The Universal Principle.

The Universe does not exist just to give you what you want!

The Universal Principle is one of harmonic resonance – things that are in harmony with each other are reinforced and endure while disharmony, discord (dis-chord) tends to lead to disruption and instability. (But out of which change is brought about!)

The Universe therefore, will appear to provide us/supply more of/we become more aware of, things that harmonise with our predominant current state of being, our tendency of mind. As we think, so we become.

Universal principle

There is a problem with the understanding of this principle however, which is to do with how our brain has evolved and how it now functions. Our brain has evolved from earlier, more ‘primitive’ brains from our distant ancestors. Before we had learned how to speak, how to calculate mathematics or understand philosophical thought, we were creatures of basic instinct and primal emotion. The brain that allowed us those feelings and simple level of thought lies at the core of our modern, larger, human brain which is now encased in the relatively new areas of the brain where we spend much of our ‘thinking’ time. The places where we decide what we prefer: what and where to eat, what to watch, who we will spend our time with or on, etc, etc. What we want in our lives, how we are going to live our lives and what makes us ‘happy’ or ‘not happy’, and what, if anything, we are going to do about it.

Because this ‘outer brain’ is a much more recent and ‘built on’ part of our whole brain, and requires more complex neuronal activity – interactions with more of the brain than our old ‘primal’ brains used to have – it is necessarily ‘slower’ and is less ‘concentrated’, more devolved, in processing the thoughts that have always been processed more by our early primal brain mechanisms, i.e. the emotions and underlying instinctive processes.

This can mean that what we get when we try to use our higher thought processes can be ‘hijacked’ by our simpler and more basic instinct or feelings which have stronger, more established neural pathways that may be contrary to, or have conflict with, what we just thought of as being what we would like to be, have or do.

For us to achieve our ‘higher’ thoughts – they have to be in harmony, in alignment with, resonate with, our underlying primary emotions or it is unlikely those thoughts will produce the results we wish.

Putting it a little simply, we get what more what is our ‘desire’ than what is our ‘want’. Desire – our emotional, deep felt ‘need’ – will overpower our mental ‘will’ if the two are in some degree of conflict.

Wishful (‘wish-fill’, positive willingness) thinking ‘will’ initially not be very productive while our basic instinct and emotional feelings are contrary to our will. Only with prolonged and persistent effort of will can we alter our current basic level of thought and alter our present states of mind and turn around those negative feelings or emotions we wish to overcome into positive states.

Putting all of the above into a simple statement:

“If we decide in our mind (using our reasoning) that there is something we want, some way we want to be or thing we want to have, then our brain must convince our heart (seat of our desire) that this is what is best for the three of us  (Body-Mind-Heart) and engage all of the heart’s strength and determination to work in harmony with the mind’s wish.”

There is little point in trying to do something ‘half-hearted’ – if our heart is engaged in matters other than what the conscious mind is seeking.





    • All different aspects of the Principle (along with a hint of a Rolling Stones anthem!).

      The point i really wanted to make though was the importance of bringing everything into ‘correct’ alignment with everything else to enable ‘progress’ to be made.

      Progress, of course, could be interpreted as staying right where you are while improving your own understandings to better match the body, world, universe you live in currently.


    • Rock and mountain climbing would be a particularly relevant scenario in which this would apply. Treating all situations we face as life or death issues would place considerable stress on the body’s systems but it would certainly make sure we focused all our thought and energy into a harmonious whole to improve our chances of successfully doing what we want to.

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