An Unusual Turn!

After many days of glorious weather and with Spring seemingly well and truly established here in Perth, the weather has taken an unusual turn… we’ve gone back to Winter! (I know…. surprise, right?) 😉

Yesterday, we matched our coldest day of the Winter – from 3 degrees C ‘up’ to 16! – but with a wind chill making it seem like 12 C (37F, 61F and 54F respectively). Today my car told me it was 12 C outside at midday. Considering that a month ago we had a 30 C day (84F) and considering all the Spring flowers are flowering like crazy thanks to 20C + days so far, it’s a little perplexing.

But i told you all this to explain the following photo i took yesterday:

(Click on image to open in a new window and click again to see full details) 🙂
lovewillbringustogether - Laughing Dove1You know it’s cold here when the Laughing Doves aren’t laughing and are wearing extra sets of feathers! 🙂

I also caught another sight of  this family of Australasian Wood Ducks (Chenonetta jubata) on the lake… kids grow so fast, don’t they??

(More detail can be seen by clicking on the photo to enlarge them).

lovewillbringustogether - australasian wooduck and ducklings3I have much more on these furry little fellows to come soon!




      • A true story about a beat cop stopping traffic for a family of ducklings trying to cross a busy street in Boston to reach their home on an island in the lake. It came out when I was a small child learning to read, and won the year’s awards for children’s stories — still on the racks in the bookstores!

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        • Sounds great!

          As i was photographing the ducklings for the second time they were on the lawn near the lake and did not seem so shy of me as they were when they were only babies and the Dad lead them away from near the shore where i was standing. This time all six in the family were walking towards me eating all the way as i sat on a bench and took my photos.

          I packed up and went back to my car and before i could take off the dad lead the ducklings off the lawn and crossed the road about 10 feet from my car then paraded past the passenger window allowing me a few last pics as they continued their grazing on the grass beside the (side) road.

          I can well imagine the beat officer holding up the traffic to let them cross. 🙂

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