Terrible Poetry – Secondhand Sales, Rose.

I’ve taken up ChelseaannOwens‘ terrible poetry challenge again.

This time the theme is: Secondhand sales – free verse; No, not buying second hands for clocks, dolls, puppets or the monster you’re building in the cellar, but buying pre-used stuff from strangers, or possibly relatives, or both! Garage sales, car boot sales, flea-markets, that kind of thing.

(Entries for this week close Friday 5 September, 8:00 AM some weird American time).


“The wonder of the Internet – the Electronic Age!”


No longer do we need to drive for miles

to buy that missing piece we need to fill up holes in our lives,

or just find something that amuses us.

No longer a need to trawl hundreds of tables, trays,

boots or booths full of random junk others have deemed

no longer worth keeping

(was it ever in the first place?)

so’s to strike it rich finding

the ‘one thing i really need today’.

No! – now we have e-Bay!

E-Bay, where everything in the entire world

(North Korea possibly excepted)

you could ever need,

and even more that you never will,

is categorised, alphabetised, price-listed (up or down!),

even auctioned –

(Starting at just 99cents – Ends in 3 days time!)

Best of all – it can be posted

with no need to leave your living room,

or bedroom for that matter,

depending upon lifestyle,

or lack of.

Stuff for sale




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