and buy my book!” As if I would ever go to Amazon, to buy anything! I happen to think Mr. J. Bezos is an evil man, he has a fortune of 120+ Billion dollars, he could lift millions of people out of Poverty, yet he keeps it all for his-self, he Loves being the “Richest Man on Earth, well we shall see if he can buy his entry into Heaven with all of that Money……Love Ya, Brother….


  17. “In the Beginning, the Creator told a great Lie, because there was Nothing, Nothing at all, yet the Creator Spoke, saying it exists, and Behold, in order for the Lie of God to become God’s Truth, this Universe at once, began to Exist”, Author Unknown…….

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    • What that author failed to understand is that ‘nothing’ does not mean nothing at all, it means nothing able to be identified as being in any way different than any other thing – total ‘sameness’.

      In this way, ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ are one and the same thing! 0 = 1 = infinite.

      “In the Beginning the God Created the Heaven and the Earth. And the Earth was void and without form, then the Spirit of God moved across the ‘waters’ … “(the un’form’ed fluid of all existence). Genesis 1:1-2

      There is more to what is said/written than we first see.

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      • That is the way you see it, and I can understand it! Not, the way I see it, I see it as a construct of the Creators great imagination, even the walls of my house, the ceiling are all the result of Imagination; NOTHING is REAL, all is the result of the DREAM GOD is having at this moment in TIME; It is His/Her Dream that makes us or unmakes US, as the case may be……

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  18. I have often reminded myself, and a particular reader of my blog, that: Nothing is Real ! 😉

    I can understand and agree (to a point) with the way you see it.

    I believe that humans are a small aspect of ‘reality’ – we don’t get the whole picture but we get more than some other parts of the Universe.

    In this sense ‘everything’ we see/believe/understand may be nothing more than a dream, but it can feel very, very real to each one of us.

    The other reason Nothing is Real, is that our brains, from the moment we enter the world, have to ‘make up’ a way of making sense of the mass of information we are bombarded with by our human senses and thoughts and this does not always make a 100% accurate connection to the things that are external to our body and our senses.

    Our brain takes ‘short-cuts’, and makes partially accurate ‘models’ of the real world that we take as being the real world.

    We fake it. What we see and think is not what is really there.

    it may be possible that what is really there is also not really there!?

    But if that is the case why are we even bothering going along with an imaginary life??


  19. Dear Brother Bob, when some-one slaps you in your face, do you feel it? What is Real?and what is not real? Do animals feel pain when we kill them? I have held many animals in my hand, as I KILLED Them, I had one Goat stand there as I slit her throat, and tell me how much she Loved Me, never moving, never whimpering as Her blood ran out into this good , good, Earth. Every-thing speaks to us, if we could just Learn to Listen…..Listen to that wind blow through the Forest, and make those Trees to dance, Listen to the waves break on the sea’s shore, Just Listen, for those who have Ear’s to hear…..I can hear the sound of my children crying, crying, out for a future promised, yet never delivered to them……What is it to be? I am on day/I think 35 of my fast, not to long to go from here, I can do it! I like to think I can make this planet a place of Peace, not War, where instead of bombs, we spend 750$ billion dollars on Homeless shelters, & a place for my children to live out their Dreams!

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    • What is real? (Nothing that we can know fully, merely guess at). When someone stabs me in a dream and i feel pain – is that real? It seems to be to my mind in the state it is in at the time.

      What is our state of mind and how does it relate to ‘reality’?

      These are difficult questions to answer with certainty.

      It is easier and more effective to change the way you see ‘reality’ than to try to make this world a world of peace and love and good sense.

      Be Peace; Be Love; Be Wise
      and the World will change before your eyes.


      • Complexity proceeds to Simplicity in the Dawn of Human’s understanding how this World really works…It all boils down to Magic, my friend, is it not Magic to wake up^ in the morning, and draw in that first breath, and realize one has been Gifted with another fine day of Life?

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        • It’s Magic.

          I am a little unsure these days from what i see of this world around me if it is Good magic, or an Evil Spell??

          Any wisdom on that, Brother? Gratefully received.


        • I have found threw -out this life-time, that there are many more “Good” People, than so-called “Bad Ones” The “Bad” ones live in a little tiny cell that they have created for them-selves, Like I said Brother, I hitch-hiked for two years, never waited more than 10 minutes for a ride to appear, and never met any-one other than the “Good” people, who fed, and showered, and welcomed me into their homes and cars. It still took me a long Time to realize that this is how Magic works it’s wonders to Behold! I could just walk out-side now at 12:21 AM and stick my thumb out on this deserted road way, and in less than ten minutes have a ride to take me to any-where, I have done this before!

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        • I don’t get ‘out’ enough – i stay at home a lot.

          Those good people you meet only make the news when somebody has done something bad to them otherwise the media wants little to do with them. End result – i ‘see’ many more bad people than good people.

          Not ‘reality’ – but nothing IS real – right? 😉


        • An example of this principal at work; I was sitting at across-roads in New Mexico, a storm was approaching, and I thought I better set up^ my tent, and Lo-and Behold, a car pulled up^ Hey! Brother, need a ride? and not ten seconds later this State Patrol Car, shows up^ out of No-Where, and pulls this driver over and arrests him, and tells me: “I saw him pick you up^, get back out on that road, and find another ride” So I took his wise advice, and in less than ten minutes, (this is on a deserted cross-roads, Mind You) this really nice young man stopped to pick me up^,and said “Talk to me brother, I have to get to Phoenix, in the morning to interview for a new job, well I kept his ears full, and we got to Phoenix, and he bought me breakfast, and when I got back on that road, there was like 100 hitch-hikers sitting, waiting there, so I put on my walking shoes, in five minutes I had my ride my man said I picked you up^ over all of those other’s because You were walking, and they were just sitting…..It did not hurt that I had this old guitar case with me, that had the Letters: HELP emblazoned on it…….I hope this helps you out Brother, It all boils down to “Just Have Faith” that everything will work out!

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        • Faith can work Miracles.

          Major ones as well as minor ones, i guess.

          I don’t need Faith that everything will work out – i am positive it will.

          Where i have doubt is that things will work out the way i want them to – my judgement on what is right is flaky at the best of times.


      • I am always HAPPY to assist a Brother, any-thing YOU need, just ASK and YOU Shall Receive, I can work Magic, if that is the HELP you need? We are already reaching across this world to speak to one and the other…..

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        • Thank you Brother – the same goes for me (Happy to assist where i can)

          A little magic could not hurt. I guess?

          Maybe if you can teach me to listen more and talk less it might be a good place to start? 🙂

          Would help me with the Peace part.

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    • Not too much to bother about Brother – nothing really serious that needs an hand.

      I just recently got involved with deep feelings for a woman i met on-line – who feels the same, but our current circumstances don’t permit a close relationship ( different countries/people we both are responsible for looking after)

      The other issue is a health one – i’ve had a kidney transplant and have diabetes so i need regular check-ups with hospital doctors who are doing a great job so far.

      Just keep on doing what you are doing my friend and if i ever need ‘more’ i’ll ask – Deal?


      • DEAL! Hey! I just realized that I still have two Kidney’s still healthy, considering all of the alcohol I have filtered through them, I would have been glad to donate one of them to you! On diabetes the best I can think up^ is to go on a FAST, allow YOUR BODY to rid it’s self of all the Crap, until you just shit out water, that process takes about 5-10 days, and after that YOU will be much Better in mind and Spirit! Let me know if this has Helped You?

        Liked by 1 person

        • The fast would be of benefit but there are 2 issues…

          I have to take several pills a day to prevent rejection of the foreign kidney i have inside and they are best taken with food.

          Also the problem is the food i eat after the fast – i love the ‘wrong’ foods too much.

          I’ve had diabetes for 8 years now and it’s in pretty good check – i get regular tests by specialists who say i’m doing well – so far!

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        • Sorry Brother Bob, I was just trying to help, I did not know of all of these issues, so maybe I sent Bad Advice, it was not my intention! You should remember that I am sitting here all alone, I just got a weird letter from my Lady Susan’s Daughter, saying I was sending Her all of these Mean, Hurtful messages, and I went back and reread all of the messages I sent to Her, and I could not find a single sentence where I ever said ONE THING to hurt Her, or her Family…..Go Figure, People are sure strange beings! PS: In the first Line of her letter, she thanked me for all of the wonderful things I had done, like remember to sit down each Christmas, and mail out a card and check, their Mother did not do these things, I did them! I would include $100. so each child could buy what-ever they wanted for them-selves, and not just send them use-less crap, they neither needed or even wanted. And this is the Thanks, I got? It makes me to ask, : What was I living for, if not for Her? Did I just waste my life Here on this Good, Good Earth?

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        • No advice from you i have so far has been Bad, brother – you are doing what you know – trying to help a fellow human.

          As for the daughter…

          Some people can feel hurt by the Truth it hurts them when their version of the truth is shown to be a lie!

          She clearly has an opinion of you that little is going to change, particularly not the truth.

          What were you living for?

          To do the RIGHT thing by people and to atone for a bad mistake – you can still do that.

          If you need to – do it for her!


    • Have not got to the library yet – but probably will this week. I’ll look then.

      I did see a trailer for the movie to get the gist.

      I don’t think you were the ‘hero’ of the story unless it was a long time ago? 😉 The woman was cute!


  20. Hey! Brother Bob, I do not have to “Atone” for anything that I know of, that daughter of Susan’s is crazy, when she came to pick up^ her mother she called the Cop’s and had a restraining order placed on me, I have lived with Susan for 30 + years, and never lifted a finger to her, she never had to do any-thing, I did everything for her! I think you have the ‘River WHY,’ confused with “A River runs through it” by Norman Maclean. A quote from the book: “Notice how, no matter how much you think you hate emptiness, you keep inhaling it into your lungs, making it part of you? Notice how, if you don’t keep making it part of you, you’ll die?” Thomas Soames…………. Sums it up^ pretty well, I think! I just ordered myself a new lap-top computer from Lenovo Co. I love this one I have now, It has worked perfectly for over two years now, so I wanted a back-up^ Only “NOTHING” last’s Forever! So I have to keep breathing so I can set it up^ and use it! Have another Good Day, Brother, glad we met up^

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    • The atone comment referred to the taking of another human life for a mistaken reason. You paid the state what it sought, but did you ever forgive yourself for taking it without good reason?

      I checked out my library today – not only do they not have the book in my city – there is no record of the Author David James Duncan on their books either??

      Guess i’ll have to look elsewhere?

      I got the right book – i’ve heard of ‘The river runs through it’ but haven’t seen it

      River Why is about a young kid (Ok – young Man) who loves to fish and who meets, then loses a girl – the cute one! And the lessons he learns about life. That the one you mean?

      Your quote about emptiness reminds me of something i read a while back and something i’ve learned…

      You know the old ‘Glass Half Full, Glass half empty’ line – optimism and pessimism?

      Well the glass is neither half full, nor half empty – it is completely full to the brim!!
      Half of it contains water and the other half contains air which consists of billions of molecules of different gasses – including some more water!

      Moral? Just because you don’t see something (yet!) or think it is not worth counting does not mean it is not there or is unimportant to your life!

      Think about it?

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      • Brother Bob, tell your local library to get with the program; “The River Why?” is the best book,I have ever read, that is why I have bought and gifted away at least 40 copies of it, my local book-store stocks it for me! We have a wonderful Library built from Fish, you contribute $100. and a Salmon appears in the entry way with your name on it…..Built on Fish, that is our Library……I am going to gift them 10 thousand dollars I just have to figure out how to do that deed


  21. Hello Brother Bob, Well the Love of my life, and the best friend I ever could have been blessed with left this world and entered into that long good night, so fucking Sad today, we had 30+ years together. I have had tears in my eyes all day! Send me some strength, Bro……..

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    • There are no words i could say that could make you happy today, Today is a time to grieve – everything has it’s time, including us and it is good to mourn a passing.

      The only way i see you could gain strength is to be thankful that you did find someone to love for that long – the only person i have found who is still alive on this planet who I could do that with, and for, is my mother.

      You have been luckier than some Brother – it is a blessing that you were with her as long as you were. Cherish the memory, but try not to let the sadness break your spirit.

      You still have good to do in this world and a fight to fight yet!

      Just not today – OK?


      • Thank you, Bob, you had just the right words for me! She was a wonderful Woman to put up with me, It was a gift.. I never expected that she would beat me out of this world first. Now I am trying to do some good with all that $ I ad put away to support her when I was gone..I have no-one to leave it to. Today I sent out 3 10,000.00 checks, 1 to my local Food Pantry, 2 to Doctors Without Borders,3 to a friend in New York, whose son lost all four limbs to an IED in Iraq, He set up a foundation to build homes for wounded warriors…..I have never written such big checks! It felt good to do it……

        Liked by 1 person

        • You’re a man with a good heart Old man, the world needs more like you -so don’t go anywhere just yet – hear me?? 😉

          Have fun spending, but remember – you don’t have to spend it all at once – pick and choose wisely. ( and no – there are far more who need it more than me, in truth. )


        • Philosophizing: He said, “They are feeding on drowned yellow stone flies” I asked him,”How did you think that out?”…”All there is to thinking,” He said, “is seeing something noticeable which makes you see something you weren’t noticing which makes you see something that isn’t even visible.” I said to my brother, “Give me a cigarette and say what you mean.” Norman Maclean, , A River Runs Through It……From “The River Why” David James Duncan

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        • Simple to say, not so simple to do, at least not with any degree of consistency!

          Maybe it gets easier with age? Or perhaps just as you start ‘slowing down’ and not being so distracted by ‘the world’… or other people??

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  22. Jesus Keeps Fishing, Chapter 5 “After she left and I quit my job and wept for a year and all of my poems were born dead, I decided I would only fish and drink….In the river was a trout and I was on the bank, my heart in my chest, clouds above, she was in New York forever and I, fishing and drinking.” — Jim Harrison, again

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  23. Brother Bob, that last Poem, was to express how I felt about the loss of my Woman…..I cannot even say how lonely it is with-out her to talk with, and share our day Together. I sit in our Home, and it is too Silent, too quiet, too all alone, When she left, I sat in my home for thirty days, fasted, and never saw or talked to another Human Being! And then came the word that she was gone from me forever! I am just beginning to learn that “We Mourn, yet we go ON!”

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  24. Laziness is not a Crime, it is just getting older,and recognizing that we do not have to do Every-thing! Life and time continue on irregardless of us individuals! If I passed away tomorrow, who would miss me? Every-thing in my life is arranged around Simplicity, every thing is designed to work, without my interference, except for tossing another log on that fire, I have to do that if I do not want to wake up^ to a cold, cold, house! “He died, because he failed to recognize the Nature of a Cold Day” (River Why, again)

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  25. Well, no comment, you must be taking a well earned nap do not worry, I will write until I die, and maybe even more than that; I have been on Word Press, Medium, all over this net, just having the time of my life, reading, commenting, etc…..This is the best of experiences, I can travel around this whole world, make new friends from 10,000 miles away, is this fun Brother, or What? It sure is helping me out of my Grief!


    • Sorry – life has suddenly become much more complex here.

      Keep on making friends – this world and the people in it need more of you and more like you.


      • I wish I could help you my Brother, have not heard from you in days, Just yesterday, some old friends of my Lady stopped in to visit, they brought me a loaf of my favorite Bread, a Bowl of soup, yet they are poor people, they left my home with a $5,000. check in their purse. I had saved up^ $$$$$ for my lady to use after I died, yet She is gone, what to do with it? I sent her grand-child $10,000, said this is a present from Grand-mom, give your son a college education!………Stay in Touch, Lwbut!

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      • I feel a great emptiness here, like my new-found friend LWBUT has gone away from us, I have no way of knowing what happened to my new-found friend, as he is like; off-line now, have not heard a word from him, yet we were beginning to chat together every-day……Over Great Distances, like we were 12,000 + or – miles apart, Cest La Vie,my friend……

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        • My apologies Old Man (George?)

          Life threw me a curve-ball i did not see coming and it hit me upside my head (but more to the heart) 2 weeks back and while you more than anyone know how that feels and i’m sure you can understand, i needed some time to think (I do a lot of that, very probably too much, but it’s hard for an old leopard to change his spots, huh?)

          So I’ve thought a fair bit and i’ve come to a realisation and i wrote my last blog about it today.

          You can read it if you like, just click on my WP ‘handle’ on this comment – LWBUT and wordpress takes you to the blog – works for anyone who comments on WP in the comments, from anyone’s blog to another one’s. (Sometimes the blog you visit will not show comments you make until they have been ‘approved’ by the owner).

          I’m not going to be spending as much of my time on the computer as i used to – i may go a few days without touching it (no bad thing i reckon – this is NOT ‘real life’!)

          But if you’d like to say a few words to a friend now and then and eventually get some back you could send me an email: lovewillbringustogether @ outlook.com

          (Without the blank spaces)

          I’ll reply when i can or if i have something to say worth saying – or listening to?

          Be well, Friend.


  26. I just went on this “God/Jesus Site, what a bunch of crap, the first thing she said was : I want to Sell my Books, and other crap, then She rambles on about God, as if she knew what God was, or even is. So I told her that the” God of a Petty Mind, is a Petty God”, J. Krishnamurti ,Created out of your own mind, and that is no God at all, When thought is not, There God or Love is at……


  27. Are YOU still with me Brother Bob? I took a couple of days Hiatus, from writing, my brain got weak, and my thoughts seemed to scatter. This World is Burning, yet the Greed machine just rolls on and on!. I am able now to exist on $300.00 a month, Electric Bill, Useless Phone, Food. The old log cabin was paid off years ago, and the tax man views it as a worthless piece of shit, Yet, even though my Lady has departed, I have decided to live until my old Heart stops beating!……Send me a message, Brother Bob!

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  28. Oh! Brother Bob, how good to finally hear from YOU! I was afraid those awful fires or a Heart Attack had taken You away….The dark night is the hardest time for me, without my Lady at my side…..We got our first Snowfall today, like 4 inches of it! One of my neighbor’s dropped off two bowls of soup for me today, if it wasn’t for my good, good, neighbor’s I would have just killed myself……I have much work to do! I just got a new Lenovo Lap-top computer and am trying to figure out how to transfer everything from my old one to the new one, not much help from Lenovo…..I found another Friend here; Americandazepurplehaze,billmichelmore.com, who also just lost his lady named Susan! Please stay in touch with me, my friend down under!


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